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Wanda the Wonderful Wand of Wonder
Wanda the Wonderful Wand of Wonder.png
Character Information
Species: Plastic wand
Friends: Richard
Enemies: The Robinsons, Gumball and Darwin
First Appearance: "The Dress"

Wanda the Wonderful Wand of Wonder, aka Wanda, is the nickname of an object that appeared in The Amazing World of Gumball. It is a plastic wand that first appeared in "The Dress," and later had a major role in "The Wand."


Wanda is a novelty plastic magic wand. It has a pink handle and a yellow star at its tip.

Episode appearances

Season 1

Season 3

Wishes/Spells made with Wanda

  • "I wish I had six eyes!" (Gumball) (Nothing happened)
  • "I wish Gumball had six eyes!" (Darwin) (Nothing happened)
  • "My first wish is that this wand doesn't turn out to be a big fraud like that stupid wishbone!" (Richard)
  • "I wish for sausages to fly into my mouth!" (Richard)
  • "I wish the sink was fixed!" (Richard)
  • "I wish it was raining pancakes!" (Richard)
  • "I wish it was Christmas everyday!" (Richard)
  • "I wish I was taller!" (Richard)
  • "I wish I had a monster truck. Yeah, a monster truck T-shirt!" (Richard)
  • "I wish I could be invisible!" (Richard)
  • "I wish I wasn't so hot!" (Richard)
  • "I wish for a cape!" (Richard)
  • "I wish you looked ridiculous! (Richard to Mr. Robinson)
  • "I wish your wife's head was a melon!" (Richard to Mr. Robinson and Mrs. Robinson)
  • "I wish you would fly away out of my sight!"  (Richard to Mr. Robinson and Mrs. Robinson)
  • "Slip over spell!" (Richard to Gumball and Darwin)
  • "Slow motion spell!" (Richard to Gumball and Darwin)
  • "Reverse spell!" (Richard to Gumball and Darwin)
  • "Love spell!" (Richard to Gumball and Darwin)
  • "Inside-out spell!" (Richard to Gumball and Darwin)
  • "Back to normal spell!" (Richard to Gumball and Darwin)
  • "I wish your face was his butt, and his butt was your face!" (Richard to Gumball and Darwin)
  • "I wish that your butt was his face, and his face was your butt!" (Richard to Gumball and Darwin)
  • "I wish that your face was kissing his butt, and his butt was kissing your face!" (Richard to Gumball and Darwin)
  • "Flying spell!" (Richard) (Nothing happened)
  • "I wish you didn't have that ridiculous haircut!" (Mr. Robinson to Mrs. Robinson)
  • "I wish I hadn't said that." (Mr. Robinson to Mrs. Robinson)


  • The name of the wand, "Wanda," may be a reference to The Fairly OddParents and the character Wanda, who is a fairy who can grant wishes.

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