Race for the Computer!

[The episode begins with Gumball, Darwin and Anais sleeping. Soon, the alarm clock rings, making them bolt upright.]
Anais: IT'S MY TURN!
Darwin: NO! IT'S MY TURN!
[They fight for the computer, but Gumball manages to claim the chair. However, just before he lands in the chair, Darwin quickly throws a pencil holder containing sharpened pencils onto the chair. Gumball sheds a single tear as he lands on the pencils]
Gumball: Good move, but I can take it.
[Gumball turns on the computer, but there is a prompt for password]
Gumball, Darwin and Anais: Password?
Darwin: But who?
[Richard pushes away the open door behind the kids, revealing himself. He closes it.]
Richard: [Menacingly] I did it.
Gumball: Have you just spent the whole night hiding behind that door for dramatic effect?
Richard: [Menacingly] No.
Darwin: Then why does it looks like your bladder is about to explode?
[Richard is evidently desperate to go to the bathroom, with his legs crossed and everything]
Richard: [With little emotion] You kids spend too much time on that thing! You should be playing outside.
Gumball: Why do I have a feeling that you sound like Mom right now?
Richard: Uh...
[Nicole's arm comes through the door, and gives Richard a note to read]
Richard: "Your mother has nothing to do with this! I take full responsibility for being the bad cop this time. Read this, or you sleep on the couch tonight."
[Nicole closes the door]
Richard: [Whispers] Sorry, guys, you know she can be a real dragon sometimes.
[Fire, presumably from Nicole, seeps through the door. Richard exits the room.]

What's the Password?

[Gumball finds himself sitting on air while Anais tries to guess the password. Gumball pulls Anais (still on the computer seat) towards the door.]
Anais: But it's my turn!
[Gumball takes her out the room and dumps her onto the floor]
Anais: Uh! HEY! C'mon, you promised!
Darwin: Try the word "Password."
Gumball: Ha, c'mon. Even dad's not that dumb.
[Darwin raises one eyebrow. Gumball types "password", but the password is incorrect]
Gumball: Ha, it can't be that complicated. Let's just use our heads.
[Gumball and Darwin bang their heads on the keyboard until a password clue appears]
Gumball: "Password clue: favorite child?"
Gumball: [Inhales deeply] Ooh… ah… ouch. Sorry man. This is awkward.
[Gumball types his name in the password box, but the password is still incorrect]
Gumball: What the what!?
Darwin: [Gasps] Really? [Cries] This moment is so much bigger than me. I would like to thank my parents, and my manager.
[Darwin, while crying, types his name in the password box, but the password is incorrect]
[Anais is banging on the door in the background]
Gumball: Well if it's not you, and it's not me, then who could the favorite child be?
[Anais (still banging on the door in the background) is heard.]
Anais: Come on, guys! I've got real work to do. You just waste time on Elmore Plus!
[Gumball and Darwin run to the door]
Gumball: Anais, who would dad's favorite child be if it wasn't me or Darwin?
[Gumball and Darwin both gasp and run back to the computer.]
[Gumball enters "Anais" in the password box. He presses enter and the password is correct]
Darwin: Yes!
[Darwin does a victory dance]
Gumball: What are you doing?
Darwin: A victory dance, we cracked the password!
[Gumball turns off the computer]
Gumball: It doesn't matter. Don't you get it? Anais is the favorite child.
Darwin: Yeah, but— oh.
[Darwin does a sad dance]
Gumball: What is that?
Darwin: It's a sad dance.
Gumball: Oh! Okay.
[Gumball joins in with Darwin's sad dance]

Who Is the Favorite?

[Gumball, Darwin, Anais, and Richard are at the table eating breakfast]
Gumball: Alright! So here's the plan to get me to be the favorite! First we-
[Darwin interrupts Gumball]
Darwin: Wait, why do you get to be the favorite?!
Gumball: Well, because, you're...you know? Technically...from a biological point of view- [Coughs] adopted [Clears throat] you know...?
Darwin: No, actually, I don't. Why don't you tell me?
Gumball: It's because you're...already my favorite! Huh?
[Darwin slowly forces a smile.]
Gumball: Ha ha! I knew it would work.
Darwin: [Through his teeth] Darn you.
Gumball: Anyway, I'm not the enemy. [We cut to the other side of the table. Anais is being petted by Richard.] Look at her over there, acting all innocent.
Anais: [Hums happily]
Gumball: [Imitates Anais while making a face] She knows she's the favorite.
Darwin: Maybe we're overreacting.
Gumball: Overreacting? Dude! They're even finishing each other's-
Darwin: -Sandwiches!
Gumball: What? No, sentences.
Richard: Sweetie, can I finish your-
Anais: Sandwich? Sure! [Laughs happily] See you later!
[Richard eats her sandwich]
Gumball: Sandwiches as well? Oh, man, this is total-
[Gumball pauses to let Darwin finish his sentence. Darwin does not grasp this, and there a long pause. Gumball sighs.]
Darwin: Sentences!
Gumball: [Groans] This is so unfair. Why is she the favorite, anyway?
Darwin: Well, maybe because she's nice to him.
Gumball: Well, let's be even nicer!

