1.Season 5 is the most underrated season in TAWOG. While there are terrible episodes like The Ex and The Cycle in S5, there are amazing episodes like The Choices, The Matchmaker, The Copycats in S5. In my opinion, Season 5 is the second best season in the show.(S4 is the best season for me) And S6 is the worst season in TAWOG for me. While there are amazing episodes like The Buddy and The Faith in S6, there are terrible episodes like The Inquisition, The Mess, The Rival in S6.

2.Penny is the most overrated character in the show, I don't dislike her, but I also don't like her. Penny is just too cliche for me to be a big fan of. she has been treated badly since S5. Penny in her shell(S1~3 until The Shell) is more attractive. And I dislike Rob. I can't find anything attractive to him. And Carrie is my favorite character in the show.

3.In my opinion, The Best episode is The Matchmaker and Darwin & Carrie couple is the best couple in the show. And The Worst episode is The Ex.

4.Teri is the most underrated character in the show. She is pretty funny to me with her fear of germs. I wanted to see more of her major episodes.(Her major is only The Virus and the Matchmaker).

5.I don't think TAWOG has Season 7, movie and TV Special.

What is your unpopular opinions in TAWOG? Please tell me.

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