Hello! I'm CD234. I rewatched all 240 episodes in TAWOG. Today, I review my best 10 Gumball Episodes in the show.

Best 10:The Club


Gumball is distraught when every member of his family belongs to a club except for him, but while attempting to find a club to join, he rejects an invitation from the Rejects Club and insults them. Now, they want to get even with him. The Club is the best season 1 episode in my opinion.We got to learn more about Anais, Darwin, Nicole and Richard because this episode showed what clubs they were members of, but what made it special was when they all rallied together to stop the Rejects Club and save Gumball’s ended on a happy note and no further damage was done. All of the family members were portrayed positively.The Wattersons are not a perfect family by any stretch of the imagination, but they are a lot of fun and they have a lot of heart. The ending to this episode really demonstrated why I like them so much and why I enjoy this show so much.


Best 9:The Nest


After a neighbor goes missing, the Wattersons investigate and find a mysterous egg. The Nest proves to be just as good as the series's best.These were some of the best 11 minutes of animation.The episode was packes with hilarous jokes, awesome characterization, and an intriguing and fascinating story all while boasting some of the most impressive visuals of any cartoon.Even though the episode's focus was on the story, this particular episode holds some of The Amazing World of Gumball's funniest and most experimental jokes. The show has been known to repeatedly make fun of the suburban lifestyle along with focusing on the many flaws of modern day customs, and there are so many of them. This episodes hilarously exaggerates the overexaggeration of the media and news, especially in the time of crisis. They also joke that because the turtle grows by eating whatever is around, it's gonna get Supersized in an American Suburb. They also include the shower scene with the goblin, and it's just perfect (Man, Gumball can really get past the censors!!!). There are some great visual gags like the shot where the turtles sink a ship in a Titanic style. This episode accomplishes and goes above and beyond Gumball's goal as a comedy-based show.The plot and characterization comes together flawlessly, thanks to the spectacular writing. The episode starts off mysterious amd eerie and sets a darker tone for the story.he Watterson family really shows that they love and care for each other despite their differences. It's really sweet that Richard and Nicole spend the whole day worried together about the mysterious disappearances, and the kids try and help each other find their neighbor and figure out what's going on. They also work together to try and fix the problem and it's very awesome when the Wattersons work as a team. That is why The Nest is amazing episode.

.028 Gumball Darwin Anais Nicole Richard & Zachary 28 24 25

Best 8:The Faith

The Faith (72)

The Faith is about how the town of elmore goes to hell when everything mysteriously turns grey.When gumball and Darwin go to investigate they see that Alan is depressed on a mountain. His reasoning is that he is depressed in humanity's effort to help the world, and it wont get any better no matter how hard he tries. So gumball and Darwin decide to cheer him up with the faith song(=Life Ain't Perfect). This song is one of the best songs in TAWOG.The beat is catchy, the lyrics are perfect and the message is beautiful. It basically says no matter what, there is going to be bad stuff in life that you can't fix but you shouldn't let that stop you from being happy. As gumball says "theres war and fighting and the bad guy often wins, so you got to find comfort in the smallest little things". They end up cheering Alan up and ending the episode on one of the best lines in the entire show "Life is beautiful like gray."The Faith was a bit of a risk to take considering how different it is from a normal gumball episode. But the gumball team knew what they were doing. And it's things like The Amazing World of Gumball that makes me happy and keeps me going in the world of imperfection. So The Faith is perfect episode.

The Faith (100)

