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  • Gameuser10

    Christmas Wishlists 2018

    December 22, 2018 by Gameuser10

    Hello again everyone. Been a really long time since I've done anything like this...

    But I've returned to ask a simple question. What do you want or expect this Christmas?

    Remember to post afterwards to say what you actually got!

    My own wishlist is empty for now. A lot of things going on behind the scenes, and I'm honestly content just for the ability to even type this right now. Scraping by and surviving.

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  • Gameuser10
    "So, who are you to judge?"

    Bring up the subject of judging and you usually get two different responses.

    First, there are those who are unwilling to make any significant judgments. They "live and let live," within reason, of course. They believe that everyone should be able to choose their own values and lifestyle, and no individual has the right to "judge" them, excluding criminal activity.

    Then there are others who love to judge. They sharpen their arrows, pick a target, and let loose, letting everyone know what they think. They see only the letter of the law and neglect the more important matters of justice, mercy, and love.

    Matthew 7:1-2

    Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and w…

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  • Gameuser10

    With a new year comes.... a new desktop, perhaps?

    Post your computer desktop down below!

    Mine is still this awesome space shot of the Dreamcatcher.

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  • Gameuser10

    Dang. One whole year since my last one. Well, post up your screens.

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  • Gameuser10

    Keep In Mind

    August 9, 2016 by Gameuser10

    This doesn't mean anything... just something I wanted to write down

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