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The Perfect Babysitters

[Richard is attempting and struggling to put his pants on]
Richard: [In a fake stunted tone] Oh, no! It seems I can't put them on. I'm afraid we can't go to the parents' evening.
[Nicole takes Richard's pants, puts belt together and zips them]
Nicole: Ready to go.
Richard: Oh...
[Doorbell rings, Nicole opens the door]
Nicole: Ah.
Albert: Hi. I'm here to sit on the baby.
Nicole: [Confused] What?
Albert: Well, duh! I'm the babysitter!
[Nicole shuts the door]
Nicole: Richard, where did you find that guy?!
Richard: [Sheepishly] On the Internet...
[Richard's pants button pops out and he smiles in relief]
Nicole: [Sighs] Where am I going to find a babysitter at this time?
Gumball: Ahem!
[Gumball shows hands to Darwin, who returns it, presenting themselves]
Nicole: [Sighs] I can't believe I'm going to say this. [Pained expression] I guess you guys are old enough to babysit?
Gumball and Darwin: Us?
Nicole: Yes, you. But promise you'll be responsible.
Gumball: I promise to be the most responsible kid and will handle my responsibilities in the most responsible way.
Darwin: Yeah, responsible!
Nicole: You have no idea what responsible means, do you?
Gumball and Darwin: Nah.
Nicole: It means acting like a grown-up. And most of all, it means taking care of your little sister.
Anais: [Coming from upstairs] What?!
Nicole: Can I trust you guys to do that?
Gumball: Come on, Mom. We were born reprehensible.
Nicole: Responsible.
Gumball: Yeah, that's what I meant.
Nicole: Richard, put your pants on. We're off.
Richard: No!
Nicole: Richard. Pants... on.
Richard: No!
[Nicole squeezes Richard into the car with her foot as his buttcrack shows]
Richard: No! I don't wanna go to school!
Nicole: [Straining] We have to go! It's a parents' evening, and we are the parents! [Shoves Richard into the car and slams the door]
Nicole: I'm putting a lot of trust in you kids.
Gumball: Don't worry, Mom. You won't be disappointed.
[Nicole drives off, while Richard is still crying and moaning]
Gumball: So how do you feel, Darwin?
Darwin: Pretty responsible. And you?
Gumball: I feel like a new man... a responsible man.
[Gumball and Darwin chuckle]
Anais: [Sighs] I can't believe this. I'm going upstairs.
Gumball and Darwin: [Gasp] Stairs! Ahh!
[Gumball and Darwin tackle Anais to the ground]
Anais: Ow! What are you doing?
Gumball: Seventy-nine percent of all stair accidents happen on the stairs.
Anais: What does that even mean?
Gumball: It means you're safer sitting here.
[Gumball plops Anais down on the couch]
Anais: Okay.
[Anais turns on the TV to the Daisy the Donkey Show]
Daisy the Donkey​​: [On TV] Welcome to Daisy the Donkey Show! We'll be right back after these messages.
Voice: [On TV] When you're deciding where to go for a hamburger, let's go further—
Gumball: [Screams] Aah! Commercials! They'll corrupt your mind!
[Gumball and Darwin smash the TV with baseball bats]
Gumball: Bad commercials! Bad commercials! Bad commercials! Bad commercials!
Anais: Are you completely out of your mind?
Gumball: There's... too... much... violence... on... TV... anyway!
Anais: And you chose to demonstrate that by smashing the TV in front of me?
Gumball: It was the responsible thing to do.
[Darwin and Gumball chuckle again]
Anais: Even though you set it on fire.
Gumball: It's not on fire. [Looks over to the TV engulfed in flames] Oh, it is on fire. [Grabs Darwin by the cheeks and screams] FIRE!
[Gumball goes off screen and rushes in with a bucket of water]
Anais: Stop! Don't throw water on an electrical—
[Darwin spits a stream of water on the burning TV, electrocuting himself and Gumball]
Anais: ...Fire.
[Darwin coughs]
Anais: You should always use a fire extinguisher or, if unavailable, baking soda. [Puts out the fire with an extinguisher] But most importantly, call an adult or the emergency services.
Gumball: Yeah, of course, but ours was a responsible demonstration of what not to do in case of an electrical fire.
Anais: How could Mom put you in charge? [Opens a book]
[Darwin kicks the book she is reading out the window]
Anais: What is wrong with you?!
Darwin: Papercuts.
Anais: Ridiculous, and look at the mess you're making!
Gumball: It's a small price to pay for your safety.
Darwin: You're too young to understand.
Anais: Excuse me, but who makes your breakfast every day?
Gumball and Darwin: You, of course.
Anais: And who helps you with your homework?
Gumball and Darwin: You.
Anais: So I should be in charge.
Gumball: But who did Mom put in charge?
Anais: You.
Gumball: So who has to do what we say?
Anais: [Sighs] Me.

