The Perfect Couple

[The episode begins in the Elmore Junior High Cafeteria. Gumball and Darwin are eating together; Alan and Carmen are nearby, also eating together]
Carmen: You're the chocolate chips in my cookie.
Alan: You're the cream in my doughnut.
Carmen: You're the syrup in my pancakes.
[Both laugh]
Gumball: [Drops burger] Oh, that's disgusting!
Darwin: Aw, c'mon. I think it's cute that they're eating from the same plate.
Gumball: Dude, there's nothing cute about that.
[Alan and Carmen slurp spaghetti together, with Alan eating through his knot]
Darwin: You're so intolerant! How else is he supposed to eat?
Gumball: It's not that, what annoys me is how sickeningly in love Carmen and Alan are.
Alan​​​​​​​: No, I love you more because I also love, loving you—
[Gumball interferes]
Gumball: Sorry to interrupt. But can you please stop this?!
Alan​​​​​​​: What?
Gumball: This! This hideous picture of happiness!
[Masami, Carrie and Leslie chime in, agreeing with Gumball]
Gumball: I'm so sick of your stupid pet names and your gross lovey-dovey faces. You don't see me and Penny acting like that.
Darwin: That's because you're not going out with her.
Gumball: Exactly. [Sighs]
Idaho: You two are so beautiful, it makes me believe I, too, can find love. [Angrily] But when I look in the mirror, I realize I'm just a dirt covered ball of starch!
[Alan moves to Idaho]
Alan​​​​​​​: But Idaho, if you wanna be loved... first, you gotta love yourself.
Leslie​​​​​​​: [Angrily] Yeah! You're so nice and sensitive too I can't even hate you!
Masami: [Angrily] You're so perfect, it makes me wanna rain on your parade until you swell up, turn brown, and rot!
[Carrie is confused, while everyone is silent]
Carrie: [Clicks tongue] Uhhhh... I think what Masami is trying to say is that you guys are so perfect, it kinda makes us wish for your downfall.
Masami: Uh-huh, why don't you go and be perfect somewhere else?
Idaho: Yeah.
Leslie​​​​​​​: Well said, Carrie.
[Everyone walks away except Alan, Carmen and Gumball. Gumball looks guilty]

Helping Carmen

[Carmen is seen crying while looking at the picture of Carmen and Alan on her locker]
Gumball: Uhh, Carmen? [Touches Carmen gently and shouts in pain] Aaahh, I should've seen that coming!
[Carmen faces Gumball, looking as if she wants help from him]
Gumball: Are you crying?
Carmen: Yes!
Gumball: But, you don't have tears.
Carmen: [Faces away] I tend to retain water.
Gumball: [Rubs his arms] Look, I'm really sorry. I don't know why I said all that stuff.
Darwin: Because you're a gutless coward, who has to ruin other people's lives because he's too much of a chicken to ask Penny out?
Gumball: You're so perceptive! I'm surprised you didn't see this coming.
[Gumball kicks Darwin in the knee. Darwin yelps in pain, rubbing his knee]
Carmen: But Gumball, I'm not crying because what you said was mean. I'm crying because it's true! Our love is so perfect and it's becoming boring!
[Carmen continues to sniff. Darwin shrugs]
Gumball: Well, I'd love to help— [Gets interrupted by Carmen]
Carmen: [Gladdened and immediately stops crying] Great!
[Gumball's eyes become dots]

