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  • I was born on June 30
  • My occupation is Chronic Oversleeper
  • I am Demotivated in life
  • Klonoamiyumi

    College Schedules

    September 19, 2015 by Klonoamiyumi

    I think this announcement will fare better as a blog post, because it won't be a nightmare to track down if I ever need it for reference.

    So I started College 2 weeks ago, but I also had to switch courses recently, so if I already told a few of you snippets of my schedule, then it's wrong. 

    It used to be Mondays till Fridays, with a morning break on Wednesday, but it all changed earlier on this week when said course was deemed too difficult for me.

    The new schedule is this:

    I'll be at College Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays. I get Friday off and I get Monday off, so don't be surprised if you see me on a Monday from now on. I get home at about 5 PM my time, and usually on the weekends I don't feel the need to join the chat constantly or anyth…

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  • Klonoamiyumi

    Since I'm near the end of high school, there's a lot going on in my life right now that I'm struggling to keep up with. Both emotionally and work related. 

    First of all, this is the most important thing--  I need to start revising, because I haven't been and I don't want to fail on my exams. Considering half of the  lesson options I took were taken away from me for not working hard enough, my exams are my only salvation. Drama is the only viable option I have left, and I'm expected a B grade in it, so I'm happy about that. I took 4 options. Computing, ICT, Drama and Media Studies. Computing was just a whole load of stress for 2 years, and I hated it, so I'm glad it was taken away from me looking back, but this is why I don't believe in the …

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  • Klonoamiyumi

    (decided to make this a blog post because I seem to be the only one who posts on the "News and Announcements" topic frequently and it's embarassing)

    I made a blog about this ages ago, but this time I mean it.

    I've been prioritzing moderating chat over sleeping and arriving to school early.

    Since timezones are different here, it seems like chat's always at top performance during the late hours in my region and so I have a bad habit of sticking around.

    But I can't do that any more. I must sleep at the right time.

    This is a very difficult decision to make for me, because I've started ignoring chat when there aren't many users in and as a result, you'll probably rarely see me there. Or see me at an hour at best. (You could also catch me on a weeken…

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  • Klonoamiyumi

    MORE Laptop Issues

    April 12, 2014 by Klonoamiyumi

    I have a really bad habit of delaying important laptop related blogs,before it's too late.

    So I'm just gonna leave this as a warning and if nothing happens within 2 weeks I'll pull it.

    But recently, my laptop has been showing strange behaviour.

    Yesterday ,I was listening to a music playlist on Youtube and doing my computing homework at the same time.

    I got a blue screen and part of the music glitched.

    Since my computing homework file contains about 270 pages and  roughly 3,732 words, I dismissed it.

    Yet today, I was playing a game full screen and I got a battery notification. Usually I get 2 battery notifications, 1 for 32% left and another for 7% left.

    On the first notification, I didn't click on it  because I was playing fullscreen,but I recogn…

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  • Klonoamiyumi

    I know many of you saw the trailer to the RS game and dismissed it as "just another game that tries to pay homage to old-school games" but it does its job well and it's no walk in the park(Pun entirely intended) because you'll wind up losing more lives than usual and everything is a one-hit kill.

    This may make the game unbearable for some people,but I think it has just the right amount of challenge to it.

    Granted, I've still had to hold in rage and for the most part, I played my old 3DS games this Christmas.

    The 3D is noteworthy. It isn't just slapped on there. Well it is and it isn't. Ever been mesmerised by the Park background? 3D makes the background even better.

    Mordecai is the character you'll be using a lot,since he has access to the dou…

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