The Entertaininator

[The episode starts with Gumball and Darwin in their bedroom. There is something draped under a sheet]
Darwin: What is it?
Gumball: It's my greatest invention! I call it...
[He unveils it]
Gumball: [Deep voice] The Entertaininator...
Darwin: The Entertaininator?
Gumball: No no no, you– you have to do the voice.
Darwin: Alright, well, I think [Deep voice] The Entertaininator [Back to normal voice] seems to be a bunch of junk taped together.
Gumball: No, dude, it's the ultimate boredom annihilator. Tailored to the need of a modern child's attention span, which happens to be zero-point-eight seconds. [Darwin is looking around] Darwin?
Darwin: Sorry, what was that? I got distracted by– [Lights up] oh, look, a shoe!
Gumball: Dude, just check this out... Video game, comic book, RC helicopter, ping-pong! When I get hungry I... [Tries to eat a sandwich taped to The Entertaininator. After a moment he takes a bite out of it. The helicopter then falls on him] You get the idea.
[A loud blast throws them to the side as their parents and Anais burst into the bedroom, breaking the door on the way. They glare at Gumball and Darwin. They both get up from the floor]
Gumball: Whatever it is we did, we didn't do it!
Nicole: [Holds up a purse] Well, someone has definitely taken twenty dollars from my purse!
Gumball: So? Could've been Anais.
Nicole: If it was her I wouldn't have known about it, it had to be someone dumb enough to think I wouldn't notice! And it couldn't be your father [Richard holds up his fingers] because his fingers are too fat!
Richard: And someone's been using my toothbrush! And it can't be your mother or Anais because I've tasted theirs and the flavors don't match!
Anais: Yeah, and someone- [Looks at him] uh- [Sighs] Someone stole Daisy the Donkey! I can't go to the museum without her! It's two for one!
Gumball: Well, it wasn't me.
Darwin: Me, neither.
Nicole: Boys, come with me!
[Gumball and Darwin follow Nicole out of their bedroom]
Nicole: Go to your room! [Gumball and Darwin walk back to the entrance] You're not coming out of there until one of you owns up!
Gumball: Aww...
Nicole: That means no TV.
Gumball and Darwin: Aww!
Nicole: No Internet.
Gumball and Darwin: Aww!
Nicole: And you miss out on the trip to the museum!
Gumball and Darwin: [Breathe in but stop and shrug] Eh…
[Nicole sighs and puts the door back on the hinges and slams it. Then she, Anais, and Richard go off to the car, and drive off]

Who Stole the Stuff?

Gumball: [Has a suspicious looking face as he looks at Darwin] It was you, wasn't it? You took the money!
Darwin: [Has a suspicious face also] Trying to throw it onto me, huh? That sounds like the action of a guilty person!
Gumball: News flash, buddy, [Points to nose] this nose can smell a lie.
Darwin: [Points to the middle of his face] Well, this nose can- [Looks at his lack of nose] Well, so can I!
[Gumball and Darwin both sniff all over each other. They then breathe in really hard and suck each other towards themselves, slamming their faces on each other and falling]
Gumball: [They get up] Okay, clearly it wasn't either of us so this can only mean one thing.
Darwin: [Mystically] It was all a dream...
Gumball: Uhh... No.
Darwin: [Mystically] We've been ghosts this whole time...
Gumball: Uhh... Dude?
Darwin: [Mystically] The world is a computer simulation and we–
Gumball: Darwin, no! It means [Mystically] someone snuck into our house and took the money...
Darwin: [Screams]
Gumball: Exactly!
Darwin: No, I meant [Screams and points to the floor behind Gumball] The Entertaininator is gone!
[They both gasp]
Gumball: This can only mean one thing...
Darwin: [Mystically] One of us is a figment of the other one's imagination...
Gumball: No, dude! It means... that someone is still here.
[Gumball and Darwin scream]
Gumball: We need to call the police!