Being Nice

[Both Gumball and Darwin smile freakishly at Richard, who is reading a newspaper. He notices their smiles. He smiles back. They continue freakishly smiling at him. Richard is disturbed and covers his face with the newspaper.]
Richard: Uh... I'm gonna make another sandwich! [He runs off to the kitchen. Gumball and Darwin follow after him literally in a flash]
Gumball: Please dad, sit down. We'll do it-wait! Even better, we'll carry you there! [Lifts Richard with Darwin]
Richard: No wait, a- [Gets bumped into a wall] P-please put me down!
[Gumball and Darwin carry Richard back to the table]
Gumball: [To Darwin] Quick! Put him in his chair.
[They dump him on the floor, missing his chair. Richard's large tooth gets stuck in the table.]
Darwin: Oh. Sorry, Mr. Dad.
[Richard tries to pull his tooth out. Gumball comes back from the kitchen, carrying a very large and tall sandwich]
Gumball: And sorry for keeping you waiting. [Sets down plate with the large sandwich] Here you go. An all-you-can-eat sandwich!
Richard: [Still with tooth stuck in the table] How do you know I deserve it?
Gumball: Well, of course you deserve it. [Takes sandwich] Here-
[Darwin pulls Richard's ears, getting his tooth out of the table.]
Gumball: -let us help you! [Gumball drops the whole sandwich into Richard's mouth. Richard starts choking]
Gumball: I think he's trying to say something.
[Richard continues choking on the sandwich]
Gumball: Oh, sorry. It's a bit dry. Here, have some mayo!
[Gumball squirts lots of mayonnaise into Richard's mouth. The mayo starts spilling from his nose, mouth and eyes]
Darwin: Dude, he's choking.
[Gumball and Darwin run around, panicking. They calm down and decide what to do.]
Darwin: Do the Heimlich maneuver!
[Gumball attempts to wrap his arms around Richard]
Gumball: I-I cant! He's too fat-
Darwin: Ah! That's not a very nice word.
Gumball: H-he's got too much personality! [Gumball unwraps his arms from Richard, who then falls on his back]
Darwin: Come on!
[The two go on top of the table]
Darwin: Three, two, one!
[They both jump at the same time on Richard's belly. Richard continuously spews all the contents of the large sandwich he was fed in a fountain. Gumball and Darwin (still on his belly) watch the seemingly unending fountain.]

A Nice Hot Bath

Gumball: Dad, we're sorry about the sandwich thing, so we ran you a bath.
Richard: But I don't need a bath!
Gumball: Don't be silly. Just try it!
Richard: I don't know. All these candles and the water on the floor doesn't seem-AH!
[Richard slips on a bar of soap, and tumbles into the shower curtain. A candle falling on the curtain sets him on fire. Richard panics, and jumps into the bathtub.]
Richard: Aaaahhh. [The hot water starts turning Richard's body red] Hot. Hot! HOOOOOOOOOOOT!!

Saving Richard From a Dog

[Richard, now completely red, sneaks down the stairs, then hides behind the couch and looks around. He runs outside and enters his car.]
Richard: Ah, finally. Some peace and quiet.
[A dog appears behind him in the backseat, and starts attacking him]
Darwin: So, remind me again how this is supposed to work?
Gumball: It's easy. You put him in a perilous situation, and then save him. Then we become his favorites.
Darwin: Oh, that makes sense.
Gumball: Pass me the diversion device.
[Darwin gives Gumball a piece of steak]
Gumball Don't worry, Dad! We'll save you! [Whistles and throws the steak across the street]
[Richard chases the steak like a dog and gets hit by a car offscreen.]
Gumball: [Sighs] This isn't working, we need to take a different approach.

