The Cereal Box

[Scene starts at the Wattersons' dining table where Richard is carrying a checklist]
Richard: Bowls -- check! Spoons -- check! Cereal -- check! Oh.
[Richard attempts to open the cereal box.]
Richard: Ugh! So much for easy opening! It looks so simple on TV!
[Gumball and Darwin walk in, looking unhappy.]
Gumball: Oh, man, I really don't want to go to school today.
Darwin: Me neither.
Gumball: Let's not go!
Darwin: You can do that?
Gumball: Sure! Hey, Dad?
Richard[Still trying to open the box] Yes?
Gumball[Takes the box from Richard, opens it, and returns it] We really don't want to go to school today.
Richard: Why? Are you sick?
Gumball: Nah. We're not just up for it.
Darwin: Yeah! School is boring!
Richard: But you have to go to school. You're kids! It's what you do!
Gumball and Darwin: Aw!
[Doorbell rings.]
Richard: Ooh! Mailman! Whoo-hoo!
[Richard runs off]
Gumball: I wish we were grown-ups, like Dad. Then we'd never have to go to school and nobody would tell us what to do. We could drive trucks, stay up all night, vote.
Gumball and Darwin[Gasp] Vote...
[Richard comes back with a supplement box.]
Richard: Oh! Finally!
Gumball: What's that?
Richard[Gasps, then starts to sweat and look anxious while hiding the box behind him.] Why? According to the Fifth Amendment, I don't have to answer that without my lawyer present!
Gumball: Right. Anyway, about school...
Richard[Places the supplement box on the table.] Oh, yeah. You're kids, so you do what mom tells me to tell you to do.
Gumball: [sighs] Being a kid is wretched-lame.
Richard: You should be happy to be young. Before you know it, you'll be overweight, unattractive, balding, middle-aged.
[Richard starts sobbing.]
Richard[Mistakenly takes the cereal box.] Take over breakfast! I don't want you to see me like this!
[Richard runs off crying, then shortly Anais walks in.]
Anais: What's his problem?
Gumball: Eh. You never know with that guy. Come on. Let's have breakfast.
[Gumball pours in the supplements from the box to the bowl.]

The Shooting Star

Gumball: Man, what a pile of beans.
Darwin[Gasps] Dude, watch your language! You'll get us in trouble!
Gumball: Well, I'm sorry, Darwin, but it is. It's a big, steaming pile of beans.
[Gumball and Darwin gasps as they a hear the sound of the "shooting star".]
Darwin: Gumball, look! A shooting star!
Gumball: This is our chance. Make a wish!
[Gumball and Darwin close their eyes.]
Gumball: I wish I was a grown-up.
Darwin: Me too!
[Gumball and Darwin wait for a short while, then open their eyes to see each other still not grown-ups yet.]
Gumball: That didn't work at all. Ugh!
[Gumball throws a can at the Shooting Star.]
Shooting Star: Ow!
Gumball: Faker!
Shooting Star: Oh, darn kids! What do you think you're doing?!