[Gumball and Darwin come running down the stairs. Darwin hides under the table and Gumball runs around]
Darwin: We need to hide! He could be anywhere!
Gumball: [Grabs the phone] Let's go to the bathroom, it's got a lock on the door!
[The duo run around the living room, stretching the phone's cord everywhere. Then both come rushing into the bathroom. Gumball hurriedly dials the police while Darwin closes and locks the door]
Donut Sheriff: Elmore Police?
Gumball: Yeah, help! There's someone in my house!
Donut Sheriff: I see... Are you in the house right now?
Gumball: Yes!
Donut Sheriff: Then that someone is you! Case solved. You're welcome!
[The Doughnut Sheriff hangs up, and in a nearby crime statistics chart, he draws from the increasing line a line straight down to zero. Gumball dials again]
Donut Sheriff: Elmore Police.
Gumball: Listen, you don't understand si–
Donut Sheriff: Now look kid, I alr– [Phone disconnects]
[Gumball anxiously waits on the other line, frightened]
Darwin: What? What!?
Gumball: [Mystically and nervously] Someone cut the phone line!
[Gumball and Darwin open the door, and look down the stairs. They both watch as the phone cord shakes vigorously, then the phone's base launches towards Gumball's face, closing the door in the process]
Darwin: What do we do?
[Gumball gets up with the phone stuck to his face]
Gumball: [Through phone] Alright, here's the plan. [Phone pops out] Open your eyes wide, open your mouth wide, casually wave your hands in the air, and follow me.
[They do as Gumball says, and walk calmly out of their house]
Darwin: Wait. Where are we going?
Gumball: I don't know. There's nowhere else to go. I mean this is our house.
Darwin: [Determined] Then let's take it back!

Hunting the Intruder

[Gumball and Darwin walk back inside, frantically punching the air in front of them. They walk to the kitchen]
Gumball: Okay, dude. Grab a weapon.
[Gumball tests a rolling pin. He tests it out by slowly striking it through the air twice. He then shakes his head, throws it behind him and takes a grater. He tests it by slowly grating the air. He shakes his head again, throws it behind him and picks up a mixer. It spins around, making a loud noise. He nods to Darwin]
Darwin: What if he grabbed it and turned it against you?
Gumball: Well, what would you suggest?
[Darwin takes a sausage from the fridge and slowly slashes the air in front of Gumball]
Darwin: Hi-ya! [Gumball chews the moving sausage] Hi-ya! [Gumball does it again]
Gumball: Yeah, you're right. That's definitely better. What the what!?
[Gumball sees that that the food (and the shelves) in the fridge have disappeared]
Gumball: When did the refrigerator become so shallow?
[He slides the wall of the fridge, revealing a hidden compartment. Gumball gasps to Darwin and opens it fully. The hidden compartment is filled with food]
Gumball: W-what? Why would a burglar do something like that? [Mystically] This can only mean one thing–
Darwin: [Mystically] He's been living here for months.
Gumball: No! Oh, wait, actually– yeah, you're right this time.
[They hear footsteps upstairs, and whimper. Gumball boldly emerges from the kitchen, and Darwin hands him the sausage. As he goes upstairs, dripping and heavy breathing can be heard. Then the camera turns to the point of view of someone behind Gumball, advancing towards him heavily breathing]
Gumball: [Shoves sausage in that person's mouth, which is revealed to be Darwin] [Quietly] Could you stop breathing down my neck? The situation's tense enough.
Darwin: [Swallows sausage] Sorry.
[Gumball reaches for the handle of the bathroom. As he does this, Darwin makes a tune until Gumball stares at him. Gumball opens the bathroom, and Darwin continues his tune and ends it with a scream]
Gumball: Dude, there's no one in there.
Darwin: But if there had been, it would have been appropriate.
[A tall figure dashes behind them. Gumball and Darwin rotate their heads three hundred and sixty degrees, going pale]
Gumball: [Whispering] You can do the music now.
[Darwin does another tune]
Gumball: Right. We know this guy's been living here for a long time, so…?
Darwin: [Mystically] This can only mean one thing…
Gumball: Yeah? What?
Darwin: [Scratches head] Uh I don't know. I just wanted to contribute.
Gumball: [Sighs] It means, he must–
[Darwin imitates him]
Gumball: –have a secret hideout in the house.
Darwin: –the house.
Gumball: And the best way–
Darwin: And the best way–
Gumball: –to find the secret hideout is by accident.
Darwin: –accident!
[Gumball leaves, weirded out by Darwin. Darwin follows him downstairs]
Gumball: You'll find, my friend, that when you're looking for a secret passage you'll often discover it when you least expect it.
[He bumps into a bookshelf. When nothing happens, he bumps the shelf repeatedly until a vase falls on his head]
Gumball: Or, by taking a much deserved rest on this seemingly normal chair.
[Gumball seats on a chair, and leans on it]
Gumball: Which will turn out to be a lever for an underground tunnel–!
[The chair falls backwards. Gumball gets up quickly and walks to the unicorn painting]
Gumball: Or what about this painting? What secrets may be hiding ne-e-e–!
[Gumball tilts the painting, and it falls, and he repeatedly tries to catch it. The painting then lands sideways on his feet, crushing them]
Gumball: Aw!
[The painting then falls fowards, shattering its front on the floor]
Darwin: I don't really see how you can find a secret passage without lookKIIIINGG-
[Darwin leans on the side of the staircase, and pushes open a hidden door, falling through it]
Gumball: Just like that.
[Gumball goes down into the dark basement. It is so dark only Darwin's eyes can be seen. Another one then appears]
Darwin: Oh. Thanks for coming, dude. I would have needed a clean pair of legs if I was here by myself.
[Two other eyes appear]
Gumball: No worries, bro.
Darwin: Huh? I think I hit my head a little too hard. It's like I'm seeing double… well more like one and a half. Wait a minute. Close your right eye.
[The eye to the right disappears]
Darwin: Now, close your left eye.
[The right eye disappears, leaving Darwin's own pair of eyes and the middle eye]
Darwin: I think he's here!
Gumball: What!?
[Gumball turns on a flashlight. The other eye turns out to be a reflection in a lamp. Gumball sighs in relief]
Gumball: I guess he's not.
[With his flashlight he scans the room, and sees a meal, the stolen money, toothbrush, Daisy the Donkey, and The Entertaininator]
Gumball: [Gasps] Oh. My. Gosh. Imagine how much value this room would add to the house.
Darwin: [Sarcastically] Oh, sure. For sale: two bedroom house, spacious backyard, eating kitchen, and a horrifying dungeon for creepy strangers to hide in!
Gumball: Yeah. Now that you mention it, it is kinda grim. I mean how desperate do you have to be to live in some moist dark hole, sleeping on a mattress made out of disease, eating a bowl of leftovers– [Hand gets burned and he drops the bowl] Ow! [Gasps] Wait. This food… it's hot.
Darwin: [Mystically] This can only mean one thing…
[A tall figure full of static flashes behind Gumball and Darwin as they slowly look up at him. Gumball turns the flashlight to the one-eyed static figure. All of them scream at each other. The Wattersons scream again and then stop. The static cyclops screams once more and runs out of the house]

