I'm finally back! I have wanted to do this since September, but I got busy with My Top 20 Episodes (I will not be returning to that, so I'm just gonna line em up on my gallery). So without further ado, let's fill in the future of Gumball!

Previously on Gumball (You may skip this if you'd like)

The season three episode, "The Void," focuses on the dimension of the same name that all of the world's mistakes live. This dimension returns in several episodes. Rob is a background character that was sent to the Void, but escaped by clinging on to Janice as Gumball, Darwin, Mr. Small, and Molly escaped, but was left disfigured as a result. These two small parts of The Amazing World of Gumball go a long way. In "The Nobody," Rob was discovered in Gumball and Darwin's basement, and reveals that he has been living there since after he escaped the Void. Gumball and Darwin give them a part to play in the world: Their nemesis. In the next episode with him, "The Nemesis," Rob tell Gumball and Darwin that he is trying to be their enemy (after trying to hurt them over 500 times). Gumball and Darwin attempt to make him a better enemy by giving him a new name (Dr. Wrecker), a new voice, and a new suit.
TheDisaster TheNobody 6

The two most important parts of the show: Rob, and the Void.

After two cameos came his most villainous episode, "The Bus." In the episode, he tricks Principal Brown and other parents into getting him a million dollars. Unfortunately for him, he got the wrong suitcase and blew up, leading him to be arrested. In "The Disaster" and "The Rerun," he purchases a remote that alters space and time, and uses it to destroy Gumball's life.* However, he feels bad, becomes friends with Gumball, rewinds the events of the episodes, and destroys the remote. In "The Ex," he targets Banana Joe as his new nemesis, but after an idiotic Gumball tries to help, Rob gets mad at him and becomes his nemesis again. The next episode with Rob, "The Spinoffs," has him hijacking the show and trying to replace it, but none of his spin-offs work. In "The Future," Rob kidnaps Banana Barbara and orders her to paint the future. Gumball, Darwin, and Banana Joe find them, and Rob tells them that the reason he is doing this is "more important than them." They erase him from existence, but feel bad about him, and put him back. In "The Inquisition," Rob dresses up as the Elmore Junior High superintendent resembling Garrick Hagon, and forces the students and teachers to become live-action. Gumball and Darwin change everyone back to normal, and Rob is unmasked. He tells everyone that he is doing all of this for a reason, but before he can tell everyone why, Tina knocks him out. He wakes up in the middle of the night and says that "human transformation is the only way to escape to [reality] when this world-." Before he can continue, the floor breaks under him and the Void is revealed underneath as he falls in, implying that he was trying to save everyone from the Void before it swallowed up Elmore and altered life as they knew it (which obviously didn't work). So what's next?

The Wholesome Vegging-tables

For the 200th episode, The Vegging, Cartoon Network had a huge buildup to it and launched a contest, with the winner getting a lot of merchandise. The episode had great writing and great jokes. However, the ending made us all stroke our beards in confusion.
The Vegging (54)

To quote Gumball, What the what?!

After having a crazy day involving a force trying to get them off the couch, Gumball and Darwin are given a strange message: This is a message from the future. The strange things that happened today were for a reason. And it was all the work of-. However, before the unknown person can finish their message, Gumball and Darwin turn their attention to couch candy instead, and the person just writes, Erf... forget it.... To a few innocent souls (like me before I joined this awful awesome wiki) this was a funny joke. To die hard fans, this joke meant terror. A theory states that Rob sent this message. This does not make sense at first, but then "The Future" and "The Inquisition" came out. Like I said earlier, these episodes show Rob trying to save everyone from the Void, which is slowly destroying Elmore. With that "Ohhhhh" moment in the archives, "The Vegging" has revealed to us this: Rob's tenth major role is in the episode.

The whole episode is Gumball and Darwin trying to have a relaxing day, with a person pushing them away from the TV. Rob had a realization. He found out that the Void was making them all disappear. With that, I have a theory.

My Theory (Le Vegging ehehehe)

My theory is that "The Vegging" is the third to last major role of Rob ("The Future" and "The Inquisition" are the last two). "The Spinoffs" is not a part of the story, thus revealing that the timeline is all crazy. Like I said, Rob had a realization. Between "The Spinoffs," and "The Vegging," Rob found out that the Void is taking over Elmore, and tried going to Gumball and Darwin for help. However, he could not take them away from the TV, and had take drastic measures. By the end of the episode, he decided that they cannot help, and turned to Banana Barbara. After being stopped, he had to take matters into his own hands, taking us to the events of "The Inquisition." Rob needed help, and no one could. So how could the series end?

Continues, The Series Does?

I'm afraid to say it, but the ending from "The Inquisition" does make a little sense. The Void swallowing Elmore due to the show being over has a little logic. The Void erases mistakes, and with the show being over, the Void can keep it there. The illogical part is the continuation.

If the show had a continuation, they would be out of the Void, and would not need an ending. The show would not be over. However, by the time the continuation was over, they'd have to go back. Going in the Void is a reasonable ending, but, despite the illogical continuation chances, I too would like one. If it is for another reason, this would get confusing... ah, it already is! Drawing conclusions are tough.

Nevertheless, no matter what comes next, it needs to correspond and be cohesive with the original series, without any of that illogical nonsense.

Well, that's it for this blog, and to give you the chills you need to think, here is the last frame of the last episode.
. If you want or need more about the future of TAWOG, let me know in the comments! See you next time with my review of "The Master" and "The Spoon." Bye!
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