Dressing Up

[The episode opens on the Wattersons' house. Anais, Darwin, Gumball, and Richard are lined up in front of Nicole, by the staircase in the living room. Everyone is "dressed" for the day's occasion, but no one other than Nicole seems to have done it right]
Nicole: INSPECTION! [She walks up to Richard who is wearing a brown tuxedo] Hmm.
Richard: Look honey, I still fit into my wedding tux! [He winces a little]
Nicole: Richard, there's a mirror behind you.
[Both in the mirror, and as Richard steps away from it, it becomes quite clear that his suit is torn on the back, exposing his underwear]
Richard: Aww, it never used to be there.
[As Richard walks away, Nicole bends down to examine Gumball's outfit more closely. He is wearing a strange purple suit that appears to be from the seventies, complete with a pimp hat, gold chains and gold-tinted sunglasses]
Nicole: Okay, I guess I have to ask: why?
Gumball: [Finger guns, with confidence] Respect yo!
Nicole: No, I said you have to look respect-able. Just go put something sensible on.
[Gumball walks off with a showy attitude, waving his arms and making the gold pieces shake audibly]
[Gumball puts his arms down and he hurries up. Nicole then moves on to examine Darwin, who isn't wearing anything. His feet are censored]
Nicole: [Sighs] I said act natural, not au naturel.
Darwin: [Whispering in embarrassed comprehension] Oh...
[Darwin walks off, his fish feet making slapping noises on the floor. Nicole shifts her disappointed gaze at Anais who is wearing a mourning veil and black funeral dress. For a moment she looks angrily back in protest before beginning to doubt her outfit]
Anais: Too serious?
Nicole: I can understand this kind of stuff from them because, well... what's a nice way to put it... They're halfwits. But you're better than that! So could you please wear something sensible?
Anais: No.
Nicole: Maybe I didn't make myself clear.
[Nicole makes mute gestures at Anais: First she points at Anais, then back at herself. Then she waves her finger an shakes her head as if telling her off. Then she clenches her fists, stiffens her back with the bones making a very loud cracking noise and puts on an angry expression with pointed teeth and a twitching eye. Finally, she puts her hands on her hips with an expression of grumpy disappointment. Anais gasps and, sighing, hurries off after Darwin]

The Guests

[An outside shot is displayed to indicate that some time has passed. The four redressed Wattersons are lined up again, looking worried. All the males have visibly combed hair, black tuxedos with white shirts (except for Darwin who only wears black pants) and red bow-ties. Anais is wearing a simple purple dress with a white collar and flats. She is holding Daisy]
Nicole: Okay that's better.
[Gumball's combed hair suddenly stands up and looks like a mess]
Gumball: Ugh, why do I have to do my hair like this? It's like trying to groom a coconut.
[Nicole repeats her gesture from earlier complete with the crackling-bones sound. Gumball's hair drops back into place as if pacified by the fright of Nicole]
Gumball: [Meekly] Yes, of course, you've made that point very clear.
Nicole: Okay, now how will you greet her?
[Gumball drops to his knees with his arms raised and throws himself at the floor, uncomfortably, resembling a gesture of worship. Nicole picks him up and puts him back where he was standing]
Nicole: A simple handshake will do.
[She holds out her hand to a nervous Gumball, to demonstrate. Gumball awkwardly tries to shake her hand, horizontally]
Nicole: [Annoyed] Come on!
Gumball: I just don't perform well under pressure!
Nicole: It's simple: she comes in, you say hello, shake her hand vertically, take her coat - Richard take your finger out of your nose - and offer her a refreshment.
[Richard complies]
Gumball, Anais, Richard and Darwin: Huh?
Nicole: [Vexed] If in doubt, do exactly the opposite of what you'd normally do. Am I clear?
Anais: No! Who's coming over?
Nicole: Look, to get ahead in life, sometimes you have to meet the right people.
Darwin: What kind of people?