The Chase

Gumball: Hey! Come back!
[Gumball and Darwin chase after him. The cyclops stops running and looks back]
Gumball: That really wasn't much of an explanation!
[The cyclops screams again and runs away]
Gumball: I think he's more scared of us then we are of him.
Darwin: Let's run less scary!
[The cyclops looks back and sees the duo running towards him, smiling creepily]
Intruder​​​​​​: AH! Get away from me, you creepos! [Climbs a fence]
[Gumball and Darwin follow suit. The cyclops grabs a rake from the Fitzgerald's house gets over the next fence with it. Darwin uses a shovel from the same place, and is launched backwards when he tries to use the shovel as leverage. Gumball uses the Fitzgerald's net and succeeds, breaking the fence in the process. The brothers continue their pursuit. On the way, they encounter Harold on a lawnmower]
Gumball: This is an emergency! I'm commandeering this vehicle.
[They move Harold off of the vehicle, and ride it. However, the lawnmower's speed is very slow]
Harold: Could you do the patch on the left there?
[They mow the said part, and slowly ride over the fence through a ramp]
Gumball: Come on. This is taking me ages.
[They hop down and run off-screen. The lawnmower eventually hits the ground and explodes on impact shortly after]
Gumball: He's heading for the mall!
[Gumball pushes through a line of people, making the citizens in line angry]
Gumball: Get out of the way!
[He makes it past the line, and sees that Darwin is already there]
Darwin: He's getting away.
Gumball: I've got this. [To the cyclops] Hey! [Grabs the bottle of ketchup from Larry's hot dog stand] "Ketch" this "up"!
[The ketchup hits the windshield of Gary's car. This makes him drive into the store in front, temporarily stalling the cyclops. The car explodes]
Gumball: Uh… [Grabs hot dog from Pantsbully] To be "frank," you got no "furter" to go!
[He throws the sausage. Tina walks to Joyful Burger but slips on the sausage and falls in the way of the cyclops's path]
Gumball: Eh… [Grabs a bottle of mustard] You "mustard" mit… there's no escape.
[Gumball throws it. It hits a truck's window, and this causes George's trailer to fall in front of the cyclops]
Intruder​​​​​​: [Stops moving and faces Gumball, putting his hands up] Okay, okay! I surrender.
Darwin: Hm. Nice trail of destruction.
Gumball: To be honest, I'm more ashamed of the puns.

