Rob falls into void

Where do we go from here?

Today's date is 2/5/19. About 9 months(10 months if you saw the episode on the CN App) have gone by since Gumball ended(maybe) with the episode that not only stunk as series finale but managed to do the impossible and literally mindf**ked its viewers, fanbase, and even cable providers & streaming services into permanent limbo. This is my rant and discussion on the unknown future for Gumball and potential existence of a movie.

As of now we are still clueless on two things. Will the show get a movie? And the quite bigger one, is the show over or not? We have no official answers on neither of these topics. And like many of you who are not only scared for the future of this show and its colorful and creative characters that may now be suffering what Rob is in the picture, but also may now have to be forced to take this traumatizing event to their graves. And I am just mind-boggled that CN is not saying anything on this is acting like this isn't even happening. Not even since it is the final episode!!!!! And I'm even more baffled that most of the shows have gotten movies! We've gotten Regular Show The Movie, Steven Universe The Movie, and We Bare Bears The Movie is scheduled for a release this summer! And somehow the Gumball movie which actually has had more fan demand than any of the others I just mentioned has gone unrecognized! How is it that we get all these movies that we do love but still do not get the movie people will kill to have real??? HOW?!!?!?!?

Sorry if I'm being a bit over the top. Anyways, I am going to recap any evidence and clues we have gotten from when the movie was first hinted to the end of the show to any evidence beyond that point. I will include episode clues as well. Which I start with to make this easier for me.

(2015) S3 E31, The Oracle: We are given some foreshadowing when Banana Barbara finishes painting showing the Watterson family running through the void.(P.S. I know the void was introdiced earlier in Season 3 but we did not have much of an idea of how serious this was to the show until the Oracle happened.)

(2016) S4 E40 &S5 E1, The Disaster & The Rerun: We are introduced to the universal remote. It is capable of controlling all of the world of Elmore. Rob uses it to have Gumball get thrown into the void and then Gumball uses it to go back in time to stop Rob from causing chaos on him and his family.

(2018) S6 E4(the 200th episode), The Vegging: A hidden message is noticed in the game show that says: "T__ SH_W _NDS A_T__ S__S_N _." Which likely translates to: THE SHOW ENDS AFTER SEASON 6. At the end of the episode Gumball and Darwin are given an ominious message from somewhere or something unknown saying "This is a message from the future. The strange things that happened today were for a reason and it was all the work of- but Gumball & Darwin ignore and the message says "Err forget it..."

(2018) S6 E14, The Shippening: Not much happened in this episode but just wanted to point out that the book Sarah used to ship people had the CN logo on it. No big deal. Probably.

(2019) S6 E34, The Future: Rob kidanps Banana Barbara to use her future powers to see what happens next. But all she paints is nothing but static. After Gumball & Darwin defeat Rob and then bring him back to life on a new oracle painting and leave, Banana Barbara turns to the camera and says "But there is no future." Then the screen goes staticky and an unknown figure is seen within the static. Who I personally think is the creator of the show.

(2019) S6 E44, The Inquisition: SuperIntendent Evil is discovered to actually be Rob and he tells everyone that he tried to change them into humans for a reason. And tells them that "you can either live in ignorance about what will happen here or they can listen to what I have to say. It must just save your lives." Ok good. The reason I've been turning you into humans is beca-" but then he is flattened by Tina not because she didn't listen but because everyone is dumb. When Rob wakes up after a while he wonders why no one bothered to listen to him and transformation was there only way getting out to the other place when their world would- but then the school collapses and a portal to the void opens up and destoys the school taking Rob down with it and from there the rest is history.

That's all the episodes I could think of. Now onto hints from the Creator, Crew and Network.

Flashback to March 2018: Ben Bocquelet(Creator of the show) takes to his Twitter saying something very interesting saying "I might have an idea for a Gumball Movie. Would you guys watch a Gumball movie?" And we got the obivous yes from the comments he soon tweeted he will try to make it happen. Also I should note that he had not one but two ideas for a movie. One for Direct-to-DVD or for Theaters. That sounds pretty insane. And again somehow neither of them have come true as of now. Here's a video that the gives the lowdown of the deal from The Roundtable: [1]

September 2018: Cartoon Network UK has its 25th anniversary screening featuring Gumball show director Mic Graves. He confirmed that a Gumball script movie was in development at the time. And also hoped for the movie to become a reality. At the same time, Ben retweeted a tweet from CN UK saying that the show will end at season 6 and that Gumball movie script is currently being developed but is currently unknown if the movie will be made.