Nicole: You know what we are?
[Darwin nods (incorrectly) understandingly]
Nicole: The opposite of that.
[Darwin sulks]
Nicole: [Stressed] So for once can we please pretend we are not a bunch of savages who- Richard, stop picking your nose with your toes!
[Richard has a toe stuck in his nose]
Richard: But you said to get my finger out of my nose!
[Felicity and Billy are seen standing outside the door, confused at what they're hearing]
Nicole: [Unseen, shouting behind the door] I didn't think I'd have to explain every-
[Felicity rings the doorbell. Nicole opens the door, leaning forward with a complete change of attitude, smiling]
Nicole: [pleasantly] Oh, welcome Felicity.
Felicity: I prefer Miss Parham.
Nicole: Sorry, you can call me Mrs. Watterson.
Felicity: Of course... [Mockingly, from behind her smiling teeth] Nicole.
Nicole: I don't believe you've met my family.
[Nicole turns to said family. Felicity glances at the four Wattersons, who are nervously bunched together and smiling back at her. She takes a step back, gaping with horror and disgust, the moment complete with a strong pipe organ chord playing in the background]
[Felicity flashes back to a scene from "The Hero" as dramatic music plays]
Richard: [Dancing in front of the mall as Felicity, Billy and the crowd stare in horror] Oh, Oh-Oh, Oh-Oh!
[Then to a scene from "The Authority"]
Felicity: Don't worry Billy, it's a really good hospi-[Runs into Gumball, whose face was slightly flattened]-TAAAAAAAL!!!
[And finally to a scene from "The Law"]
Doughnut Sheriff: [pushing Gumball into a police car with Darwin] Just get in!
[The car drives off, passing by Felicity and Billy who look at each other with a horrified expression. The scene then flashes back to Felicity, still looking disgusted. Nicole drags in Felicity, whose feet loudly chisel off parts of the porch floor. Billy follows them in with a frown]
Nicole: Uhm, please come in!

Getting to Know the Family

[It is an awkward scene inside the house. Richard sits on the left with a nervous smile in complete silence, while a petrified Felicity seems to be layed down to "sit" next him. Billy sits to her right with a nervous frown. All the other Wattersons are standing around them with nervous smiles except for Anais, who looks confused. To ease the tension, Richard picks up a soda can from the coffee table and drinks]
Nicole: [In a hushed whisper from behind her smiling teeth] Richard, that's not for you!
[Richard, apologetically, lets the soda pour out from his clenched lips, back into the can, for several long and awkward seconds]
Nicole: Uhm, why don't you pour a drink for Miss Parham?
[Richard pours soda, from the same can, directly into Felicity's mouth. The shocking event makes her sit up and gag up, intending to throw up in her purse in her hands as everyone gasps. Realizing she has to protect her dignity, she uncomfortably swallows it]
Billy: Mother, these people scare me, so...pray tell, which is to be my play-date?
Nicole: Billy, please meet my daughter Anais. [She points to Anais]
Anais: [Surprised] Play-date?!
Nicole: Yes, play-date!
[Flash back to a scene at the supermarket cash register. Nicole is counting the coupons in her hands while Felicity and Billy are standing behind her in line]
Nicole: [Placing coupons one by one on the counter] Half price, lower two points, buy one get one free, two for one, and double discount.
Larry: That comes to the store owing you fifty cents.
Billy: Mother, why is that woman trying to pay for her groceries with scraps of newspaper?
Felicity: [Mockingly] She probably didn't study hard at school, dear.
[Nicole sulks for a moment before thinking up a way to get back at Felicity's cruel remark. She turns around excitedly]
Nicole: Oh, what a charming little boy, he seems very clever for his age. I am - I have a very intelligent daughter, actually.
Felicity: [Sarcastically] Oh yes, I'm sure she must be a little genius.
Nicole: [Angrily] She's certified. I've got the papers to prove it.
