The DVD:


I liked this episode. It showed Gumball and Darwin's relationship and was very funny. Especially for a first episode.

The Responsible:


This episode was hilarious. But, it looked Anais look alittle bratty. I loved the part where they try to put on her diaper. I think this episode deserves a good score, but it's definetly not the best episode.

The Third


Look, this episode was exceptionally funny. Especially the part with the brick wall. But the over all plot was childish and I didn't enjoy it that much.

The Debt


This episode had a great plot and hilarious quotes. But, they focused mainly on the plot, and not as much on the humor, and you've got an episode I don't like that much.

The End


They put alot of humor into this little 11 minute episode. Whenever I watch it, I laugh, therefore, it rocks.

The Dress


I really didn't like the plot. AT ALL. But, they made it funny, and Gumball wasn't naked the whole time.

The Quest


Good episode, it shows the relationship between Anais and her brothers. I also love how compassionite she is for her doll.

The Spoon


They made this funny. The plot was OK, too. These are stats I can't argue with.

The Preasure


It was alittle... sad. The plot was alittle awkward but still funny, and it made me laugh.

The Painting


Great plot, great quotes... nothing wrong here.

The Laziest


Ha, ha! This episode is so great. I just don't like the plot a teeny bit.

The Ghost


They actually had a few funny jokes and here, and the plot was exceptional, but the site of the possessed Gumball makes me shiver


-MinecraftFantasy (talk) 12:44, October 12, 2012 (UTC)

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