May 28, 2019: The final episodes of the show are revealed and fans were already disappointed and a little confused as to the final episode going out with a not-so-loud bang.

Only 3 days later: To maybe the surprise of a couple of people the remaining episodes are all released on the CN App and the rest is history. Ben took to his twitter to set some stuff straight. He said this: "I know, it's daunting. Please stop coming after me, it was not my choice to land the last ep that way. But know that if we do the movie everything lands in a pretty cool way." This raiased even more questions for everyone. First, he stated that it was not his choice to land the last episode on a cliffhanger. Which could give off the idea that either someone else with higher power at the Network than the Executive Producer of the show had them make the show end like that to throw off everybody to make way for the movie or it was a unanimous decision made by the writers because they couldn't decide who had the more unorthodox ending idea. Second, he said that if the movie is to happen than everything will end happily. This made everyone think IF? You mean you failed at pitching the movie? The network has not yet approved it 100%?!? DENIED?!?! Why would they do that?!?" Do they even care about their fans!?!?!?! That's at least what I thought. It also means that he is open for the opportunity to make a movie the ending.

Week of June 18-24: The promo for the final episodes is released but was missing one big fact. The fact that this was the final episode. Which as you'd expect, raised even more questions but with a bit of hope. People were thinking "wait they did not state it as a finale. Does that mean the movie is real??? When the episode aired all they were greeted to after the episode was a promo for a rerun. And with that hearts were shattered. As of now Gumball is seemingly over. Along with the amazing world of Elmore. Over the months little has been discussed.

However, we were given some crumbs of hope later on.

Oct 2019: A Twitter user by the name of "Blemviz" replies to one of Ben's tweets and said this: "The german voice actor of Gumball posted a few days ago an Instagram Story where he was in the dubbing studio for Gumball. In Germany all episodes where already shown and I asked him what they were dubbing and he answered: "maybe a movie🤫" The user pointed out that it may not be dubbing for a movie for some reason so my question to you is "So why would the German voice actor for Gumball be in Gumball's studio saying he might be working on a movie?" HMMMM??? Here's the link to the tweet: [2]

December 2019: A few things happened in this month. Darwin's Yearbook was revealed and premiered much to the confusion of the fanbase especially after that cliffhanger ending. And it turned out to be a clipshow which made no difference on the community. But the more juicier thing that happened with someone's fan-made logo of The Amazing World of Gumball THE MOVIE. You can view it on this link: [3] What really got eyebrows raised was when a user reddit user clearly named benbocquelet (who was also labeled as the creator) stated that the logo was "Pretty Close!" As in the logo is pretty close to how the actual movie logo looks. This was discussed by Youtuber Vailskibum94. Here's the link to the video if you haven't seen it and are interested: [4]

And here we are now. Not much has changed but hope is not all lost. Think about this, we are almost 2 years away from Gumball's 10th Anniversary. I do not know when we will see an announcement for the Gumball movie and boy howdy I'm hoping we do soon or at SDCC. But if they are to confirm it the first thing that will pop up in the official teaser will be saxophone chuwaua. The troll dog. But yet we will be so very happy and excited. Excited to the point of jumping up and down in and out of our seats. Excitement levels similar to Banjo-Kazooie's reveal for Smash Ultimate. And you that what is? An unorthodox reaction. People hate being trolled, but in Gumball that is not how things work in his world. Gumball has always done things in ways you'd never see anyone do in normal life with any everyday activities. Ben, the crew and the network want to build up an in-show experience for when the movie is confirmed and we learn that The Inquisition wasn't the end after all.

In conclusion, When SDCC 2020 comes that is likely when the fate of Gumball's future is decided. If there is nothing then we can safely assume it ended over a year ago at that point. If we do get confirmation from anyone or CN then I will finally be able to say with confidence that the Gumball team and Cartoon Network pulled probably one of the greatest trolls in the history of entertainment. And they'll have a chance to blow our minds more if the movie is in theaters which is a bit unlikely. But again Gumball has always been unorthodox, doing the stuff opposite to what you would obviously expect. It could happen. 

And with that said, thank you for taking your time to read my blog. I put a lot of heart, accuracy, and evidence into it. Remember what I said in the last two paragraphs and do not give up hope until we know for sure 100% that all is lost. With no answer may raise questions but at the same time it raises hope. SDCC here we come.🤞😉✌️

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