What the What? is Gumball and Darwin's catchprase. 

Heard in

The Prank
  • When a bucket of cement nearly crushes Gumball.
The Fight
  • When Gumball realizes that Tina is bullying him.
The Colossus
  • When Hector rejects Gumball's friend request.
  • Darwin said it when Gumball tells him that is his only friend is his mom.
The Bet
  • "What the droid?" is said when Bobert jumped out of the window 
The Authority
  • When Granny Jojo nearly kills Gumball.
The Castle
  • When Richard's credit card is taken by Hobo inside.
The Virus
  • "What the pox" is said when Gumball saw the virus.

The Dream

  • "What the buzz?" is said in Gumball and Darwin's dream.
The Sidekick
  • Darwin said it while pretending to be Gumball.
The Tag
  • "What the wasp?" is said when Gumball sees the wasp.
The Lesson
  • In Elizabethian English, when Gumball realizes that he and Darwin are reading Elizabethan poetry.
  • Twice when Gumball realizes that they are stuck.
The Game
The Voice
  • When Darwin tells him that nachos aren't fruit.
  • When he sees Darwin's hair.
The Sweaters
The Internet
  • When he accidentally uploaded himself screaming
The Name
  • When Zach changes his memory of losing in The Knights
  • Past Gumball said it when Gumball pushes him and Past Darwin to write his name.
The Password/The Procratastinators
  • When Gumball realizes that he isn't the favorite child.
  • In The Procrastinators, Gumball says it when the clock's time goes faster.
The Downer
  • When Gumball throws the remote at the TV.
  • When Gumball sees the darkness.
The Fraud
The Question
The Shell
  • When Penny says that she and her family are moving.
  • When Gumball saw Penny's true form.
The Countdown
  • When a comic book burns.
The Safety
  • When Darwin protects him from a puddle.
The Tape
  • (Sorry, I forgot to put this next to a Season 2 episode) When Ocho makes a money block
The Spoiler
The Allergy
  • When Darwin's sneeze destroys the house

The Fury

  • "What the actual what?" is said when Nicole refuses to fight.
The Comic
The Hug
  • Gumball and Darwin say it to prove that the former is predictable.
The Romantic
  • When Penny only gives him one 😍.
  • Everybody except for Penny says it for Gumball's act.
The Wicked
  • When Mrs. Robinson gives him a bandana.
The Test
  • When Gumball realizes that he's the loser
  • When Sarah shows him that Tobias replaced him.
The Copycat
The Grades
  • After Ms. Simian makes him fall out his desk
  • When Ms. Simian tells him that she cheated on her test.
The Vision
  • In Gumball's imagination, when Gumball saw the Grade Tax.
The Rerun
  • While in The Void, he asks where is he.
The Weirdo
  • When Sussie gives Gumball mayo.
The Puppets
The Faith
  • When he and Darwin see the black and white cars
  • When Gumball sees Darwin's ugly face
The Lady
  • Gumball and Darwin say it when "Samantha" was going to meet "her boyfriend" at the park.
The Shippening
  • Gumball and Darwin say it when they see Mr. Robinson making out with Barbara Banana
The Schooling
  • When Gumball realizes that it's over 5 mins and Larry is there.
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