This is a bit of a rant. If you don't want to hear my opinions, then don't read this.


I loved The Inquisition. It was fun, it was creative, and it was the proper closure for this amazing series.



Masami human

She's cute, but it could be better. You can't tell it's Masami, and if Darwin didn't say her name, you'd likely still wonder who she is. 6/10.


Tina human

I liked Tina's design. It works for her, and it keeps the greens and browns of Tina. Overall, I rate it an 8/10, because I feel her voice was more feminine that it should have been.


Tobias human

I loved this one. It felt exactly like Tobias. He had the rainbow hair that I'd see him with, and he seemed both nerdy and sporty at the same time. I rate it a 10/10.


Sussie human

I liked her design. It made her really cute, and it kept what Sussie basically is. I rate it a 9/10, because I feel her voice was a little... off.


Juke human

I liked it. Juke looks like he's supposed to be Juke, but there were a few things to be desired. 7/10.


Rocky human

I loved this. Rocky felt like Rocky, and if you didn't see his transformation, you'd know it's Rocky. 10/10.


Ocho human

I hated it. His design didn't really feel like "Ocho" to me. Especially not the freakin' bowl cut. There were elements I liked, like his shirt, but the design as a whole felt... wrong. I rate it a 2/10.

Banana Joe

Banana joe human

I didn't like it. I felt like it left more to be desired out of Banana Joe as a human. I rate it a 4/10, because there are aspects I enjoyed, but otherwise, it felt wrong.


Sarah human

I liked Sarah's design. It works well with Penny's, because you can easily confuse them if you're Gumball. 9/10.


Penny human

I loved Penny's design. It's cute, and I like how easily you can confuse her for Sarah. 9.5/10.


Leslie human

My favorite of the entire episode. Leslie's human design looks like Leslie. He's both cute and fashionable. I rate this one 10/10.

Mr. Small

Mr small human

I don't like this one. He seems much older than 40, and it looks kind of weird. 3/10.


Anton human

I like Anton's design. He's cute, and he looks like he's supposed to be Anton. 8/10.


Idaho human

It's very... country-ish. He seems old-worldy, and it works well for him. 9/10.


Bobert human

I like this one. It's nerdy, it's new-fashioned, it's Bobert. 10/10.

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