The Break-Up

[The playground. Carmen (who is smiling), Gumball, and Darwin are walking. Tobias and Juke are playing basketball in the background while Alan is glaring at Carmen and Gumball]
Gumball: Carmen, you know when people say "I'd love to help," that usually means, "I don't want anything to do with it."
Carmen: [Growls] Don't worry, [Softly speaks in a sly matter] all you have to do is to hold my hand. [Lifts her hand up]
Gumball: I can't do that! What if Penny is watching?
Darwin: I've got this.
[Penny and Leslie are seated on a bench. Penny has a cup of milkshake with her]
Leslie​: And she was like "Mwah," and he was like "Mwah," and I was like [Retches].
Penny: I have no idea what you're talking about.
Darwin: Hey Penny, I bet you a quarter you can't copy everything I do.
Penny: Hmm... Okay.
[Penny sets down her milkshake and confronts Darwin. She copies him perfectly, until Darwin grabs her drink and sips from the straw. When Penny copies him, Darwin pretends to swallow, and Penny falls for the trick, so Darwin spits out the drink on Penny]
Penny: [Gasps] Well played, sir. Now I'm going to clean up myself if you don't mind.
[Penny leaves, and Leslie makes a mad face at Darwin. Darwin winks at Gumball]
Gumball: [Holding Carmen's hand, who appears to be annoyed] Okay, I think that's enough now. If he keeps looking at me like that, I think my head's going to explode!
[Alan glares at Gumball]
Carmen: [Softly] Compliment me.
Gumball: Okay, I really like your face because it's not complicated. And I like your name, Carmen, it sounds like a superhero who sort of drives a lot. Also, your branches are really cool, it's like two arms raised, makes you look like you're always winning. Or you look like you're wearing one of those giant cowboy hats.
[Shot cuts to Alan still glaring]
Carmen: Awww, he's not doing anything!
[Scene cuts back to Carmen and Gumball]
Carmen: Kiss me.
[Gumball's eyes enlarge]
Carmen: Come on, I'm not that bad!
Gumball: Look, I always thought the first girl I would kiss would be Penny. We'd be on a beach at sunset. Some fireflies would make a love heart around us, and there would be some sort of violin involved. [Angrily] I didn't think it would be with a chick I didn't care about, [Carmen crosses her arms at Gumball, irritated] just to make another dude jealous!
[Tobias and Juke pause their game to stare to Gumball. Tobias mistakenly hits the the pole with a basketball and it bounces away from them, towards Gumball]
Gumball: Gumball Watterson might be a lot of things, but he is not a cheap, corruptible bimbo!
[The basketball hits Gumball in the back of his head, causing him to fall forward and face plant into Carmen's face, and while doing so, accidentally kisses her on the face. Tobias, Juke, Alan, Leslie, and Carmen stare at him in shock. The camera then reveals Banana Joe, Anton, Idaho, and Carrie, who stare in shock at Gumball as well. Then Gumball squeals in pain. At that moment, Penny returns, all cleaned up]
Darwin: [Nervously] Uhh, look a diversion!
[Penny simply looks at Darwin suspiciously, so Darwin spills the milkshake on her face again. Penny sighs as she goes back inside again. Gumball silently cries]
Alan​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​: Goodbye, Carmen. [Moves high up in the sky and disappears]
[Carmen pushes Gumball away angrily]
Gumball: [High-pitched] Ow.
Carmen: He didn't do anything!
Gumball: [Pulls out Carmen's thorn] What did you think he was gonna do?
Carmen: Something dramatic like punch your face in and drag me away screaming, but he just left me like he didn't even care! [Sobs]
Gumball: Are you crying again?
Carmen: Can't you tell?! [Runs away crying]
[Anton throws bread at Gumball]
Gumball: What the— Hey!
Anton: Shame on you, you dirty ol' girlfriend thief!
Idaho: [Throws his chips at Gumball] Couple splitter!
Bobert: [Throws a bolt nut at Gumball] Catalyst of social discontent!
Banana Joe: [Throws his own peel at Gumball] Homewrecker!
Sussie: [Pointing] Names! Names! Names!
Gumball: [Throws Banana Joe's peel back at him] Hey, stop calling me names! I thought you wanted them to split up anyway! You hated them!
Jamie: Yeah? Well, now we hate you.
[Carrie, Bobert, Jamie, Idaho and Anton storm off and Gumball sighs]