Felicity: Oh, interesting. I have been trying to find an appropriate play-date for Billy.
Nicole: Why don't you guys come over for lunch?
Felicity: Oh, that's very kind of you, but first I have a few questions: what does your husband do?
[Nicole opens her mouth but a nervous and a reluctant "uuh" comes out. As the scene flashes back to the Wattersons' living room, her expression is the same while Felicity smiles mockingly and the others have the same uneasy expressions from earlier]
Felicity: So you're the self-employed husband, I suppose it makes sense. [From behind her teeth] Who else would employ you?
Nicole: Ahahah, [Steps next to Richard and puts an arm around him] Richard is the best at what he does. [In a hushed whisper from behind her smiling teeth] Say something self-employed-ish.
Richard: [Having a conversation with himself] Uhh, hmm, boss, can I have the day off? Day off? Take the rest of the year off, you're fired! No, please! This is all I have! [Crying, he buries his face in his hands and then turns to Nicole] Nicole... I have some bad news..
Nicole: [Forced, energetic] Ahahah, oh, you! [She punches Richard on the shoulder and he tumbles off the couch. Nicole moves over to Gumball and Darwin to embrace them] This is Gumball and Darwin. Darwin used to be a goldfish, but through love, care and of course, parenting skills, became... a goldfish with legs! Show 'em, sweety.
[Darwin steps in front of Felicity and awkwardly puts a limp leg on her lap. She looks surprised]
Darwin: Um, that's my leg, and uh... there's one more where that came from.
[Felicity picks up the leg and leaves it for Darwin to stand on]
Felicity: [Sarcastically] Huh. Very nice.
Nicole: And this is Gumball, who can... [She stops for a moment and tries to think of something]
Gumball: Who can do this!
[Gumball makes some saliva hang from his mouth and then makes it oscillate up and down while making disgusting noises. Felicity renews her horrified expression. As Gumball continues, Nicole points at the dining room]
Nicole: Heh. Anybody hungry?

Lunch Time

[Anais and Billy are sitting at the coffee table with plates of food on it, in small chairs. In the background, everyone else is sitting awkwardly at the dinner table. The silence stretches, with no one eating but just glancing at each other and then away. Billy takes a long breath, nervously]
Billy: I really would like to break the ice but I've no idea what to say.
Anais: Ugh! Me too. I've been twiddling my thumbs under the table for ages trying to think of something.
[Anais shows her knotted-up fingers and the two share a brief laugh]
Billy: Allow me to introduce myself: I am William Jeffrey Fitzgerald Kitchener Parham III, although you can call me Billy.
Anais: And I am Anais.
Billy: [Chuckling] Anais to meet you.
Anais: It's Billy nice to meet you, too.
Billy: [Laughing] Not as quite good, but good effort.
[The view shifts to the dinner table in the background. Nicole is using her fork while Felicity hesitates to examine everyone's table manners. Darwin is using a straw to eat and Richard seems prepared to gulp down the plate in his hand without any utensil at all. Gumball tries to slurp spaghetti from a long fork-like object]
Nicole: [Scolding] Gumball!
Gumball: What? Wrong spoon?
Nicole: No, it's a back scratcher.
Gumball: But you said to use the fancy cutlery!
[For a moment the scene shows the "fancy cutlery" next to Gumball's plate, including a gardening trough, a screwdriver and a small rake. Gumball proceeds to audibly scratch his butt with the backscratcher, then noticing Felicity and Nicole's apalled expressions, he uses it to take and slurp some more spaghetti]
Nicole: [Chuckling nervously, to Felicity] Kids...
Felicity: [Crossing her arms] Your kids...
Nicole: [Whispering aside] Richard, you've got something on your chin.
[Richard scratches his chin]
Nicole: No, the other one.
[Richard keeps scratching, struggling to find the correct chin]
Nicole: No, the... [Sighs] The middle one.
