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This article is about an episode that has been scrapped, meaning it was planned to be created, but got cancelled at some point during its production for one or more reasons.
The rex storyboards

The original storyboard

"The Rex" is a scrapped episode of The Amazing World of Gumball. This episode was originally planned for season 2 but was scrapped because of its exceeding budget costs for production and because it was "not worth the price."[1]

Only a single preview of the episode's storyboards has been released on Jean Texier's website, featuring Gumball and Darwin being chased by Tina and her father, alongside a dilapidated landscape.



  • This was going to be the first episode to reveal Mr. Rex's full appearance.
  • In his Twitter account, Ben Bocquelet was asked if he could use the plot of this episode for a movie, but he said that the plot of a movie based on the series would use a stand-alone type of story.[2]


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