aka Birb

  • I was born on January 8
  • My occupation is Artist/animator
  • I am female

Hey everyone. I'm a student animator from California currently practicing certain animation techniques, using different styles, and I've been working on AWOG related animations to help me "study."


an example of my work


Welcome to the
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Current Favorite Episodes

( not in any particular order)

The Nemesis -Rob deserves a "you tried your hardest but still failed" sticker

The Nest -Best apocalypse music in history

The Ex -Self deprecation fuel at its finest

The Job -"I'm sorry but tearing apart the fabric of the universe is not a dismissible offense!"

The Stars -Please forgive them Larry

The Uploads -pretty much youtube tho

The Compilation -Who dat in the stall?

The Choices -I cried too hard dangit

The Copycats -Passive aggressive AF

The Night -Dream dream dream dream dream dreeeam.

The Void -I can think of a lot of things that need to be sent here immediately

The Nobody -You left your children at home with a stranger who was living in your basement. 10/10 parenting

The Signal -My USB drive somehow managed to make it glitchier

The Bus -Badly autocorrected ransom texts

The Heist -The police are idiots

( I like most episodes but these are ones I'd be willing to watch on loop)
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