Tree librarian
Tree Librarian
Character Information
Gender: Female ♀
Species: Tree
Friends: Felicity
Enemies: Anais
Occupation: School librarian
First Appearance: "The Blame"
Voice: Maria Teresa Creasey[1]

The tree librarian is a minor character in The Amazing World of Gumball. She is the new librarian who replaced the old one in Elmore Junior High.


She is a 1930s cartoon-style brown tree with green leaves. She has white gloves, a red badge, glasses, and a long cylindrical nose. She has no legs, but has roots.


The tree librarian is depicted as a wise, nurturing character in her debut in "The Blame." She watches happily as multiple students enter the library as she muses over that despite living in a digital age, she finds solace in the assumed knowledge that the students still felt solace in books (unaware of their real intention to play video games). 

In "The List," she is in the library putting away books when Gary has a heart attack. She panics and calls for help; however, she is shown to follow her own rules no matter the circumstances.

As shown in "The Awareness," she gets excited when someone asks for a book they should read and is very knowledgeable on the history of plant culture. Whether this knowledge comes from her own experience as a plant, or if it comes from research is unclear; however, the episode demonstrates her organization and love for notetaking. When Gumball asks for notes, her strength is also demonstrated from being able to handle two large stack of notes taller and heavier than the blue cat. She even writes notes for her notes. When confronted with a situation in which a student has no interest in learning the entirety of a subject and just wants a summary, she becomes impatient until she simply stops talking to the student. 

As a librarian with a love of books in a digital age, she is shown to be desparate to keep those around her on the path of bookreading. Her extreme beliefs in bookreading and love for it shows itself in "The Buddy" where she makes an elaborate plan to give all of the library's computers viruses by visiting illegal websites. To top it all off, she demonstrates her technological knowledge by being able to erase the portion of the surveillance camera that would have recorded imcriminating evidence of her tampering. 

She is shown to go to lengths to get rid of those that impede her progress in forcing the students to resort to books, such as attempting to get Anais and Jamie expelled by framing them for the viruses. When they find out the truth, she is more than happy to kill them in cold blood and dispose of their bodies in a part of the library where nobody would ever find them. Despite being a tree, she was easily knocked out when Anais threw a book in her face. 

Episode appearances

Season 4

  • "The Blame": Her debut. She is in the library.
  • "The Fury": She can be seen in the audience watching the martial arts tournament.

Season 5

Season 6


Season 4

Season 5

Season 6



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