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Gumball and Darwin ignorantly become accomplices to Sal Left Thumb's robbery of a gas station.

I found it hysterical that Larry, of all people, was afraid of a spoon.
With Gumball and Richard, it made sense, but it was hilarious that Larry was afraid. The Donut Cops ignorance to the situation was also pretty funny. All in all, the episode was cute and funny. It was also funny how Richard flat-out forgot a gift for Nicole, and all of the events of The Spoon happened because of it.



When things go missing in the house, Gumball and Darwin search for the culprit.

Rob's story made me so sad. Like, honestly. He didn't deserve to be forgotten.
That aside, "let's run less scary" was absolutely hysterical, especially when it was more scary. Also, did I mention Rob is adorkable? Because he is. Plus Rob becoming the villain was both cute and pathetic, which I love in villains.



Gumball and Darwin discover that Rob, who once swore to wreak vengeance on them, has been trying to destroy them for some time… but his traps never work.

I loved Dr. Wrecker's voice. It was ridiculous and funny, and the process it took to get to that specific voice made my eyes water.
I also found it funny that Rob set 563 traps to ruin Gumball's life, but all of them failed. I found it strangely wholesome that Gumball and Darwin tried to help Rob be evil.


Agent Titlecard

Gumball and Darwin's clothes go missing after a swimming lesson; when Gumball is forced to wear a tuxedo from the Lost and Found office, he believes it makes him look like a certain dapper British secret agent.

I love William-centered episodes (and William in general),
and I found this one really fun. William wanting to have a body did kind of pull at my heart, since he didn't do anything too terrible, aside from theft of minor objects, Bob's mustache, and Bobert's arms. I really liked the entire "James Bond" reference of the whole episode.


S02E37 - TheInternet titlecard

Gumball decides to take down the Internet after he accidentally creates an embarrassing viral web video.

Ahh, the internet. He's lame, he's boring, and he's nothing like anyone would expect for the internet.
I enjoyed the scenes with the cats, because I'm a crazy cat man. I also like that The Internet's name is "Timmy". I found it strangely humorous.



Darwin joins the school marching band and discovers a talent he never knew he had, which makes Gumball jealous.

Salty Leslie. It humors me that Leslie got so jealous over something so stupid.
Salty leslie is salty
Though it confuses me for Alan can play the trombone, it's a cartoon, and logic is never normal in those. I also find it cool that Leslie is a good dancer.


The Inquisition

The students of Elmore Junior High find their world turned upside down when the mysterious school superintendent comes to stamp out their cartoonish ways.

I adored some of the human designs (cough cough Leslie cough). I found it fun that the character were turned into humans, and I especially adored the part where they wwere being turned back.
Rob being hyper-aware and paranoid was so cute, and I loved that the pig tail he got from Barbara was consistent.



Rob creates a variety of spinoff Elmore shows and formats to replace Gumball.

I hate Gumball, and I really like Rob and The Internet, so this episode is perfect for me.
Peter the spinoffs
The only reason it's not #1 is because, while I know it was scripted, the other formats were very poorly casted and written.



Gumball gets jealous of Leslie when the latter starts hanging out with Penny more.

I like that Leslie and Penny are cousins. It's a really cute thing, and it's even better that they have a healthy relationship.
I also really enjoy episodes where Leslie is a major character in general.



Technology reaches human intelligence then becomes dysfunctional as it picks up human flaws.

I loved Timmy's phone call. It was glitchy, creepy, ominous, and overall strange.
The Intelligence (20)
I think it was cute that Timmy tried to acquire human knowledge, and I liked all the references to the Dark Ages (The Sale Witch Trials, hunting, etc.). This episode is by far my favorite because I just really like Timmy as a character.


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  • 5. The Triangle
  • 4. The Inquisition
  • 3. The Spinoffs
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  • 1. The Intelligence
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