Balloon Biology

[The boys' restroom. Alan is heard crying while inflating and deflating inside a stall]
Gumball: [Knocks the door] Alan, is that you buddy?
[Deflating sound]
Gumball: Are you crying?
Alan​​​​​​​​​​​​​​: What does it sound like I'm doing?
Gumball: I don't know man, you're a bit of a biological mystery.
[Alan comes out of the stall]
Alan​​​​​​​​​​​​​​: What's so hard to understand? It's not difficult, air goes in the knot, air goes out the knot.
Gumball: What about the spaghetti though?
Alan​​​​​​​​​​​​​​: Spaghetti goes in, turns into air, comes back out.
Gumball: So technically, you weren't only crying just now.
Alan​​​​​​​​​​​​​​: Look, what do you want?
Gumball: I want you to knock me out in the playground in front of everybody.
Alan​​​​​​​​​​​​​​: [Surprised] What? Why?
Gumball: Because that's what Carmen wanted, man. She wanted you to show some passion and you just bailed like a wet lettuce! So man up, get out there and just pop me!
Alan​​​​​​​​​​​​​​: [Sighs] There's no point, if I'm not able to make her happy, I refuse to stop her finding happiness somewhere else. I love her too much for that.
Gumball: Wow, that was so cheesy I can actually smell it.

Masami's Plan

[The classroom. Miss Simian is giving lessons]
Lucy Simian: These two chemicals will be bound forever and nothing can pull them apart.
Tina: Apart from Gumball.
Ocho: And then he'll try to make out with the carbon.
[Gumball sighs]
Penny: What are they talking about?
[Darwin splashes Penny again]
Penny: DARWIN! [Leaves the room]
Masami: [Moves to Gumball] You know, Carmen's a pretty jealous girl. You could use that to get them back together.
Gumball: Of course! I'm gonna dress up as a girl and kiss Alan! I need a really believable name though... How 'bout "Barbara," or "Shatanya"... Oh I know, [Angrily] get outta here with your stupid idea!
Masami: I meant, I could go out with him.
Gumball: Oh yeah, that is a good idea. [Sighs] But it'll never work, he's way too nice to do something like that.
Masami: Unless... [Whispers softly]
Gumball: Could you write that, down? All I heard was [Makes wind sounds]

Moving On

[Gumball goes back in the boys' restroom to see Alan, almost completely deflated, lying on the toilet bowl]
Gumball: Duuude, pull yourself together man. You got to start dating again!
Alan​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​: What's the point?
Gumball: Because... [Reads from his notepad] the duck-billed platypus is known to store about six hundred worms in its cheek pouches— [Stops for a second] Wait, that's my biology notes.
[Gumball moves backwards while speaking his quote backwards too]
Gumball: Because... you owe it to Carmen. If she sees you moving on, then she'll be able to do the same thing and find happiness she deserves!
Alan​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​: You're right. I'll do it for Carmen! But, who would date such a shriveled bag of sadness?
Gumball: Well, no one. But, if you re-inflate, you can have a shot with Masami!
Alan​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​: I don't think I have enough strength to inflate. [Gestures his knot towards Gumball]
[Alan and Gumball exit the boys' restroom. Alan has a pleased expression, and Gumball looks disgusted]
Alan​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​: Thanks, Gumball!
Gumball: Whatever, man.

Operation Jealousy

[The playground. Students are chatting, when Bobert shows up]
Bobert: Attention, organic classmates. I have information about the relationship status of the gas-filled bag defined as Alan and the mass of condensation defined as Masami. [Does a gesture] It is on!
[Carrie, Jamie, Banana Joe, Tobias, and Hector gasp]
Teri: I'm so happy. They've got so much in common. They both float. They... [Pauses and stops smiling] Actually, that's about it. She's still better for him than Carmen is.
[The students leave, except for a stunned Carmen. Gumball and Darwin peek from behind a recycling bin]
Gumball: Okay. First the shock and then the disbelief. All according to plan.
[Carmen looks down in sadness]
Gumball: Now, come on! Get angry and fight for your love!
[Carmen becomes red with anger for a moment]
Carmen: No! [Breaks down crying]
Darwin: Or just get depressed at the sudden realization that Gumball ruined your life.
[It begins raining, and Carmen immediately swells up while still crying]

