Hey guys! After a well rested couple of months, I am back on the wiki! Before I jump in, I want to salute Gumball for the eight years on the air.
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Today I will be talking about the last episodes of Gumball, The BFFS and The Inquisition.

Don’t attack me for my opinion. I’ll let you voice yours, but don’t attack mine.


The episode has been expected to come for 9 months preceding the airing date, and when it (finally) came out, it was not as good as I expected, but I still loved it. A lot of people hate this episode, and I can see why. The darn jokes were long and rude, and Darwin got so jealous, he was planning to kill Fuzzy.
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Despite these parts of the episode, it was sweet to see another bro moment between Gumball and Darwin, and Fuzzy’s appearance and automated voice are well thought of, and the art in the episode is amazing. It was also fun to see a Terminator reference. The part where Darwin debates with Gumball how much he loves him is funny and half true (I’ve never seen a elderly person walk around in their birthday suit in a sports locker room), and the part where Richard gets crushed the massage chair was hilarious. The ending could’ve been better, but it was good otherwise.
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The Inquisition

The Inquisition is frowned upon along with it’s preceding episode, and I understand why. The episode was only ten minutes and not a multi-part story, and it had a bad ending, and the proper ending might not even happen. Despite this, if you tweak the ending or cut it out altogether, it was a decent episode. The scene where Gumball and Darwin use their cartoony powers to escape was funny, and they did the floss (name one cartoon that has not done that yet). The art for the human version of some people were great, and some continuity was brought up.

“Does this dance mean anything?!” -The new CN spokesman.

I thought it was cool to see an on-screen Garrick Hagon, and the start was funny (but that was BSE, Before Superintendent Evil).
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Hashtag Hagon!

When I saw the episode for the first time, (5/31/19, I don’t wait) I did not know what would happen, but they crammed a good episode in there, besides the ending.

The BFFS and The Inquisition are, in my opinion, underrated. I understand that people look at the bad parts of these episodes, but the bright side is just as noticeable. In my opinion, The BFFS is a 8/10, and The Inquisition is a 6/10. In this mini review, I only covered a bit of The Inquisition that I have scheduled. My next blog is, What comes next for Gumball? coming soon! See you guys then!

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