Patrick in his car

The Fitzgeralds' car is the family car of the Fitzgerald family. It was first seen in their possession in "The Knights," and according to Nicole, it is a very expensive and fancy car.

It is not a unique vehicle to the Fitzgeralds, as the model provides a frequently-used stand in for scenes requiring vehicles, possibly due to limitations in the show's animation.


The Fitzgeralds' Car is black in colouration and is adorned with a red trim on the sides.


  • The car resembles the 1983–1987 Ford LTD Crown Victoria.
    • The interior is also based on the same car, with minor differences such as round gauges.
    • The front bumper is loosely based on the 1980–1990 Chevrolet Caprice Classic.
  • In "The Knights," the car is revealed to have a driver's airbag installed, although the use of airbags in cars did not become widespread until the 1990s.
  • The model seen driven by characters from Season 2-onward replaces another sedan from early Season 1 episodes, an LTD Crown Victoria featuring a thinner grille, more exposed chrome, and a rear end inspired by the 3rd generation Dodge Monaco. It has made sporadic appearancences since.
    • The different colors of the car include black, blue, gold, khaki, red and wine red with white vinyl top.
    • There is also a police car variant.
  • The front and rear license plates read "X23 TU", and is shared among all the sedans of the same model.


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