The Heart of the Storm

[The classroom. Only Alan and Masami are present, and Alan is repeatedly banging his head on the desk]
Masami: [Writing on a notepad] So, what couple name do you prefer? Alasami or Masalan? [Annoyed] Are you even listening?
[Alan stops banging his head]
Alan​​​​​: [Sighs] Whatever one will make Carmen think we're happy.
Masami: Ugh! Who cares about that prickly loser?
[Gumball suddenly appears, smacking Alan out of the way]
Gumball: We need to talk. Your plan completely bombed. [Alan floats down, and he smacks him away again] Carmen didn't get jealous. She just looks really sad... and turgid.
Alan​​​​​​​​​​​​: [Floats down] What are you guys talk— [Gumball bumps him away]
Masami: The plan worked perfectly.
Alan​​​​​​​​​​​​: Hey, I'm— [Masami bumps him away]
Masami: Alan is finally with the right girl, the one who has always loved him.
[Gumball gasps for a prolonged time, and he smacks Alan away, yet again]
Gumball: [Gruff voice] You lied to me! [Normal voice] That's it! I'm telling everyone.
Masami: No, you won't. Unless you want Penny to find out you kissed Carmen.
Penny: [Off-screen] Too late!
Gumball: Uh!
[Penny is present at the door, scowling]
Penny: Darwin told me everything.
Darwin: [Appears from behind Penny] Sorry, dude. I ran out of milkshake.
Gumball: Penny! Please let me explain!
Penny: Carmen already did.
Carmen: [Appears from behind Penny] It was more of a head-butt than a kiss, to be honest.
Masami: [Turns into an angry, dark gray thunderstorm] It's too late for you, Carmen. Alan is mine!
Carmen: Please! Masami, I love him!
Masami: [Angrier] I love him more! And he loves me!
Alan​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​: [Caught in a running ceiling fan] Can I— just say— something?!
[Masami conjures up a hurricane in the classroom, blowing everyone and everything away]
Masami: NO! YOU'RE MINE!
[Gumball, Darwin, and Penny run out of the classroom. Masami, in the center of her hurricane, follows them, blasting the classroom entrance in the process. Alan is caught in her hurricane. Both run down the hall]
Carmen: [Emerges from the destroyed classroom] AL-A-A-A-A-AN! Gumball! Do something!
[Gumball starts, but Penny halts him]
Penny: I think Gumball's made this situation bad enough. Let me speak to her, girl to girl.
[Walks down the hall and faces an unseen Masami]
Penny: Masami, look into your heart. You're not a violent person!
[A bolt of lightning by Masami zaps her, knocking her down the other side of the hall]
Penny: [Off-screen] Okay, Gumball. Your turn.
[Principal Brown and several students are having conversations. Masami's hurricane passes them, scrambling their artistic styles in the process. Gumball, Darwin, Penny, and Carmen chase her]
Gumball: Quick! I've got an awesome idea! Follow me to the fire hose!
[Cut to the kids holding a fire hose at the end of a hall. Gumball has the fire hose tied around his waist]
Gumball: Hold on. I'm the one who got the idea. It should be you guys making it happen.
[Masami's hurricane violently approaches. Gumball whimpers]
Penny: Don't worry. We'll pull you out.
Gumball: Wait. I got a better idea.
Penny: Too late. [Pushes Gumball into hurricane]
Gumball: What the...
[Gumball gets caught in Masami's hurricane. Penny, Darwin, and Carmen hold onto the fire hose. They succeed in pulling both Gumball and Alan out of Masami's hurricane]
Gumball and Alan​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​: Yeah! We made it!
[They both laugh, until they realize parts of their features have been swapped]