[Richard finally rubs the food off his middle chin and pokes it in his mouth. Felicity stands up abruptly]
Felicity: [Mockingly] Well this is an... educational experience, but we should probably go before the car gets stolen. [She starts walking away]
Richard: [panicking] No, wait, you can't go yet! You'll miss the... uh, song, that Gumball and Darwin are gonna sing for you.
Gumball and Darwin: [Surprised] We are?!
Nicole: [In an exasperated whisper from behind her smiling teeth] Yes! What a good idea!
[Gumball and Darwin shrug and get up on their chairs. Darwin steps onto the table]
Gumball: Okay-
Darwin: Okay-
Gumball: This is a brand new-
Darwin: This is a classic-
Gumball: Classic-
Darwin: New-
Gumball: Tune- Uh, song-
Darwin: Uh, tune.
[They begin to sing "I Saw a Big Parade", painfully out of sync]
Gumball and Darwin: I was walking down the road one day
And I saw a big parade
It was green and had things in it
Like balloons
Darwin: And more balloons
Gumball and Darwin: Fourteen hours later-
[The view returns to Anais and Billy's conversation, as Gumball and Darwin continue to sing in the background]
Anais: You know, I love them, but sometimes I feel like I'm the only one around who's still-
Billy: -still in contact with reality?
Anais: I was gonna say "the only one who's not" [puts on a dumb expression, smashes her head on the table repeatedly and covers her face in food, screaming] but yeah, you pretty much took out the words out of my mouth.
[They share another laugh and Felicity notices it from across the room and glares at them. The view returns to the dinner table where Gumball and Darwin are finishing their song]
Gumball and Darwin: -and happiness, together, that's why we-
Darwin: Why we smile-
Gumball and Darwin: Forever!
[Gumball and Darwin bow after their performance, then return to their seats. Nicole is amid a continous two-handed facepalm]
Richard: [Laughing and clapping] And they did all that without rehearsing!
Nicole: [putting her hands down, nervously] As you can see, the arts are very important to our family.
Felicity: [Takes in a deep breath] Look, Nicole, I get it. You dropped out of college to marry your childhood sweetheart and life was fun until, whoops, your first disappointment- [She points at Gumball, who awkwardly raises his hand in acknowledgement] -so there you are working all hours to support your family while lover-boy over there is busy growing chins- [She points at Richard who nervously strokes his chins] -then, whoops, another disappointment- [She points at Darwin who waves both arms] -followed by a third that you still dream is better than the others, I get it. You know you'll never succeed so you want your kids to succeed for you. You hope that being friends with someone like me will help you climb that ladder, but you're living a lie. You are not good enough, they are not good enough, you've either got it or you haven't, and you haven't. So just be happy with who you really are.
[Richard, Gumball, and Darwin chuckle very nervously as Nicole puts on a smile with scowling eyes]
Nicole: Fair enough, you wanna see who I really am?
[Nicole suddenly turns into a hulking, roaring red demon with curling horns and glowing yellow eyes. The view returns to the conversation at the coffee table as in the background Richard is trying to hold back demon Nicole who is attacking Felicity, trying to defend herself with a dining chair]
Anais: This is probably the first time I've had a civilized conversation with anyone in this house.
Billy: I concur, most social interaction with people of my age's just mere pitiful and whimsy, but with you it''s...
Anais: Insightful!
Billy: Delightful!
Anais and Billy: A positive joy!
[Anais and Billy step outside and start singing "Just You and Me"]
Anais and Billy: Just you and me
Could live a life in perfect harmony
That's satisfying intellectually
And wave suburbia good-bye.
Anais: Just you and me
Billy: Just you and I
Anais: Could visit East Berlin in Germany
Billy: And then Versailles
Anais: And ride a bicycle in New York City
Billy: You can't deny that
Anais and Billy: We'll have such a lovely time.
[The scene returns to the dinner table, where demon Nicole has Felicity in her clutches and is chewing on her head]
Gumball: Mom, MOM!