Transformations of the Human Body

[Scene changes to the class room where Miss Simian is teaching about the human body.]
Lucy Simian: Today's lesson will be about the transformations of the human body.
[Gumball and Darwin are uninterested, Gumball continues with his doodle.]
Lucy Simian[Pulls out a chart] As you get older, hormones begin to change your appearance.
Gumball: [Throws a piece of paper at Darwin] Here. [Darwin unfolds the paper and sees a picture of Gumball as an adult.] It's me as an adult talking to my secretary over the intercom.
Darwin: [Throws a piece of paper at Gumball and Gumball unfolds it and sees a picture of Darwin as an adult.] It's me voting!
Gumball: Awesome.
Lucy Simian: Passing notes, are we?
Gumball: No, Miss Simian.
Lucy Simian: [Grabs both of the papers.] Well, then, what's this?
Gumball: Uh, that's us as adults?
Lucy Simian: I guess you're on topic, then. [Turns around and faces the board again.] Anyway, pimples --
Class: Ew!
Lucy Simian: [Turns around to face the class.] Silence! Actually, it's pretty gross. You may continue.
Class: Ewwwwww!
Lucy Simian: [Turns around and faces the board again.] Pimples, or acne, [Camera changes to Darwin as a pimple grows on his face.] can pop up at any time...
Gumball: [Points at Darwin's pimple.] Dude, what's that on your face?
Darwin: What? What?!
Gumball: [Points closer at Darwin's pimple.] That.
Darwin: What?!
[Camera changes to the inside of Darwin's pimple as Gumball looks at it.]
Gumball: It looks like a greasy, yellow egg. No, no, actually, it's more like a small volcano with a sweaty golf ball.
[Camera changes back to Gumball and Darwin.]
Darwin: Do something! Do something!
Gumball: Okay, okay. Hold on. Let me just, um... [Grabs a small hat and use it to cover Darwin's pimple.]
[Darwin breathes a sigh of relief, but more pimples start to grow on his head.]
Gumball: I think we're gonna need more little hats.
Darwin: Aaaah!
Gumball: Relax, dude!
Darwin: That's easy for you to say! Why don't you have any?
Gumball: Just lucky, I guess.
[Gumball turns his head around and the back of his head is filled with pimples too.]
Darwin: [Points at Gumball's pimples.] Aaah!
Gumball: Aaaaaah!
[Both of them run out the classroom screaming and run into the girls' restroom; Scene changes to the restroom door where Gumball and Darwin are still screaming in pain.]
Gumball: [Off scene] I think that's all of them.
[Scene changes to the inside of the girl's restroom where Gumball and Darwin are covered with pink papers.]
Gumball: What's happening to us?
Darwin: I think we've got the plague.
Gumball: Do you have any other symptoms?
Darwin: My top lip feels a little silky.
[Scene changes to Miss Simian who is still teaching the human body to the class.]
Lucy Simian: Next comes the appearance of hair on the body and face.
[Scene changes to back to Gumball and Darwin where Darwin starts growing a mustache.]
Gumball: [Laughs] Dude, you look like an undercover cop.
Darwin: Stop laughing! Do something!
Gumball: Okay. [Takes out a piece of bubble gum and starts chewing it.] I see Mom do this all the time. And Dad, on one occasion.
[Gumball takes the gum out of his mouth and puts it along Darwin's mustache, then pulls the gum and Darwin's mustache off.]
Darwin: [Sighs] That feels so much bet-- Aaaaaah!
[Darwin starts growing a bigger mustache and bigger eyebrows.]
Darwin: [Points at Gumball] Aah!
[Both of them have a big mustache and eyebrows with hair on their armpits.]
Gumball: Don't worry, dude.
Darwin: I'm not worried about me! I'm worried about you! You look like a baby werewolf!
Gumball: No! Not me! It was better when it was just you!
Penny: [In a stall] Uh, guys, I don't mean to interrupt, but this is the girls' toilet.
Gumball: Uh, yeah, sorry! [Hands some gum to Darwin.] We've got to sort this out. Start chewing.

