As you probably read in the title, hello there, everyone. I am Ghost Of Starman, or Boysmith2003. Often lurker of JoJo wikis and a huge fanboy of MOTHER and The Amazing World Of Gumball. This blog's purpose is to shed light on the things I am doing, who I am, and the futrue of this show, as most fans seem to have the idea that the show is ending. It is not.

Gumball: Ending?

Hell no. This show is ridiculously popular and has won numerous awards. At time of writing the sixth season has just ended and it seemed that the show would end there, but ever since the beginning of season 6, people have asumed this was the end. However, an article I found proved otherwise ( I quote the tweet by Cartoon Network itself within the article: "Ben is currently working on season 6 and will then be moving on from The Amazing World of Gumball. We respect people move on from projects but we have a great and talented team behind the show. To date the series has won 28 international awards including 6 BAFTAs, and is also our most viewed Turner-produced show globally with more than 170 million tuning in worldwide last quarter. We have just greenlit another season and will continue producing the show and engaging fans across the world.”"-CN

So, to clear it up: Gumball. Is. Not. Ending. As it happens, the only thing of note with the show going on right now is that Ben Bocquelet is leaving the show's production team. CN had greenlit season 7 by the time  Ben had already packed his bags. As far as I can tell, they're keeping the same team, and ill produce with a little different direction. In addition, the movie seems to be in early development stages. Considering the implications of a story arc with the Void's reopening, which could translate into a nice movie. Speaking of Void Arcs:

My Endeavors

Currently, after lurking around this wiki for a while I have decided to take my first foray into the world of TAWOG fanfic. The fiction will be called Gumball's Bizarre Adventure. If you couldn't tell by the title, yes the main cast will have Stands, which were brought on by the energy the void released when it repopend forcing their souls on guard. Because I don't have enough Stand Users, I will be opening up a request period. If you have a Stand to request and a character to give it to, please hit me up in my Message Wall. Please note however that there are some rules:

1: The Stands for Gumball (Crazy Train/ Witch Doctor (Witch Doctor is Zac's Stand), and the final remnat of Zac's personality) Darwin (Dive Too Deep) Anais (Panzerdisco) Carrie (Ghost Divison) (Carrie is also fused with her Stand) Tobias (All Star) Penny (Five Finger Death Punch) and Mister Small (La La Land)  Richard  (Cooking By The Book) Anton (Peanut Butter Jelly Time) and main antaognist Rob (Dream On)  and the town of Elmore itself (Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town and all of their powers) have been picked. 

2: Nicole cannot have a Stand as that would make her broken.

So, since i'm sure some of you are wondering, the main Watterson Group consists of:

1: Gumball

2: Darwin

3: Anais

4: Penny

5: Tobias

6: Carrie

7: Mr. Small

The story will be told over multiple fics, each a refference to the name of a JoJo part but told in Gumball's naming style. The first three will be dealing with closing the Void and saving Elmore, as well as some fresh character development for our heroes.


Thank you kindly for reading my first blog. I will post these irregularly but I will update you on how development of the fic is going, and any show news people have missed. See you next time, ladies and gents, and goodbye.

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