Nicole: [In a half-demonic voice, a little muffled by the head in her jaws] Come on, this isn't the first time you've seen me chew someone out.
Gumball: No, not that, that!
[The view changes to show him pointing at the empty coffee table. Demon Nicole spits out Felicity and they rush over to the living room. They all look at the abandoned table (with Nicole returned to normal), then at the open front door. Nicole and Felicity groan at each other and burst into a cat fight]
Nicole: This is your fault!
Felicity: No, it's your fault!
[Gumball shoves them apart]
Gumball: This is both of your faults! They knew you'll never let them be together so they ran away! But if you wanna find them you're gonna have to work together.
[Nicole and Felicity angrily sigh and cross their arms in agreement. They all run out to the porch]

Finding Anais and Billy

Nicole: Quick, get in the car.
Felicity: No, we're taking mine. I can't be seen in that heap of junk.
[All but Felicity and Nicole are in the car]
Darwin: Guys, come on, we gotta work together. Like this!
[Darwin taps his hands together. Felicity and Nicole raise eyebrows in confusion]
Gumball: He means...
[Gumball clasps his fingers together to symbolize harmony]
Felicity and Nicole: Ohh.
Felicity: I'm sorry, you're not getting me in that car.
Nicole: Challenge accepted.
[Nicole picks up Felicity, who crosses her arms and stays stiff like a board. She repeatedly rams Felicity into the car door window, presumably to shove her inside]
Gumball: [Concerned] Uh, do you want me to roll down the window?
Nicole: Just a few more times.
[She rams Felicity into the window again]
Nicole: Okay, that'll do.
[She throws Felicity into the passenger seat, upside-down. Then she gets behind the wheel and thrusts her foot onto the gas pedal and the car screeches onto the road]
[The second part of "Just You and Me" plays]
Anais and Billy: And we'll do everything your way!
We'll watch a movie made in Norway!
We'll only go to shows on Broadway!
Billy: And I shall wear a hat indoors.
[Shot of inside the car as Nicole and Felicity are fighting over the wheel]
Nicole: They would've gone to the museum.
Felicity: No, they would've gone to the library.
Nicole: The museum!
Felicity: The library!
[Gumball shoves them apart]
Gumball: Alright, enough! Just in case you haven't noticed we haven't gone anywhere for fifteen minutes!
[An exterior view of the car reveals that they have stopped in the middle of the road with horn-sounding cars whizzing by]
Gumball: If you can't agree then I'll deal with it!
[Nicole and Felicity get out of the car and then squeeze into the back seat by Darwin and Richard. Gumball sits behind the wheel, puts on his seat-belt and shifts gears]
Gumball: Hold on to your hats!
[Just when it seems like the car will start moving, the windshield wipers turn on instead]
Gumball: [Frustrated] Okay, I don't actually know how to make this thing move, so we're gonna run!
[The third part of "Just You and Me" plays]
Billy: I'll grow a beard!
Anais: And I'll wear specs.
Billy: And hang out at Le Centre Pompidou
Anais: We'll eat some crêpes
Billy: I'll get a sailor tat and so will you
Anais and Billy: I'll buy some decks
And play our vinyl all day long.
[The scene changes to show the folks in the car now dashing across the suburbs on foot]
Felicity: [Yelling] This is your daughter's influence. Billy's never misbehaved before.
Nicole: [Yelling] 'Cause you're so overbearing! I mean the kid still looks like an egg! I bet you even sit on him, you... suffocator!
[They all abruptly stop running]
Felicity: Call me that one more time.
Nicole: Suffocator!
[They begin to fight. The screen changes to show the three other Wattersons watching them while fighting sounds are clearly heard offscreen]
Gumball: Dad, step in!
Richard: Son, when a new mother enters the pride she tests the boundaries of the matriarch's dominance.
Felicity: [Offscreen] Eww!
Gumball: What is that?
Richard: Oh, that's just territorial scent-marking.