Anais Saying Bad Things About Richard

[Gumball and Darwin show Richard show an edited video made of various clips of Anais talking]
Anais [On TV]: My dad is a -- dork! -- He looks like -- a leg of -- ham -- in a pink -- leotard -- and smells like -- the underside of a - watch strap! [Static]
[Richard is clearly dismayed at this]
Gumball: Ah, I know. Not such a cute little bunny after all.
Darwin: It's okay, Mr. Dad. We're here for you.
[The TV shows a recording of Darwin explaining the plan]
Darwin: Ah ha ha! This is a great idea! Then we can make it look like she's saying bad things about Mr. Dad, when she didn't! Oh wait, is this thing still on? [Tape cuts]
Richard: THAT'S IT! I'VE HAD WITH YOU TWO! You've choked me! You've burned me! The steak you fed me was undercooked! I think I need to tell you off, but I've never been the bad cop before! What would your mother do?!
Darwin: She would tell us to go to our room.
Gumball: LOOK! We've been nice to you all day, okay? [Gumball and Darwin go upstairs] We've tried everything, but nothing works! Well you know what, dad? You're only our second favorite parent anyway!
[Richard is hurt by this comment]
[The scene cuts to the Wattersons eating dinner. Richard, Gumball, and Darwin are still in bad moods.]
Nicole: So... You guys have a good day? [Beat] Richard, did you have a good day?
Nicole: Favorite? What are you talking about?
Richard: It's easy for you. But somebody has to keep these kids in line, and if that means I lose the popularity contest-
Nicole: Richard, parenting is not a competition!
Richard: What? Afraid you'll lose?
Nicole: I really doubt that but it's not about-
Richard: OH YEAH? You two, in the car, NOW!
Gumball and Darwin: What? Why?
Richard: Because there's only one way to guarantee your children's affection. YOU BUY IT! Boys, I'm getting you a new computer!
Nicole: Oh no you're not!
Richard: Why not?
[Nicole speeds outside with Gumball and Darwin. Richard chases her but returns to grab all the food on the table.]

Richard vs Nicole

[Nicole straps in Gumball and Darwin, but Richard grabs them and throws them in his car, all without removing them from the other car's seatbelts.]
Richard: Everybody strapped in? Good! Let's go!
[Richard starts to drive]
Nicole: Okay! Everybody ready? [Looks behind her to see the overstretched seatbelts, and growls in anger]
[Nicole tries to turn the car around, but Gumball and Darwin are pulled back into the car by the seatbelts, destroying one of the doors. Richard returns, grabs the kids again, stops to laugh at Nicole, then drives off. Nicole soon follows.]
Nicole: [Rams Richard's car] Kids! Kids! Just jump across!
Gumball: No, because that would be insane.
Nicole Yes, fair point. [Speeds up a little] Richard, stop the car! This is stupid!
Richard: If it's stupid, why don't you stop first?
Nicole: Alright, I will! [Slows down a little to talk to the kids] You kids have your seatbelts on?
[They whimper in response, and she speeds off. She turns the car around, and smashes into Richard. Shee gets out and hops onto Richard's car like a ninja]
Nicole: Kids, close your eyes!
[They do what she says, and she grabs them through the windows. She returns to her car, kids in tow, and drives off. Richard outmaneuvers her, and blocks her way with his car. While this is happening, Gumball and Darwin bump into each other as Nicole swerves the car left and right, looking for an opening.]
Darwin: Ahh! Stop! This is going too far!
Gumball: Yeah, but look on the bright side: on the astronomically slim chance we survive this, we get a new computer!
[The two cars drive near a truck with a ramp on the road. Richard continues blocking Nicole.]
Richard: Just give me the kids, Nicole. There's nowhere else to go!
Nicole: Oh really? Hold on, kids! We're taking a detour!
[She drives over the truck's ramp, and Richard gapes as her car flies through the air. Nicole's car lands in the opposite lane, and she finds Richard is nowhere to be seen.]
Nicole: Woohoo! Huh, that was a little tense. Why don't we calm down with a game? I spy with my little eye-
Gumball and {{|Darwin}}: Truck!
Nicole: No, it begins with an "M."
Gumball and Darwin: Oh. Massive truck!
Nicole: No, it's magpie-- Aaaaaah!
[She screams as she barely avoids a large truck. She breaks through the guardrail onto the other lane, and slams into Richard's car. They both pull into a gas station, and calmly refuel. ]
Nicole: Oh. Uh, Richard, do you have the card?
Richard: Sure. [Gives her the card]
Nicole: Thanks. [Uses card, then throws it away]
[She gets in her car, and drives away laughing. Richard hurriedly gets back in his car, throwing money at the pump, and drives off without taking off the hose. Back the road, the gas station can be seen exploding in the distance.]
Richard: I'm not giving up, Nicole!
Nicole: [Shows a wrench]
Richard: [Gasps] So?
[The front tires of his car come off. Nicole arrives at the stores, and parks. She rushes into a video store, dragging her kids.]
Gumball: No, mom, wait! Stop, this is crazy!
[Nicole locks down the store]
Gumball: Uh, the best one's in the middle.
[Nicole takes a computer, and rushes to the counter]
Gumball: No, mom!
Larry: Hey! What's going on!?
Nicole: No time to explain! Just let me pay for this!
[Richard crashes his car into the store, and wrestles with Nicole for the computer.]
Nicole: Forget it, I was here first!
[They fight for it until Darwin stops them]
Darwin: STOP! Look at yourselves. We don't care about the computer, we just want our parents to get along.
Gumball: [Whispers] Or both.
Nicole: Oh gosh, you're right! I'm so sorry, Richard.
Richard: [Holds Nicole's hands] No, I'm sorry. You were right. Parenting isn't a competition.
Nicole: We can take it in turns to be the favorite, and the bad cop. Thanks Larry, but we don't need a new computer.
Gumball: [Quietly offscreen] Goshdarnit!
Richard: Yeah, we've got each other.
Larry: Awww. I'm so glad you guys aren't fighting anymore, 'cause SOMEBODY HAS TO PAY FOR ALL THIS!
Nicole: Oh of course. Allow me. Oops! [Approaches the counter and "accidentally" drops something]
[Larry bends over behind the counter to pick up what Nicole had dropped]
Larry: Wait a minute. This is a cracker.
[The Wattersons are gone]
Larry: Ohhh, you gotta be kidding me-! [Eats the cracker]