Gumball and Alan​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​: Aaaaaah!
[Masami's hurricane dies out, leaving a still angry Masami]
Carmen: Run!
Gumball: I can't! I haven't got legs anymore!
Alan​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​: [Attempting to get up, but keeps slipping] And I've never had any before!
Masami: Give him back to me!
[Gumball and Alan have swapped their original parts back. They attempt to run, but Masami starts inhaling them in the opposite direction. Gumball tries hanging onto the floor, then grabs onto an open locker door, while holding Alan by his string]
Gumball: [His grip slips a bit] No! Do something!
[Pieces of garbage fly past Gumball and Alan, splatting Masami in the face. Darwin is emptying contents of a garbage bag in Masami's direction]
Masami: Ew! Gross!
[Masami stops inhaling, releasing Gumball and Alan from her powerful wind. She shakes garbage off of herself]
Gumball: [Walks up to Darwin, Penny, and Carmen with Alan] Thanks, guys. Whoa!
[The kids are blown away by Masami's strong wind, exhaling this time. They scream, and they end up in the cafeteria. Masami, once again in the center of her hurricane, approaches them, angrier than ever. She zaps a bolt of lightning at Alan, and he dodges]
Masami: [Speaking with a demonic-type voice] Give him back to me! He loves me!
Alan​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​: No, I don't! I'm sorry, Masami [To Carmen] but it's her that I love.
Masami: But why her?! And not me?!
Gumball: Because you're psycho?
Penny: Shh!
Alan​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​: Masami, I— I just can't explain how my heart works.
Gumball: If it's anything like his digestive system, you probably don't want to know.
Penny: Shh!
Alan​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​: I was saying... I can't explain how my heart works, but I know what it wants, and I learned today that I have to stand up for that.
Gumball: Isn't this the opposite of the lesson you're trying to teach—
Alan​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​: [To Gumball, irritated] JUST SHUT UP, OKAY?! [Calms down] Masami, a broken heart is like a mirror. It's better to leave it broken than to hurt yourself trying to fix it.
Masami: Oh. My. Gosh. [Her hurricane dies down, she reverts to her usual white color, and her voice returns to normal] You are such a wet cheese ball.
Carmen: [At Masami, angrily] If Alan was a cheese ball... [To Alan, taking hold of his string] I'd want seconds.
Alan​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​: I love you, Carmen.
Carmen: I love you, Alan.
[Several students have joined. It has stopped raining outside]
Students: Aww!
Leslie​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​: I'm so happy for them. But I kind of hate them again now.
Masami: Let's get out of here before I retch.
[Students leave the couple, except for Gumball and Penny]
Gumball: Penny, promise me we'll never be like that.
[Darwin then appears before the two of them]
Darwin: There's no risk of that 'cause you're not going out with each other.
[Penny splashes a cup of milkshake into Darwin's face, much to Gumball's amusement]
[Episode ends]
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The Nest
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Episode 29
The Points
Episode 30
The Bus
Episode 31
The Night
Episode 32
The Misunderstandings
Roots Sad.png Blame Why.png Weirdgumball6.png S4E36 The Detective 19.png
Episode 33
The Roots
Episode 34
The Blame
Episode 35
The Slap
Episode 36
The Detective