Into Grown Men

[Scene changes to the School Gym where the students are; Gumball and Darwin are completely bald.]
Lucy Simian: Okay, settle down. Everyone, get into your team for dodgeball.
Gumball: [Facepalms] Oh, no. Not dodgeball.
[Tina walks up to Gumball and Darwin.]
Tina: You're going down. [Tries to punch her fists together, but they are too short.] You get the idea.
[Everyone gets to their teams and a siren goes off.]
Gumball: Please -- not above the should--
[Gumball and Darwin get hit by dodge balls and both of them scream in pain.]
Gumball: The ear!
[Gumball and Darwin still get hit by dodge balls and both of them still scream in pain.]
Darwin: My ankle!
[Gumball jumps onto Darwin as a bowling ball almost hits Gumball.]
Gumball: Aah! A bowling ball?!
[Tina laughs maniacally while Gumball gets angry and starts breathing heavily; Tina uses her tail to launch a dodge ball at Gumball.]
Tina: Catch!
Gumball: [Gumball catches the dodge ball and his voice turns into a deep voice.] Enough!
[Leslie and Alan gasp as Gumball transforms into a grown man and throws the dodge ball back at Tina, causing her to fly out of the gym. Everyone sees what happened to Tina. Gumball then steps forward while everyone looks at Gumball flexing his chest, shoulder and butt.]
Leslie​​: Oh!
[Alan pops]
[Gumball and Darwin look at each other as grown men.]
Gumball: Aaaaaah!
Darwin: Aaaaah!
Gumball and Darwin: [Point at each other] Aaaaaaaaah! [Their voices break, then turn deeper.] Aaaaah, Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
[Scene changes to the boys' toilet where Miss Simian is waiting outside and Gumball and Darwin are inside the toilet.]
Darwin: [Inside the restroom] This is horrible! We're monsters!
Lucy Simian: No, you're not. It's just a part of life.
Gumball: [Opens the door] Are you saying we're grown-ups now?
Lucy Simian: Apparently so.
Gumball: Did you hear that? That shooting star worked.
Lucy Simian: Now, get back to class!
Gumball and Darwin: [Look down] All right, Miss Simian. [Miss Simian nods her head.]
Gumball: Wait a minute! We don't have to listen to you anymore. 
Gumball and Darwin: Because,​ [Scene changes to a concrete door.] we're men!

Because We're Men

(Song: Because We're Men)
♫ We're gonna test drive a car ♫
♫ Say we need a little time to think about it ♫
♫ Because we're men ♫
♫ We're gonna pay more for the movies, ♫
♫ Chop down trees, ♫
♫ and eat a lot of meat ♫
♫ Because we're men ♫
♫ And we can have our own kids, ♫
♫ but we're gonna wait until we meet the right person because it's an important decision ♫
♫ But in the mean time, we can barbecue ♫
♫ buy power tools ♫
♫ get tattoos ♫
♫ buy our own sho-o-o-o-es!♫
Gumball: Oh, wait. No, we can't. We don't have any money.
[Gumball and Darwin sigh, and then look at each other.]
Gumball and Darwin: Let's get jobs!

Getting a Job

[Scene changes to an office room where Gumball and Darwin get interviewed for a job.]
Martha: Well, as far as I can see from your...
[Martha shows a picture of Darwin voting.]
Martha: Résumé, you have absolutely no qualifications whatsoever. Do either of you have any applicable skills?
Gumball: Well, I can do this.
[Gumball lift up his shirt and starts rolling his stomach, while Martha shows displeasure.]
Martha: Look, for the third time, Mr. Watterson, rolling your stomach is not a valuable skill in the work environment.
Gumball: Oh, I-I'm sorry. Point taken.
Martha: Good. Okay, so, looking at your track re--
[Gumball starts rolling his stomach again.]
Gumball: Huh? Oh, oh, I see. Sorry.
Martha: Look, right now, I need you to give me a valid reason why I should even consider giving either of you a job.
Darwin: Well, I can touch my nose with my tongue.
Gumball: That's not a skill. This is.
[Gumball starts rolling his stomach once again.]
Martha: You guys want a job? WELL, YOU CAN HAVE MINE! I QUIT!
[Martha throws their name tags at them.]
Martha: GOOD LUCK!
[Door slams]
Gumball and Darwin: Yea!
Darwin: What do people with jobs do?
Gumball: I don't know. Hiring and firing?
Darwin: Cool! Well, you're hired.
Gumball: So are you!
Darwin: What now?
Gumball: Guess we should do some firing?
[Scene changes to the office hall when Gumball and Darwin starts firing employees.]
Gumball and Darwin: [Point at Newspaper Employee] You're fired!
Gumball and Darwin: [Point at Charlie] You're fired!
Gumball and Darwin: [Point at Office Dog] You're fired!
Gumball and Darwin: [Point at Contract Paper] You're fired!
Darwin: [Points at Gumball] And you're fired!
Gumball: Hey, why are you firing me for?
Darwin: It's what I do.
Gumball: Well, you're fired!
Darwin: You can't fire me! I just fired you!
Gumball: All right, quickly, hire me again.
Darwin: Okay. You're hired.
Gumball and Darwin: You're fired!