Identity Revealed

[Scene cuts to the cyclops being placed on a bench by Gumball]
Gumball: Alright, dude. Why were you hiding in our house?
Intruder​​​​​​: Because there is no place for me in this world. Because I am nothing. Because I have no reason to exist.
Gumball: Yeah. I meant why were you hiding in our house specifically.
Intruder​​​​​​: Oh. Uh, 'cause you're the only people in this town thick enough not to notice. You guys had a whole room you didn't even know about.
Gumball: Oh, you know what else is thick? Your mom's chin!
Intruder​​​​​​: I don't have a mom.
Gumball: Yeah. I meant your mom's skin.
Intruder​​​​​​: I still don't have a mom.
Darwin: Quit saying mom.
Gumball: Yeah. I meant your fun twin.
Intruder​​​​​​: I don't have any siblings either.
Gumball: Darn it! I meant your–
Darwin: Gumball, please just stop. So, what happened?
Intruder​​​​​​: I can't remember. I have nothing left of who I was. I'm… nobody.
Gumball: Well, maybe it isn't that bad. I mean there's a lot of people who like to start over and reinvent themselves.
Intruder​​​​​​: Really? Who would I be?
Darwin: You could be the cool slacker guy who only lives for kicks!
Rocky: [Passes by] Sorry, dudes. That's taken.
Gumball: Well, you could be the town clown.
[Banana Joe passes by, eats a cupcake, and laughs]
Darwin: You could be like the feeble hypochondriac.
[Teri passes by. Gumball sighs, and unintentionally blows her away]
Gumball: Uh, the vegetarian hippy guy!
[Mr. Small walks by them]
Darwin: The grumpy old neighbor!
[Mr. Robinson passes by them]
Gumball: The rich one!
[Masami appears, then floats away]
Darwin: The school jock!
[Tobias smugly walks by]
Gumball: The store clerk!
[Larry walks by]
Darwin: The mechanic!
[Another Larry walks by, with a tire]
Gumball: The video guy!
[Another Larry walks by in video store wear]
Darwin: The pizza guy!
[Larry walks by with pizza]
Gumball: The burger guy!
[Larry walks by in burger store uniform. Gumball sighs as all the Larrys walk away]
Gumball: Or the guy who walks around with no pants on!
[Darwin covers his legs and blushes]
Gumball: Darn it! Sorry man, all of the good personalities are taken.
Darwin: [Gasps] What about a bad one?
Gumball: Yeah. There's no bad guy here! You could be our mortal enemy!
Darwin: You could be like the worst guy the world has ever made.
[Upon hearing the last two words, the cyclops's eye opens wide, the words echoing in his mind which fades into Mr. Small's voice. Then the screen goes black]
Intruder​​​​​​: I remember.
[The scene then fades into a flashback to the events of "The Void"]
Mister Small​: All the mistakes the world has ever made…
[As Gumball and Darwin fly around in the void, a blue-skinned, non-static Rob is seen frantically waving to them outside the Watterson's early designed house]
Rob: Guys! Guys, over here!
Rob​​​​​​​​: [Voice-over] I was one of the world's mistakes.
Darwin: It's Molly's treehouse!
Rob​​​​​​​​: [Voice-over] But you only cared about Molly. You saved her, and you left me there to rot. But I clung to life!
[Rob is shown clinging to the back of Janice as Gumball, Darwin, Molly, and Mr. Small escape the Void. Small parts of him tear away back to the void, revealing static]
Rob​​​​​​​​: [Voice-over] And I came back...
Gumball: What were we talking about again?
[Mr. Small drives away]
Rob​​​​​​​​: [Voice-over] ...but at a cost.
