The Watterson Children's Room is a major location in The Amazing World of Gumball. It was first seen in "The DVD." It is the bedroom of Gumball, Darwin, and Anais.


It is a room with pale green walls. It has a bunk-bed, in which Gumball and Anais sleep, and a fishbowl in which Darwin sleeps. At the opposite wall there is a desk with a computer. Posters, banners, and stickers adorn the walls and furniture.

Episode Appearances

Season 1

  1. "The DVD" (debut)
  2. "The Responsible"
  3. "The Third"
  4. "The Dress" (cameo)
  5. "The Quest"
  6. "The Gi"
  7. "The Kiss"
  8. "The Secret"
  9. "The Date"
  10. "The Microwave"
  11. "The Meddler"

Season 2

  1. "The Remote"
  2. "The Colossus"
  3. "The Phone"
  4. "The Treasure"
  5. "The Skull" (censored scene only)
  6. "The Watch"
  7. "The Authority"
  8. "The Dream"
  9. "The Sidekick"
  10. "The Tag"
  11. "The Lesson"
  12. "The Game"
  13. "The Voice"
  14. "The Promise"
  15. "The Castle"
  16. "The Tape"
  17. "The Internet"
  18. "The Plan"
  19. "The World"
  20. "The Finale" (photo)

Season 3

  1. "The Kids"
  2. "The Fan"
  3. "The Coach"
  4. "The Recipe"
  5. "The Puppy"
  6. "The Name" (mentioned)
  7. "The Gripes"
  8. "The Vacation" (cameo)
  9. "The Fraud"
  10. "The Boss"
  11. "The Allergy"
  12. "The Password"
  13. "The Procrastinators"
  14. "The Shell"
  15. "The Burden"
  16. "The Bros"
  17. "The Mirror"
  18. "The Man"
  19. "The Lie"
  20. "The Friend"
  21. "The Oracle"
  22. "The Safety"
  23. "The Spoiler"
  24. "The Countdown"
  25. "The Nobody"
  26. "The Downer"
  27. "The Money"

Season 4

  1. "The Return"
  2. "The Nemesis"
  3. "The Crew"
  4. "The Signature"
  5. "The Check"
  6. "The Pest"
  7. "The Sale"
  8. "The Comic"
  9. "The Romantic"
  10. "The Uploads"
  11. "The Hug"
  12. "The Origins"
  13. "The Origins: Part Two"
  14. "The Girlfriend"
  15. "The Signal"
  16. "The Parasite"
  17. "The Night"
  18. "The Misunderstandings"
  19. "The Roots"
  20. "The Slap"
  21. "The Detective"
  22. "The Compilation"

Season 5

  1. "The Boredom"
  2. "The Vision"
  3. "The Choices"
  4. "The Code"
  5. "The Test"
  6. "The Loophole"
  7. "The Copycats"
  8. "The Potato"
  9. "The Outside"
  10. "The Matchmaker"
  11. "The Console"
  12. "The Ollie"
  13. "The Catfish"
  14. "The Diet"
  15. "The Ex"
  16. "The Uncle"
  17. "The Weirdo"
  18. "The Best"
  19. "The List"
  20. "The Puppets"

Season 6

  1. "The Rival"
  2. "The Vegging"
  3. "The One"
  4. "The Anybody"
  5. "The Founder"
  6. "The Intelligence"
  7. "The Potion"
  8. "The Understanding"
  9. "The Transformation"
  10. "The Awareness"
  11. "The Drama"
  12. "The Silence"
  13. "The Web"
  14. "The Mess"
  15. "The Heart"
  16. "The Revolt"
  17. "The BFFS"


  • The Watterson children's room is right of the stairs, yet their window is shown in the front of the house. It means the layout of the house is inconsistent, or it may be an error on the writers' part.


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