I Wish We Were Kids Again

[Scene changes to an old apartment where Gumball and Darwin live. Scene changes again to the living room where Gumball and Darwin are watching TV.]
Darwin: Oh, I can't believe we lost our jobs.
Gumball: So, this is being an adult, huh?
Darwin: No money.
Gumball: No job.
Darwin: Crumbly apartment.
Gumball and Darwin: Rent overdue!
Gumball: And this [Pulls out a dirty candy cane] is our last piece of food.
Darwin: I think we should share it.
Gumball: [Munching on dirty candy cane] Sorry. What was that?
Gumball: OKAY!
[Gumball and Darwin are grieving upon themselves.]
Gumball: I wish we were kids again.
Darwin: Me too.
Gumball: [Sobbing] I'll be in my room.
Darwin: [Sobbing] Me too.
[Darwin started crying to his bed that he is sharing with Gumball. Darwin used newspapers to cover himself like a blanket. Loud steps begin to be heard outside Gumball and Darwin's apartment.]
Gumball and Darwin: [Gasp]
[Loud steps continue to be heard.]
Gumball and Darwin: [Gasp]
Darwin: Someone's coming!
Gumball: Oh, no! It's the landlord!
[After the final loud step, a pink man starts banging on Gumball and Darwin's door.]
Darwin: What are we gonna do?
Gumball: I don't know!
[The door banging becomes louder and faster and both Gumball and Darwin are lying on their bed terrified. The door than budges off to reveal a large man.]
Gumball: Aaaaah!
Darwin: Please don't hurt us!
Gumball: Take anything you want!
Anais: Guys, [Revealing her masculine self] it's me -- your sister.
[Both Gumball and Darwin are shocked.]
Gumball: Dude, you look like a Mexican wrestler.
Anais: I'm not a man, and neither are you. I think I know what happened. Follow me. [Starts stepping out of the apartment.]