Pre-PTA Meeting

[Scene cuts to Elmore Junior High; Richard and Nicole are waiting outside Miss Simian's room]
Richard: Uhh, I feel like I'm in one of those dreams. The ones where you go to school naked.
Nicole: Oh, come on, Richard, stop being so dramatic. We're the parents now. There's nothing she can do to you.
Lucy Simian: You get an F minus in parenting! Next!
[Banana Joe's parents come out of the room crying]
Lucy Simian: Oh, the Wattersons.
[Awkward silence ensues]
Lucy Simian: Are you aware that your husband isn't wearing any pants?

Back to the Kids

[Scene cuts back to the Watterson house]
Gumball: Aw, look at that grumpy little face.
Darwin: I know what will cheer her up. How about a walk in the park?
Anais: Hmm, yeah, I guess that could be okay.


[Gumball and Darwin go for a walk in the park, dragging Anais attached to a leash]
Gumball: Come on, it's for your own safety.
[Anais glares at Gumball before being pulled by the leash. Cut to the Watterson kids and Marvin]
Marvin: Oh, isn't she lovely? How old is she then?
Gumball: She's four now.
Marvin: Well, now, you want a biscuit? [Holds out a small biscuit for Anais] Huh? You wanna have a taste of this? You wanna have a little taste of this? Well, you can't have it, that's right, 'cause it's mine. Whoo, I was just teasin' ya, you want a little taste of it?
[Anais bites Marvin]
Marvin: [Yells] Oh, you bit me!
Gumball: You know what this means?
Darwin: She must be hungry!
[Anais facepalms]


[Scene goes back to the house]
Gumball: It's time for num-nums! We have a mackerel sandwich, a potato, and a little something for dessert.
[Gumball lifts up the lid of a plate and an old boot is revealed; Anais is visibly disgusted]
Anais: Are you kidding me?
Gumball: [Gasps] Of course! That food is way too chunky for a little baby like her, she could choke.
Darwin: I know what to do.
[Darwin takes the tray from Anais, and he and Gumball chew the food up. They vomit it back onto the tray, paying no attention to Anais, who is disgusted and horrified, and Gumball draws a smiley face on it]
Gumball: Bon appétit! [Places a straw in the food]
Anais: Alright, you asked for this.
[Anais blows the straw, spraying the food all over Gumball and Darwin]
Gumball: Okay, bath time.


[Scene cuts to bathroom; Gumball is testing the water temperature in the bathtub with Anais inside]
Gumball: Ah, just right.
Darwin: Isn't water dangerous?
[Gumball gasps and tosses Anais back onto the rug]
Anais: How do you expect me to wash myself without water?
Gumball: Haven't you heard of dry cleaning?
Anais: Fine! Get out of here!
[Anais slams the door on Gumball and Darwin]
Gumball: They grow up so fast.
Darwin: Shh!
[Anais fills up the tub with water while humming]
Darwin: Is that water I hear?
[Anais opens the door a little]
Anais: No! I just, uh, flushed?
Gumball: Oh. Speaking of which, we're gonna need you to wear this. [Holds up a diaper]
Anais: What?!
Gumball: Well, we don't want you to have any accidents.
Darwin: Very responsible thinking, Gumball.
Gumball: Hm, thanks.
[They both chuckle]
Gumball: Now be a big girl and...
[They both gasp. Anais is at the bottom of the steps]
Anais: There's no way I'm wearing a diaper!
[She runs away, and Gumball and Darwin chase after her. The bathtub is revealed to be still filling up with water]
Gumball: Get back here!
[The water rises to the top of the bathtub, and it spills onto the floor. They chase her through the living room, making a huge mess in the process. She hides under the sofa and gets chased into the kitchen]
Gumball: Come back, Anais! You can run, but you can't hide!
[Gumball and Darwin run out of the kitchen]
Gumball and Darwin: Run! Hide!
Gumball: Put it on!
Anais: Never!
[Anais runs upstairs and barricades herself in Gumball and Darwin's room]
Gumball: Open this door, young lady! Don't make me tell Mom you've been a bad baby!
[Gumball somehow stretches his eye in the crack of the door]
Gumball: [Screams] She's not in there, she ran out the window!
[They kick open their door and climb onto the roof]
Gumball: Oh, what's Mom gonna think? We're in so much trouble!
[Anais sticks her head out the window]
Anais: You goons really walked into that one!
[She shuts the window]
Gumball: Anais, let us in.
Anais: Babysit yourselves on the roof until Mom and Dad come back. [Walks away from the window]
Gumball and Darwin: Anais! Anais!
[They hit the window repeatedly. Anais rests on Gumball's bed]
Anais: Oh look, a book. I hope I don't give myself a papercut. [She giggles and bounces on the bed]
Gumball and Darwin: Anais!
Anais: Oh, no, no diaper. I surely hope I don't have an accident, on your bed!
Gumball and Darwin: Anais! (They see something and gasp in horror) Anais!
Anais: And you know what I'm gonna have now? A nice relaxing bath, with real water!
[Anais begins to slide down into the flood of Gumball and Darwin's room and gasps]