The One Behind It

[Back at home, Nicole and Richard are with Gumball and Darwin]
Nicole: Well, I guess the important thing is you know there's no favorite in this family. Never was, never will be.
Darwin: So, are you gonna change the password on the computer now, Mr. Dad?
Richard: What do you mean?
Gumball: Oh, you know. "Anais," favorite child? It's the password.
Richard: No it isn't. [Whispers to Nicole] The password is "Password". Crafty, huh?
Gumball: But who else could have changed the- [Gasps] Clever girl...
[Gumball and Darwin run to their room, and find Anais using the computer. They gasp]
Anais: Nyeh, it's all yours, guys. I've been on it all day. [Walks between them] Oh, good luck logging in. I changed the password.
[Gumball and Darwin stare at her, turning red with rage and growling as she walks by casually and coolly. Rock music plays, and Gumball and Darwin explode as she walks towards the camera unflinchingly. Episode ends]
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Episode 11
The Faith
Episode 12
The Candidate
Bedball.png Shippening67.png The Brain (1).png TheArents.png
Episode 13
The Pact
Episode 14
The Shippening
Episode 15
The Brain
Episode 16
The Parents
GBFounder.png GBSchooling.png TheIntelligence InternetDies.png GBPotion.png
Episode 17
The Founder
Episode 18
The Schooling
Episode 19
The Intelligence
Episode 20
The Potion
GBSpinoffs.png GBTransformation.png GBUnderstanding.png GBAd.png
Episode 21
The Spinoffs
Episode 22
The Transformation
Episode 23
The Understanding
Episode 24
The Ad
GBGhouls.png Gossamer.png GBAwareness.png TheSlip RichardAndDeliveryGuy.png
Episode 25
The Ghouls
Episode 26
The Stink
Episode 27
The Awareness
Episode 28
The Slip
DramaFone.png TheBuddy Uhhhh.png ThePossesion SadRichard.png TheMaster GameMasterRichard.jpg
Episode 29
The Drama
Episode 30
The Buddy
Episode 31
The Possession
Episode 32
The Master
TheSilence TryingToTalk.png TheFuture RobChokingBarbara.jpg TWish.png GBFactory.png
Episode 33
The Silence
Episode 34
The Future
Episode 35
The Wish
Episode 36
The Factory
The Agent.png GBWeb.png GBMess.png Frown Upside doun.jpg
Episode 37
The Agent
Episode 38
The Web
Episode 39
The Mess
Episode 40
The Heart
GBRevolt.png TheDecisions44.png BFFS Stars.png GBInquisition.jpg
Episode 41
The Revolt
Episode 42
The Decisions
Episode 43
Episode 44
The Inquisition
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