• The best impressionist I've ever met has reached his 18th year of existence. Emoticon-00123-party.gif
    Congrats for all the achievments you have earned in life, I hope there will be 18 times more of them!
    Good luck on that Drama course as well.
    All the best wishes from Marvin Finklehimer! Rainbow.gif

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    • Thank you Marvin. There will also be 18 more times EY LOIS once I'm on that Drama course...although I'm gonna keep my expectations grounded for now, as I am still bad with attendance. Hopefully can fidget spin and dab my way through it with flying colors LOOURL

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    • Happy birthday, man. Eighteen, is it? Congratulations, you're an adult now! Take that with stride.

      ~ Guy

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    • Happy birthday dude!

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    • Happy Birthday, Russ. Grats on turning 18 years old. Have a great one.

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    • a new Elmore resident
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