Best 7:The Choices


his episode leads us into Nicole's childhood where she flashes back to that fateful day she met Richard, right before her karate tournament of all things! We also get our first real glimpse of Nicole's parents who are your typical overachieving pressuring types who only care if their daughter is perfect (she got an F in gender, so she didn't get straight A's); this definitely explains Nicole's competitive and hardworking nature to want to provide to the best of her abilities. And then it happens… she stumbles upon this fat bunny stuck in a tree after getting lost in the way to the tournament, and thus begins the new life of Nicole Watterson. But what if Nicole hadn't met Richard on that fateful day? What would her life be like if she instead hooked up with Banana Bob? Harold Wilson? Mr. Small????? And a myriad of other small seemingly innocuous decisions relating to that day; many of which end in her death! It's very much like someone who took a Choose Your Own Adventure story and ponders what would happen if they didn't take the right path and get the good ending. Just like in Dragon's Lair, these alternate paths will end with Nicole as bones or worse! Sure, maybe Nicole is just exaggerating, but can you blame her? With how INSANE everyone in Elmore is, could you honestly say you'd be happy married to a banana or a hippie!? The last few minutes of the episode are what make this among my favorite in the series. Richard may have been kind of dumb as a kid, but he was very sweet, honest and damn inquisitive! Through his inane questioning, Nicole realizes that she doesn't have to live through what her parents what to pressure her with. Nicole finally gets to start LIVING LIFE instead of LIVING THROUGH her parents thanks to the big oaf! I don't exactly think comparing the moments leading up to present day to the beginning of Up are exactly fair, considering Up's significance as one of the few things holding 2009 together, but they are of similar quality and quite the tearjerkers. And yes, Richard and Nicole DID in fact get married because he got her pregnant! They do not play it for laughs, but for real drama! I can't imagine what love making must've been like with a sheltered man-child. Nicole and Richard don't just stay together to keep the kids happy or to spite their parents; I mean, those ARE reasons, but they aren't the MAIN REASONS! The reason Nicole and Richard stay together, in spite of their differences and every crazy fucking thing they've been through in life, is because they genuinely love one another as lone wolves who don't have anyone else; they also keep each other in check with their personalities to balance one another very well.

Family photo in The Choices

Best 6:The Lie


The Lie is sort of another Christmas episode of the show. But here, it takes on a more comedic approach. So many laugh out loud moments in this episode. Some of my favorites include Richard as Sailor Moon, the Sluzzle Tag special, all of Miss Simian's fails, the narrator and his rhymes, black and white Darwin.That episode follows a very cookie-cutter plot. They have to save Christmas, oh no. The only thing they did to shake it up is making Santa an amnesiac hobo for the majority of the episode, which isn’t enough. The Lie sets itself apart right off the bat. The Lie is overflowing with unique ideas.The Lie is best season 3 episode for me.


Best 5:The Buddy

TheBuddy Uhhhh

The Buddy is my best season 6 episode! Here's a very unique episode that focuses on Jamie and Anais.It gives Jamie development and more character, and she's honestly the one that needed it the most. Jamie and Anais team up to find out who gave the computers a virus. And they end up finding the culprit, being the librarian. The 2 are complete opposites, and actually work really well off of eachother. Jamie helps balance Anais' ego and hyperactivity, while Anais helps balance Jamie's negativity and brute force.The best part is at the end when they use book to fight the librarian (the perpetuator) as weapons come out of them. In the end, Anais ends up becoming Jamie's friend, and its really sweet. I really liked the dynamic the 2 had together in this episode, and it was filled with a lot of funny jokes and laughs!

The Buddy Anais Completely Befriends Jamie

Best 4:Christmas


Christmas is also amazing episode for me.The speed of the action and the style of joke-telling make Gumball almost fit in with the shows.The episode is fun and full of good gags, including a scene where the three kids commandeer the Santa's Village at a mall in hopes that the setting will jog the old man's memory. This episode is heartwarming! I love the last scenes.


Best 3:The Storm

Dirty Innuendo in The Storm

The Storm is best season 2 episode in my opinion! I think that this episode is very underrated. Pretty much every joke in it worked, and it even made use of some of the early character descriptions which is something that is sure to please longtime fans of the series. I love Alan & Carmen couple! They are very cute in this episode. It’s probably the show’s most effective use of many of the school kids in an episode at once.(Alan, Carmen, Masami and Penny) There were a lot of great gags, even small visual ones that the audience only had a few seconds to register before the scene changed. In one scene, Masami’s whirlwinds caused a handful of characters to get their features mixed up; Principal Brown, for example, ended up being made out of paper while Carrie took on his hairy appearance. Clever little gags like these have always been a strength of the series and I’m glad that they continue to use the show’s art style in such creative ways. There were so many funny moments in this episode and I couldn’t possibly list them all, but I loved Gumball’s reaction when Masami told him the truth about her plan, and that risqué joke where Gumball inflated Alan in the bathroom stall cracked me up far more than it probably should have. The episode also had a great climax with a proper ending.The Storm is trustly perfect episode!


