View in the sky.

The Watterson Family Star was the Watterson family treasure in the episode "The Treasure."


Out of all the other stars, their star was the brightest. However, the star fizzled out at the end of "The Treasure."


Twelve years ago, sometime after Gumball was born, Richard was surfing the internet. An advertisement for an out-of-space investment opportunity for the future of his kids appeared on the computer screen, and he accepted the offer on impulse. However, the page had not yet fully loaded when he clicked "yes," and the rest of the page stated that the investment would be for the children nine generations down the Watterson bloodline (his children's great great great great great great great grandchildren's children). Richard desperately tried to get the money back, but Stellar Corporation had gone bankrupt, taking the Wattersons' savings with it. Ashamed of his blunder, he did all in his power to hide everything pertaining to the purchase - bank statements, receipts, and the certificate for what he bought.


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