[Rob is then ejected from the void, now appearing much different than before]
Rob​​​​​​​​: [Voice-over] You left me disfigured. A nobody. But now you've given me a part to play in the world.
[The scene goes back to the present, showing a vengeful Rob]
Rob​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​: I will be your worst nightmare. I will destroy everything you care about! I will take away everyone you love! I will be your nemesis!
Gumball: Huh, cool. Glad we could help.
[The episode ends with Gumball and Darwin walking away contently from Rob (who disappointedly looks after them)]
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The Console
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The Ollie
Episode 20
The Catfish
CycleSeason5.png StarsSeason5.png Birth of Simian.png DietSeason5.png
Episode 21
The Cycle
Episode 22
The Stars
Episode 23
The Grades
Episode 24
The Diet
Ex 09.png SorcererSeason5.png Menu KeemstarLife.png Uncle IsGumchoOver.png
Episode 25
The Ex
Episode 26
The Sorcerer
Episode 27
The Menu
Episode 28
The Uncle
Weirdo Crayon.png Heist Nicole.png TheSinging50.png CHECKYOURPRIVILEGE.png
Episode 29
The Weirdo
Episode 30
The Heist
Episode 31
The Singing
Episode 32
The Best
TheWorst.png TheDeal.png ThePetals.png TheNuisance.png
Episode 33
The Worst
Episode 34
The Deal
Episode 35
The Petals
Episode 36
The Nuisance
TheLine.png ListDolphin.png GumballNews.png ThePuppets.png
Episode 37
The Line
Episode 38
The List
Episode 39
The News
Episode 40
The Puppets
The Rival 1 (52).png Lady Laugh.png The Sucker (28).png Meltysons.png
Episode 1
The Rival
Episode 2
The Lady
Episode 3
The Sucker
Episode 4
The Vegging
One Lightning.png The Father (121).png Cringe Awkwardness.png The Cage (11).png
Episode 5
The One
Episode 6
The Father
Episode 7
The Cringe
Episode 8
The Cage
TheNeighbor GumballDarwin&ThisGuy.png TwoGamboliesOneTheater.png The Faith (100).png Candidate Leak8.jpg
Episode 9
The Neighbor
Episode 10
The Anybody
Episode 11
The Faith
Episode 12
The Candidate
Bedball.png Shippening67.png The Brain (1).png TheArents.png
Episode 13
The Pact
Episode 14
The Shippening
Episode 15
The Brain
Episode 16
The Parents
GBFounder.png GBSchooling.png TheIntelligence InternetDies.png GBPotion.png
Episode 17
The Founder
Episode 18
The Schooling
Episode 19
The Intelligence
Episode 20
The Potion
GBSpinoffs.png GBTransformation.png GBUnderstanding.png GBAd.png
Episode 21
The Spinoffs
Episode 22
The Transformation
Episode 23
The Understanding
Episode 24
The Ad
GBGhouls.png Gossamer.png GBAwareness.png TheSlip RichardAndDeliveryGuy.png
Episode 25
The Ghouls
Episode 26
The Stink
Episode 27
The Awareness
Episode 28
The Slip
DramaFone.png TheBuddy Uhhhh.png ThePossesion SadRichard.png TheMaster GameMasterRichard.jpg
Episode 29
The Drama
Episode 30
The Buddy
Episode 31
The Possession
Episode 32
The Master
TheSilence TryingToTalk.png TheFuture RobChokingBarbara.jpg TWish.png GBFactory.png
Episode 33
The Silence
Episode 34
The Future
Episode 35
The Wish
Episode 36
The Factory
The Agent.png GBWeb.png GBMess.png Frown Upside doun.jpg
Episode 37
The Agent
Episode 38
The Web
Episode 39
The Mess
Episode 40
The Heart
GBRevolt.png TheDecisions44.png BFFS Stars.png GBInquisition.jpg
Episode 41
The Revolt
Episode 42
The Decisions
Episode 43
Episode 44
The Inquisition
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