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Character Information
Gender: Male ♂
Also known as: "Big Eye" (by Tobias in "The Spinoffs")
Species: Winged eyeball
Age: 12
Friends: Teri
Enemies: Gumball and Darwin (at times), Bobert
First Appearance: "The Third"
Voice: Mic Graves ("The Voice, "The Compilation")
Rob Rackstraw ("The Agent")
Color Scheme
Eyeball Wings Pupil Iris

William is a recurring character in The Amazing World of Gumball. He is a student in Miss Simian's class at Elmore Junior High.


William is a flying eyeball. He has white, bird-like wings which are his only means of locomotion. His "body" simply consists of a single green eye. Most of the kids consider him creepy. When enraged or using his powers, his eye will sometimes turn red and the pupil becomes a slit.  In seasons 2 to 4, his pupil is bigger and takes up most of his iris, but in seasons 5 and 6, it is smaller than ever, and his iris is a darker green.


William is Miss Simian's personal snitch. He takes it upon himself to spy upon her students. The only time he has spoken is when he is whispering in Miss Simian's ear (although this is never shown in the show), in the episode "The Voice," the song "Weird Like You And Me," from the episode "The Compilation," and in "The Agent" when he used items to gain a voice.

Due to his being a snitch, as well as his overall creepy appearance and inability to talk, William does not truly have friends. Not even Bobert and the Rejects talk to him, and Principal Brown even fails to remember his name as a result of being a background character who cannot communicate in normal methods. Despite all of this, he is actually a decent guy most of the time, showing honor and friendliness. When someone crosses him, however, he shows a cold, calculating side to himself. This was demonstrated in "The Voice," where he stalks Gumball and Darwin, and, through careful planning, tricks them into fighting each other. When this fails, he goes on an all-out rampage through school in an attempt to get revenge. When he realizes that it was all a misunderstanding, though, he apologizes.

However, "The Agent" shows his cruel and spiteful side: he steals people's possessions with no remorse, ties Darwin to a chair and taunts him, and tries to both frame Gumball for theft and drown him, all out of revenge for a minor insult Gumball gave him earlier in the day, showing that William holds strong grudges and will do whatever it takes to exact revenge.


Demonstrated in "The Voice" are his powerful psionic abilities. With just a thought, he can psionically manipulate the physical aspects of reality with enough force to shatter concrete, or, cause explosions. Unfortunately, psychic powers are the only way that he can operate, as he may otherwise struggle in performing basic tasks, such as lifting a paper or opening a door.

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  • Despite the original character promo announcing William as the school snitch, he has never snitched on anyone in the series (except when attempting to frame Gumball, Darwin, and Bobert in "The Agent"), let alone be associated with Miss Simian.
  • In the uncut version of the original Gumball promo, he, along with Anton and Banana Joe, watches Gumball trying to "save" Darwin from a tree.
  • He may be based off the Golden Snitch from Harry Potter, as he is a ball with wings, and "snitches" on his classmates.
  • He usually uses his eye to express his action (e.g. if he is laughing, he will close his eye, and move up and down).
  • His first "speaking" role was in "The Voice."
    • Although William's whispers can apparently be heard by Miss Simian, this is contradictory to the fact that William can only speak with psychic powers and may therefore be outdated.
    • He also has no idea that nobody can hear him when he is speaking until Gumball reveals that he and Darwin are not hearing him.
  • He is voiced by the show's director, Mic Graves.[1] However, he Is voiced by guest star Rob Rackstraw in "The Agent."
  • When he is enraged and using his powers, his pupil changes from a circle to a slit shape, and his eye color changes from green to red. This is shown in "The Voice" and in "The Uploads."
  • He can be heard screaming in "The Helmet," although it is more high-pitched than his normal voice.
  • "The Spinoffs" reveals that he can produce large energy waves when he attempts to speak. These waves seemingly only occur when William desperately attempts to speak, as they do not occur in "The Voice." The waves can cause physical pain to those caught in its blast.
  • In early designs, he was originally a 2D character.


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