Being Kids Again

[Scene changes to the Wattersons' house where Richard is trying to look muscular by holding his chest up.]
Richard: Come on. Stay up. Stay up! [Chest finally stays up.] Yes! [Chest flops down again.] No! Now, come on! Fight! Fight, fight!
Nicole: [Pops out] Richard?
Richard: [Gasps, then covers himself with his shirt.]
Nicole: What are you doing?
Richard: I'm getting old. It's like you always say -- "we grow up so fat."
Nicole: "Fast," Richard, and I was talking about the children.
Richard: Oh, don't talk to me about those rosy-cheeked, baby-faced... [Points at something off screen] HAIRY MUTANTS!
[Masculine Gumball, Darwin and Anais show up in the Wattersons' living room.]
Gumball, Darwin and Anais: Hi.
Nicole: [Gasps] What's happened to my babies?
Anais: [Clasp on Nicole's hand so tightly that Nicole is in pain] It's okay, Mom. I think it was these that turned us into men. [Carrying Richard's supplement box.]
Richard: Oh. You've found my supplements. [Looks inside the box] But they're empty.
Nicole: Can someone please tell me what's going on?
Anais: Sure. [Flashes back to that morning when Richard misplaced his supplement box.] At breakfast, Dad left with the cereal box, so we ate his supplements by mistake.
Richard: Oh, I think I know what happened.
Anais: Yeah, I just told you.
Nicole: Richard, why on earth were you buying those supplements?
Richard: I couldn't help myself. It's the internet's fault. [Shows his laptop] Every time I opened my e-mails, this is what I get.
Advertisement: Are you too fat?
Richard: Yes.
Advertisement: Are you too bald?
Richard: Maybe.
Advertisement: Are you really the man she deserves?
Richard: No! [He throws the laptop out of the window along with the other laptops he threw before.]
Nicole: So, that's where all the laptops went.
Richard: It was a moment of weakness, [Sobbing] and I crumbled, Nicole! I crumbled! [Crying]
Nicole: Oh, honey, you didn't need those pills. I love you just the way you are.
Gumball, Darwin and Anais: So do we, Dad.
Richard: [Sniff] Really? Oh, [Richard and Nicole opened their arms to welcome Gumball, Darwin and Anais a hug] come here, my little --
[Gumball, Darwin and Anais hug Richard and Nicole very hard, crushing them in the process.]
Richard: [Crushed] ...body builders.
Gumball: So, are we gonna be like this forever?
Nicole: [Checks the back of the supplement box.] Oh, it says on the box that the effect wears off after a week.
Richard: Hmm. At least that pyramid scheme will be more reliable.
[Awkward silence]
Nicole: Anyway, now this is all cleared up, let's all get out the house and have some fun.
Gumball, Darwin, Anais and Richard: [Cheering]
[Scene changed to the outdoor playground, where Gumball and Darwin are having fun riding the spring riders while everyone stared at them in shock. Anais is playing the swing while Richard is having a hard time pushing her up.]
Anais: Higher! Higher! [Laughs]
Nicole: [Talking to a family while the mother is covering her child's eyes] They grow up so fast.
Richard: Oh, precious mo--
[Anais falls back down on the swing and hits Richard unconscious, laughing at the same time]
[Episode ends]
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The Weirdo
Episode 30
The Heist
Episode 31
The Singing
Episode 32
The Best
TheWorst.png TheDeal.png ThePetals.png TheNuisance.png
Episode 33
The Worst
Episode 34
The Deal
Episode 35
The Petals
Episode 36
The Nuisance
TheLine.png ListDolphin.png GumballNews.png ThePuppets.png
Episode 37
The Line
Episode 38
The List
Episode 39
The News
Episode 40
The Puppets
The Rival 1 (52).png Lady Laugh.png The Sucker (28).png Meltysons.png
Episode 1
The Rival
Episode 2
The Lady
Episode 3
The Sucker
Episode 4
The Vegging
One Lightning.png The Father (121).png Cringe Awkwardness.png The Cage (11).png
Episode 5
The One
Episode 6
The Father
Episode 7
The Cringe
Episode 8
The Cage
TheNeighbor GumballDarwin&ThisGuy.png TwoGamboliesOneTheater.png The Faith (100).png Candidate Leak8.jpg
Episode 9
The Neighbor
Episode 10
The Anybody
Episode 11
The Faith
Episode 12
The Candidate
Bedball.png Shippening67.png The Brain (1).png TheArents.png
Episode 13
The Pact
Episode 14
The Shippening
Episode 15
The Brain
Episode 16
The Parents
GBFounder.png GBSchooling.png TheIntelligence InternetDies.png GBPotion.png
Episode 17
The Founder
Episode 18
The Schooling
Episode 19
The Intelligence
Episode 20
The Potion
GBSpinoffs.png GBTransformation.png GBUnderstanding.png GBAd.png
Episode 21
The Spinoffs
Episode 22
The Transformation
Episode 23
The Understanding
Episode 24
The Ad
GBGhouls.png Gossamer.png GBAwareness.png TheSlip RichardAndDeliveryGuy.png
Episode 25
The Ghouls
Episode 26
The Stink
Episode 27
The Awareness
Episode 28
The Slip
DramaFone.png TheBuddy Uhhhh.png ThePossesion SadRichard.png TheMaster GameMasterRichard.jpg
Episode 29
The Drama
Episode 30
The Buddy
Episode 31
The Possession
Episode 32
The Master
TheSilence TryingToTalk.png TheFuture RobChokingBarbara.jpg TWish.png GBFactory.png
Episode 33
The Silence
Episode 34
The Future
Episode 35
The Wish
Episode 36
The Factory
The Agent.png GBWeb.png GBMess.png Frown Upside doun.jpg
Episode 37
The Agent
Episode 38
The Web
Episode 39
The Mess
Episode 40
The Heart
GBRevolt.png TheDecisions44.png BFFS Stars.png GBInquisition.jpg
Episode 41
The Revolt
Episode 42
The Decisions
Episode 43
Episode 44
The Inquisition
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