Best 2:The Love

Learn about love

The Love is my best season 4 episode in the show! This episode perfectly explains what I mean by subtle progressive. This episode garnered a lot of views mainly because it featured a segment in which it shows same sex couples. Now I get some people don't agree and see it as controversial, however I'm happy that they did it the way they did.Almost every skit leaves me with a smile, and it’s almost unbearably cute. The show turns the focus away from its typical cynicism and gives an optimistic, lighthearted view on love. And… yeah, that sounds really cheesy. And What is Love? is the best song in the show for me! This is the best due to the fun they have with the subject matter. And all the neat cameos and jokes. Bobert also had a chracter development! He have known love. Bobert & Vacuum cleaner is also very cute! And Best 1 for me is...

TAWOGthelove BobertfellinlovewithaVacuumcleaner 1280

Best 1:The Matchmaker

Matchmaker Without You 03

In my opinion, The Matchmaker is the best episode in the show! Everything in this episode is perfect!From the beginning, Darwin is shown to be upset about something and then he sings a songs to express the emotions he's feeling right now. Gumball then comes in, interrupts the song, and ask Darwin what he is singing about. Darwin doesn't want to tell him and once he leaves, Gumball looks at the computer and sees a photo of Teri. Seeing that he has a crush on Teri, Gumball plans to help him get together with Teri and by asking Carrie for his help. This does upset Carrie because she is in love with Darwin and he has shown feelings for her too. She only helps Gumball with his plan only for her to mess up the chances of Darwin and Teri becoming a couple. The first plan is to put Teri in a "life or death" situation so when she sees Darwin, she falls in love with him but Carrie ruins the plan. Next plan is by getting Darwin to tell Teri his secrets to show his imperfections and vulnerable and once he does, Teri only found it weird and not romantic. And before they can get to plan number 3, Carrie tells Gumball what she has been doing that ruined their plans was because she wants to be with Darwin but now feels bad cause she doesn't want to be in his position and then makes a love potion for Darwin and Teri to fall in love. Later on however, Gumball tells Darwin that he and Carrie made his relationship with Teri possible with her love potion cause of the photo of Teri but he says that the photo is Carrie not Teri. So now Gumball and Carrie play MatchBreaker to make Darwin and Teri break up.

Matchmaker Myself

The Matchmaker is the Darwin and Carrie version of The Shell which was for Gumball and Penny. Here, it's Darwin supposedly trying to find love again in another girl and seeing what will happen with him and Carrie since they both showed feelings for each other. As for the Matchmaker itself, I love every moment of it. The song, the comedy, the one liners, the characters, the plot. Everything from the beginning to ends works. The plan to make Darwin and Teri boyfriend and girlfriend, the plan to break the two up since their love was not meant to be, and the satisfying ending, everything here was well executed. And Carrie is my favorite character in TAWOG. She had a huge character development in this episode! Darwin and Carrie’s relationship,It is absolutely the best part of the episode, and not only because it’s the kind of shipping stuff that 90% of the fandom eats right up. In this episode, they do a pretty good job of selling the genuineness of their crush, particularly on the side of Carrie. Things like her nervous excitement when asking who Darwin has a crush on while on the school bus, her remorse after trying to prevent Darwin and Terri’s relationship, or her realistically slow tear as she gives up hope of breaking them up. These little details get you invested in the pairing and make for a satisfying ending when they eventually end up together. And Without You is also one of the best songs in the series, and the peak of Donielle Hansley’s vocal talents. I love his voice and his voice is the best Darwin voice of all. Finally, The last scenes in this episode are the best scenes in TAWOG for me. Darwin & Carrie is the best couple in the show! I found both of them works really well as a couple. I'll tell you why their(Darwin & Carrie) relationship chemistry work perfectly with both of them.One of the greatest example of romantic chemistry is "Balance". Balance is a romance characteristic where both couples are the polar opposite. They are basically the Yin-yang symbolism of romance. Since both Darwin and Carrie are the polar opposite because of their personality, they're like the magnet of + and - , the happiness who wants to cheer the sadness, and the sugar and the lemon to make a lemonade. Which compliment well with each other as an individuals. As their feelings are much more heavily implied. It gives a lot of interesting thing on how their personality would work together and how are they going to accomplish in their life with their differences.In my opinion, The Matchmaker is the best episode in the show!


My Best Couple!

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