Bubblegum Fireson

aka Bububuuuub, bub

  • I live in Brasil
  • My occupation is Estudante
  • I am Menino
Bubblegum Fireson
Potato CringeLaugh
Character Information
Gender: đŸ…±đŸ…±
Species: Person (duh?)
Friends: Anyone
Enemies: All the people active in the pt-br wiki's Discord server (A.K.A. nobody ;-;)
Occupation: Student
First Appearance: November 2017
Voice: AAAaaaAAAAAaaaAAA

Hi :) Welcome to my profile. 

I am in this wiki since December 2017 so i'm still kinda new, i normally edit in the brazilian wiki (i am admin there) adding pages and updating extremely outdated information because rarely anyone goes there and most of these cursed sopa de macacos just go here instead :/. In this wiki i add and edit stuff i guess

My profile pic is from this scene from "The Potato". My name is from a gender-swapped Gumball version which had a wiki (it still has), i was thinking of Gumball-related names and i remembered this one. (i am a guy btw)

coolest guy ever:

Dunha. Just Dunha. I love him.

My Favorite Characters (besides the Wattersons)

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