TheFurySeason4.png Happy Elmore Town.jpg Anime Darwin and Carrie.jpg TheDisasterSeasonFour.png
Episode 37
The Fury
Episode 38
The Compilation
Episode 39
The Scam
Episode 40
The Disaster
Rerun Fight.png StoriesSeason5.png TheGuy 6.png LesBoring.png
Episode 1
The Rerun
Episode 2
The Stories
Episode 3
The Guy
Episode 4
The Boredom
VisionSeason5.png Clouding.png CodePromo3.png Test Grope.png
Episode 5
The Vision
Episode 6
The Choices
Episode 7
The Code
Episode 8
The Test
NowWeAreTalking.png S5E10 The Loophole p03.png Fuss Sweet.png CopyCatsSeason5.png
Episode 9
The Slide
Episode 10
The Loophole
Episode 11
The Fuss
Episode 12
The Copycats
PotatoSeason5.png OutsideSeason5.png VaseSeason5.png Matchmaker Cute.png
Episode 13
The Potato
Episode 14
The Outside
Episode 15
The Vase
Episode 16
The Matchmaker
BoxSeason5.png Console Victory.png OllieSeason5.png CatfishSeason5.png
Episode 17
The Box
Episode 18
The Console
Episode 19
The Ollie
Episode 20
The Catfish
CycleSeason5.png StarsSeason5.png Birth of Simian.png DietSeason5.png
Episode 21
The Cycle
Episode 22
The Stars
Episode 23
The Grades
Episode 24
The Diet
Ex 09.png SorcererSeason5.png Menu KeemstarLife.png Uncle IsGumchoOver.png
Episode 25
The Ex
Episode 26
The Sorcerer
Episode 27
The Menu
Episode 28
The Uncle
Weirdo Crayon.png Heist Nicole.png TheSinging50.png CHECKYOURPRIVILEGE.png
Episode 29
The Weirdo
Episode 30
The Heist
Episode 31
The Singing
Episode 32
The Best
TheWorst.png TheDeal.png ThePetals.png TheNuisance.png
Episode 33
The Worst
Episode 34
The Deal
Episode 35
The Petals
Episode 36
The Nuisance
TheLine.png ListDolphin.png GumballNews.png ThePuppets.png
Episode 37
The Line
Episode 38
The List
Episode 39
The News
Episode 40
The Puppets
The Rival 1 (52).png Lady Laugh.png The Sucker (28).png Meltysons.png
Episode 1
The Rival
Episode 2
The Lady
Episode 3
The Sucker
Episode 4
The Vegging
One Lightning.png The Father (121).png Cringe Awkwardness.png The Cage (11).png
Episode 5
The One
Episode 6
The Father
Episode 7
The Cringe
Episode 8
The Cage
TheNeighbor GumballDarwin&ThisGuy.png TwoGamboliesOneTheater.png The Faith (100).png Candidate Leak8.jpg
Episode 9
The Neighbor
Episode 10
The Anybody
Episode 11
The Faith
Episode 12
The Candidate
Bedball.png Shippening67.png The Brain (1).png TheArents.png
Episode 13
The Pact
Episode 14
The Shippening
Episode 15
The Brain
Episode 16
The Parents
GBFounder.png GBSchooling.png TheIntelligence InternetDies.png GBPotion.png
Episode 17
The Founder
Episode 18
The Schooling
Episode 19
The Intelligence
Episode 20
The Potion
GBSpinoffs.png GBTransformation.png GBUnderstanding.png GBAd.png
Episode 21
The Spinoffs
Episode 22
The Transformation
Episode 23
The Understanding
Episode 24
The Ad
GBGhouls.png Gossamer.png GBAwareness.png TheSlip RichardAndDeliveryGuy.png
Episode 25
The Ghouls
Episode 26
The Stink
Episode 27
The Awareness
Episode 28
The Slip
DramaFone.png TheBuddy Uhhhh.png ThePossesion SadRichard.png TheMaster GameMasterRichard.jpg
Episode 29
The Drama
Episode 30
The Buddy
Episode 31
The Possession
Episode 32
The Master
TheSilence TryingToTalk.png TheFuture RobChokingBarbara.jpg TWish.png GBFactory.png
Episode 33
The Silence
Episode 34
The Future
Episode 35
The Wish
Episode 36
The Factory
The Agent.png GBWeb.png GBMess.png Frown Upside doun.jpg
Episode 37
The Agent
Episode 38
The Web
Episode 39
The Mess
Episode 40
The Heart
GBRevolt.png TheDecisions44.png BFFS Stars.png GBInquisition.jpg
Episode 41
The Revolt
Episode 42
The Decisions
Episode 43
Episode 44
The Inquisition
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