Greetings! You can call me Walt (or by my full username). I like to edit stuff on wiki, and type a lot. My favorite wikis are TAWoG, Regular Show and Adventure Time. I have lots of other favorites as well, but I won't be listing them down right now (maybe in another time, or soon). Also, this page still needs some work.

A little about me

I like cartoons and some anime. Of course, I also like comedy shows and other films, especially action or mystery-themed. One of my hobbies is Lego, and I make whatever out of it (almost literally).

I like books too, and reading of course.

Some material interests

  • Books
    • Thick but enjoyable novels
    • Science fiction books
    • Other books (too much to list down)
  • Lego
    • Brickfilms
  • Cartoons
  • Some Anime
  • Miniature versions of big things
  • Food
    • Watermelons


"So, how does it feel to win, son?"
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Text Rollback

Walter The Watermelon is a rollback on The Amazing World of Gumball Wiki. Walter The Watermelon has the ability to undo edits with a single click, editing protected articles while also being able to lock and unlock pages.
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