Oh, hey. I know it's not Thursday today, it's Friday. This time, the delay isn't caused by my poor memory, but because I had some plans for this blog. This is the last blog of the series and as such, I wanted it to be special. I wanted to get a special guest so I spent Thursday trying to reach them, but alas, they weren't active so my plans failed. Still, I guess this blog is a little different than the others because of the formatting so I guess that's cool. In case you're unable to read the title, this is the ultimate blog post in which I count down my 5 favorite songs in The Amazing World of Gumball overall.


I'd like to dedicate today's introduction part to this new format thing I mentioned. Basically, since all the songs you'll see on this list have been mentioned and talked about by me before, I won't waste many words on them today since I said all I wanted to. Instead, I'll make a little table with some info that I didn't mention in reviews of the songs before. It might sound a bit confusing now, but you'll get it once it starts. Also, instead of pictures, this time you'll get actual videos as a representation of the songs. I know it's not that big of a difference and it also isn't that important, but not managing to get this guest kinda bummed me out since everything else I came up wasn't working because I suck at programming so sorry.

Number 5

So, what do we have here?

"I Wanna Be Free"
The Amazing World of Gumball I Wanna Be Free – Toon Tunes Song Cartoon Network

The Amazing World of Gumball I Wanna Be Free – Toon Tunes Song Cartoon Network

Of course, you remember this one being my favorite from season one. The performance is really amazing.

  • BEST SINGER: Mr. Robinson (of course)
  • FAVORITE LINE: "I wanna be freeeeeeeeeeeeeee" (the long "eeee" is incredible, really)
  • SOMETHING BAD: didn't end on its own terms, I know interrupting it was needed for the plot, but I'd like to hear its true ending
  • SPECIALTY: vocal performance

Number 4

After 5 comes 4. In reverse, of course...

"Never Gonna Let You Go"
Never Gonna Let You Go (Original Version) The Amazing World of Gumball 1080p

Never Gonna Let You Go (Original Version) The Amazing World of Gumball 1080p

"Whaat? But this song wasn't your number one pick!" Indeed, confused little voice in my head, you're right. But that just means it's better than some number ones! I adore everything about it, really.
  • BEST SINGER: Gumball (his high tones are perfect)
  • FAVORITE LINE: "Mountains high or rivers deep, we'll be there, we're yours to keep" (I love the dedication and effort put into the lyrics giving you those "Titanic" vibes)
  • SOMETHING BAD: no definite ending, it's interrupted and even though that's funny, I'd like to hear the song ending on its own terms
  • SPECIALTY: vocal performance, once again and also hilarity

Number 3

Not that you don't know what it is...

The Amazing World of Gumball - Goodbye (The Uncle Song) 1080p

The Amazing World of Gumball - Goodbye (The Uncle Song) 1080p

This one was second on my season five list and the first was Without You which, spoiler alert, doesn't appear on this list. I guess I just find it objectivelly better since it's actually complete.
  • BEST SINGER: Gumball (he's the only singer, but his voice is so nice and soothing here)
  • FAVORITE LINE: "Or sell you as kebab to a dirty diner, it's not real meat anyway" (I never liked kebab)
  • SOMETHING BAD: I don't know, I guess Gumball was a bit too mean to Ocho at times
  • SPECIALTY: melody and chord progressions

Number 2

I might become predictable here, but I don't care.

"Weird Like You And Me"
The Amazing World of Gumball Weird Like You & Me Cartoon Network

The Amazing World of Gumball Weird Like You & Me Cartoon Network

I said it made me cry, of course I'd put it here!
  • BEST SINGER: Planets (they only had one verse, but aced it with such perfect harmony!)
  • FAVORITE LINE: "There's always someone out there to love the real you!" (no matter who you are, someone will always love you. I love you, song!)
  • SOMETHING BAD: tied to a pretty average and forgettable episode
  • SPECIALTY: overwhelming positivity, cuteness and a beautiful message

Honorable Mentions

This time, this section won't have any songs, but people. You'll see why, it's not hard to guess.

  • Ben Bocquelet - Thank you, thank you so much for creating the show that always inspires me. I can always return to it and have fun, sometimes even learn something or get motivated. You're responsible for its existence and indirectly for me finding this beautiful online community as well. Thank you!
  • Ben Locket - Thank you, thank you so much for accepting to lend your musical talent to this show. I don't think you could've made a better choice than writing music for Gumball. But even if you didn't choose to do that, I'm sure your music would be great, it's amazing. Thank you!
  • all singers/voice actors - Thank you, thank you so much for lending your voice to characters here and showing that you can deliver both funny lines and super emotional songs. You're all amazing, from Gumball to Karen! Thank you!
  • all animators - Thank you, thank you so much for breathing life into the characters, animating their moves, dances, backgrounds, keeping track of and caring for every detail. Without you, it wouldn't have been the same. Thank you!
  • all writers - Thank you, thank you so much for creating all the stories without which the songs wouldn't have existed as well. Your abilities, as well as your humor, are truly impressive! Thank you!

  • Richard Overall - Thank you, thank you so much for being the voice director and making sure that every actor gives their best. It wouldn't have been as magical without you. Thank you!

Number 1

Let's end this before it gets too cheesy, ay?

"Life Ain't Perfect"
The Amazing World of Gumball The Faith Song Cartoon Network

The Amazing World of Gumball The Faith Song Cartoon Network

Yes, this again. Yes, it made me cry and I've already explained it. I wrote much more than I should've already so let's get to the table.
  • BEST SINGER: Alan (no matter how depressing, his solo is incredible!)
  • FAVORITE LINE: "If you stop halfway up the mountain, you will never see the view" (so simple yet so smart - perfect!)
  • SOMETHING BAD: I already said it once, but I don't really like the message the first part sends (you're a kid so don't bother worrying - we'll all grow up, sadly...)
  • SPECIALTY: realistic view on life tied to a beautiful message


Ah, geez. I feel so sad. I really do, you have no idea! School is just around the corner and this blog series is over. I wasn't expecting it to have an ending this lame (compared to my original plan), but nonetheless, it was a fun little journey. I'm glad I went through with this idea and, even though I didn't have many readers, I had fun and practiced writing which means a lot to me. Thank you, thank you so much for reading, it feels nice when someone actually checks out and perhaps appreciates your work. Welp...I don't know what to say anymore, this is the end. No blog next week. This is the final, this is the last, this is the ultimate zoopity boopity bye!

Since this is the end, there must have been a beginning of this little series, right? Yeah, I reviewed songs from season one, season two, season three, season four, season five and season six before reviewing all the songs today. So, feel free to check them out if you liked this.

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