Gumball: So what do we do?
Richard: Just stand back and witness how beautiful and scary nature can be.
[Nicole and Felicity are shown among dust clouds, bashing each other only with their heads, in slow motion]
Darwin: [Pointing off the screen in slow-motion] There they are!
[They see Anais and Billy running happily into the museum at regular speed]
Felicity and Nicole: [In slow-motion] Where?
Darwin: [In slow-motion] Over th-
[Gumball runs past Darwin at regular speed, dragging him by the hand]
Gumball: Dude, we haven't got all day, come on!
[They all run into the museum at regular speed. In the museum, in front of a painting, Anais and Billy sing the final part of their song]
Anais and Billy: We'll never part
And we'll become completely lost in art
And then we'll-
Gumball: [Interrupting] Guys! Listen, you don't have to run away.
Anais: We didn't run.
Billy: We walked, sensibly.
Gumball: No, you guys ran away because our two families were standing between your love.
Anais: What do you mean "love"?
Billy: Well, we do finish each other's-
Anais: Conversational sets of words that contain a subject, verb and statement? Oh, and we both love-
Billy: Russian literature!
Anais: And german electronic music!
Billy: And existentialism!
Anais: And mid-century modern architecture!
[Darwin puts Nicole's and Felicity's hands together as they all witness this romantic scene]
Billy: And Japanese cuisine!
Anais: And Daisy the Donkey!
Billy: [Snobbishly] Ahahahahahah! In a ironic way of course.
Anais: [Offended] What? No, I love Daisy.
Billy: [In a mocking, high-pitched voice] Oh, I am Daisy, the incarnation of the dumbing-down of a whole nation of children, while cashing in on merchandising!
Anais: Well, what show do you watch?
Billy: Fireman Pete, of course.
Anais: Sorry Billy, but that's a deal-breaker.
[Anais leaves the room with quiet disgust as everyone is left standing surprised at the shattering of the romantic atmosphere. Nicole sighs as Felicity lets go of her hand and crosses her arms]
Felicity: Oh, thank gosh I won't have to pretend to like you!
[Nicole punches Felicity without even turning around. The episode ends abruptly as Felicity flies off and crashes into something offscreen]
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Comic Comic Penny Fitzgerald and Gumball Watterson on The Romantic 17 Uploads Sussie Apprentiance me
Episode 13
The Comic
Episode 14
The Romantic
Episode 15
The Uploads
Episode 16
The Apprentice
Hug Spooked TheWickedSeason4 TheTraitorSeason4 TheOriginsPreview200033
Episode 17
The Hug
Episode 18
The Wicked
Episode 19
The Traitor
Episode 20
The Origins
TheOriginsPreview3-00011 Girfriend Scary Advice Redacted Signal Signal
Episode 21
The Origins: Part Two
Episode 22
The Girlfriend
Episode 23
The Signal
Episode 24
The Advice
TheParasiteSeasonFour TheLoveSeason4 TheAwkwardnessSeason4 TheNestSeason4
Episode 25
The Parasite
Episode 26
The Love
Episode 27
The Awkwardness
Episode 28
The Nest
ThePointsSeason4 TheBusSeason4 TheNight 12 TheMisunderstanding Gumball&Penny BurgerRestaurant
Episode 29
The Points
Episode 30
The Bus
Episode 31
The Night
Episode 32
The Misunderstandings
Roots Sad Blame Why Weirdgumball6 S4E36 The Detective 19
Episode 33
The Roots
Episode 34
The Blame
Episode 35