Post-PTA meeting

[The scene cuts to Richard and Nicole sitting on the front steps of the school]
Richard: Well, it could've been worse.
Nicole: Are you kidding me? Look at the bill, how do you set fire to a swimming pool?
[Richard starts to laugh as Nicole glares at him]
Richard: I know, pretty good, huh?
[Nicole gives him a death glare]
Richard: That you're always there to keep an eye on them?
[Nicole gasps in dismay remembers the kids are still home alone, gets in the car and speeds home]


[Scene goes back to their house. Anais is on Gumball's desk, struggling to open the window]
Anais: Do something!
Gumball: Get on the bed and stay where you are. We'll figure out a way to rescue you.
[Gumball and Darwin are on the porch]
Gumball: Don't worry! I'll smash the door in— [Headbutts the door and recoils in pain] Ah! You wouldn't know where the keys are by any chance, would you?
[Darwin looks in the window and sees the keys float by underwater]
Darwin: Somewhere safe.
Gumball: Aw, what are we gonna do?
[A manhole is shown. The scene then cuts to the bathroom, where Darwin and Gumball have evidently swum up the sewer pipe and gone out the toilet. Gumball and Darwin swim in their room where Anais is waiting. Gumball coughs up a large amount of water he was holding in]
Gumball: Hey, how's it going?
Anais: I don't know, how do you think it's going?
[Darwin is shown trying to open the window, which is not opening. He shrugs]
Gumball: Okay, take a deep breath.
[Anais and Gumball breathe in and dive underwater]
[They swim downstairs where Darwin sees that a container of his fish food the lid floats off spilling the food out he begin to eat the food before noticing the keys Floating up next to him, Gumball is seen trying to pull open the door The Anias tries Darwin swims up with the keys the 3 of them cheer,but before they can open the door, the keys are sucked out of his grip by the water pressure coming from the fireplace The kids become sad then Anais watches the key get sucked up the fireplace and gets the idea to go out the chimney she swim toward the fireplace but quickly turn around to grab her brothers she pull them to the fireplace and points to the couch to tell them her idea so they move the couch and swim up. A violent geyser erupting from the chimney launches them out]
Anais, Darwin, and Gumball: Woo-hoo!
[They all celebrate]
Gumball: Good job, everyone!
[The geyser suddenly stops with the kids caught in midair. They all look down and start to scream. Gumball pulls out a diaper from his pocket]
Gumball: Hey, don't worry, we can use this diaper as a parachute and float safely down to—
[They hit the ground face-first with a loud smack. A car arrives in the front yard, and it turns out to be their parents coming home]
Anais: [Gasps] They're back!
Anais, Darwin, and Gumball: Oh, no.
[They duck back around the corner. Nicole storms out of the car while Richard nervously follows]
Richard: See, honey? I told you there was nothing to worry about.
[Nicole opens the door, and a huge burst of water hits them, leaving them filthy and stunned]
Gumball: Hi.
Nicole: Thank heavens you're safe!
[She runs up to Anais and gives her a hug]
Anais: So, you're not angry at us for trashing the house?
Nicole: Oh, no. Angry doesn't BEGIN TO COVER IT!

Blame Game

[Scene cuts to the interior of the house, with the whole family there]
Richard: How do you burn a TV underwater?
[Anais, Gumball, and Darwin look shocked]
Anais: Mom, it's my—
Gumball: No, I've got this.
Anais: No, Gumball, it was me that left the faucet running!
Gumball: Please, sis, let your brother be responsible for once in his life.
[Anais gets teary-eyed, and runs over to give Gumball a hug]
Anais: Thanks, Gumball.
[Gumball breathes in and begins to tell Nicole what happened]
Gumball: Mom... [Sees Nicole with blazing eyes] It was Darwin. [Points]
Darwin: What?! It was her that flooded the place! [Points to Anais]
Anais: I thought you were going to take the rap! Anyway, it was clearly Mom's fault. She was the one who left Gumball in charge.
Nicole: Well it—it's Dad's fault for not finding a proper babysitter!
Richard: Well, none of this would've happened if it wasn't for you! [Points to a broken computer on the floor]
[The scene falls silent for a moment]
Nicole: Um, who are you blaming here?
Richard: The Internet?
The Wattersons: [Everyone settles the dispute and agrees] Yeah, that's good enough.
[Episode ends]
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Episode 36
The Factory
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Episode 37
The Agent
Episode 38
The Web
Episode 39
The Mess
Episode 40
The Heart
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Episode 41
The Revolt
Episode 42
The Decisions
Episode 43
Episode 44
The Inquisition