The Slap
Episode 36
The Detective
TheFurySeason4 Happy Elmore Town Anime Darwin and Carrie TheDisasterSeasonFour
Episode 37
The Fury
Episode 38
The Compilation
Episode 39
The Scam
Episode 40
The Disaster
Rerun Fight StoriesSeason5 TheGuy 6 LesBoring
Episode 1
The Rerun
Episode 2
The Stories
Episode 3
The Guy
Episode 4
The Boredom
VisionSeason5 Clouding CodePromo3 Test Grope
Episode 5
The Vision
Episode 6
The Choices
Episode 7
The Code
Episode 8
The Test
NowWeAreTalking S5E10 The Loophole p03 Fuss Sweet CopyCatsSeason5
Episode 9
The Slide
Episode 10
The Loophole
Episode 11
The Fuss
Episode 12
The Copycats
PotatoSeason5 OutsideSeason5 VaseSeason5 Matchmaker Cute
Episode 13
The Potato
Episode 14
The Outside
Episode 15
The Vase
Episode 16
The Matchmaker
BoxSeason5 Console Victory OllieSeason5 CatfishSeason5
Episode 17
The Box
Episode 18
The Console
Episode 19
The Ollie
Episode 20
The Catfish
CycleSeason5 StarsSeason5 Birth of Simian DietSeason5
Episode 21
The Cycle
Episode 22
The Stars
Episode 23
The Grades
Episode 24
The Diet
Ex 09 SorcererSeason5 Menu KeemstarLife Uncle IsGumchoOver
Episode 25
The Ex
Episode 26
The Sorcerer
Episode 27
The Menu
Episode 28
The Uncle
Weirdo Crayon Heist Nicole TheSinging50 CHECKYOURPRIVILEGE
Episode 29
The Weirdo
Episode 30
The Heist
Episode 31
The Singing
Episode 32
The Best
TheWorst TheDeal ThePetals TheNuisance
Episode 33
The Worst
Episode 34
The Deal
Episode 35
The Petals
Episode 36
The Nuisance
TheLine ListDolphin GumballNews ThePuppets
Episode 37
The Line
Episode 38
The List
Episode 39
The News
Episode 40
The Puppets
The Rival 1 (52) Lady Laugh The Sucker (28) Meltysons
Episode 1
The Rival
Episode 2
The Lady
Episode 3
The Sucker
Episode 4
The Vegging
One Lightning The Father (121) Cringe Awkwardness The Cage (11)
Episode 5
The One
Episode 6
The Father
Episode 7
The Cringe
Episode 8
The Cage
TheNeighbor GumballDarwin&ThisGuy TwoGamboliesOneTheater The Faith (100) Candidate Leak8
Episode 9
The Neighbor
Episode 10
The Anybody
Episode 11
The Faith
Episode 12
The Candidate
Bedball Shippening67 The Brain (1) TheArents
Episode 13
The Pact
Episode 14
The Shippening
Episode 15
The Brain
Episode 16
The Parents
GBFounder GBSchooling TheIntelligence InternetDies GBPotion
Episode 17
The Founder
Episode 18
The Schooling
Episode 19
The Intelligence
Episode 20
The Potion
GBSpinoffs GBTransformation GBUnderstanding GBAd
Episode 21
The Spinoffs
Episode 22
The Transformation
Episode 23
The Understanding
Episode 24
The Ad
GBGhouls Gossamer GBAwareness TheSlip RichardAndDeliveryGuy
Episode 25
The Ghouls
Episode 26
The Stink
Episode 27
The Awareness
Episode 28
The Slip
DramaFone TheBuddy Uhhhh ThePossesion SadRichard TheMaster GameMasterRichard
Episode 29
The Drama
Episode 30
The Buddy
Episode 31
The Possession
Episode 32
The Master
TheSilence TryingToTalk TheFuture RobChokingBarbara TWish GBFactory
Episode 33
The Silence
Episode 34
The Future
Episode 35
The Wish
Episode 36
The Factory
The Agent GBWeb GBMess Frown Upside doun
Episode 37
The Agent
Episode 38
The Web
Episode 39
The Mess
Episode 40
The Heart
GBRevolt TheDecisions44 BFFS Stars GBInquisition
Episode 41
The Revolt
Episode 42
The Decisions
Episode 43
Episode 44
The Inquisition
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