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Horrible Mother

[Nicole is sleeping in her bed. Suddenly, an eerie shadow comes, and it turns out to be Anais. Nicole is shocked when she sees her]
Nicole: Aah!
Anais: [Holds up poster] It's Daisy the Donkey on Ice Day! You promised to take me, and we're late!
Nicole: Oh, honey, I'm sorry. Mommy worked really late last night.
[Anais holds a tape recorder and plays it]
Nicole: [On recording] What sort of a horrible mother wouldn't take her daughter to her favorite show?
Nicole: Oh, Anais, I know what I said, but--
[Anais replays the part that says "horrible mother" on repeat]
Nicole: [Sighs] Okay.

What Could Go Wrong?

[The living room. Richard opens up a box]
Richard: "ElectroFat. Gets you fit while you watch TV." [Puts the ElectroFat electrodes on his body] So the last electrode goes... Where? Oh, there!
[Nicole and Anais go down the stairs, with Anais dragging Nicole while jumping and singing]
Anais: Daisy the Donkey, Daisy!
Richard: Oh, hi, Honey!
Nicole: [Yawns] Hi. Where's Gumball and Darwin?
Richard: In the backyard, playing their made-up game.
Nicole: Keep an eye on them. Every time they play that game, it's a mess.
[Flashback to when they played the game, the house was a mess]
Gumball and Darwin: Dodge or Dare!
[Flashback ends]
Richard: Relax, honey. I'm here. What could go wrong?
[Flashback to when Richard played with them, the house was on fire]
Gumball, Darwin and Richard: Dodge or Dare! Dodge or Dare! Dodge or Dare!
[Flashback ends]
Nicole: [Nervously] Yeah... What could go wrong?
Anais: [Frustrated] Daisy the Donkey!
[Nicole is pulled out of the house by Anais]
Richard: Now come on, ElectroFat. Make me beautiful! [Turns on the switch and he screams]

Dodge or Dare

[The backyard. Gumball and Darwin are playing Dodge or Dare. Richard's screaming is heard]
Darwin: What was that?
Gumball: Doesn't matter. It's time to play...
Darwin and Gumball: Dodge or Dare! Roll the dice, take a card! [Takes out a card]
Darwin: Dare! You have to throw the ball onto the moon using only objects from the trash!
Gumball: [Stretches his arms] Ha! Just watch and learn. [Quickly builds a Rube-Goldberg machine] Yes! [Blows out a marble]
[The marble moves through the machine and eventually makes a bowling ball fly to Gumball's direction]
Gumball: Aaaahh! [Covers his face with his hands as the ball is about to hit his face]
[The ball's movement is suddenly paused]
Darwin: Hey, the card says "No hands".
[Gumball sighs and hardens his face to receive the ball. The ball suddenly moves again and bounces back from his face]
[Cut to the Robinsons' backyard. The Robinsons are seated on lawn lounge chairs]
Gaylord: I told you, Margaret. It's not a mid-life crisis. It's just a new car.
[The ball suddenly hits Margaret's wig, causing it to fall off]
Gumball: Huh, it landed on the Mr. Robinson's yard!
[Gumball and Darwin scream in excitement and take a peek at the Robinson's backyard. Gaylord Robinson is seen laughing at his wife]
Gumball: Mr. Robinson, he's such a funny guy!
Darwin: Mrs. Robinson is one lucky lady!
[Margaret puts her wig back on, glares at Gaylord and he stops laughing. They hear the doorbell ringing]
[Cut to the front door. It opens and Gumball and Darwin are happily talking simultaneously]
Gaylord: [Interrupting] Your ball fell into my garden, causing my wife's hair... To fall off! Therefore, as a punishment, I'll teach you a new game called... Emm...
[Margaret whispers something]
Gaylord: Learning the consequences of your actions!
Gumball: A game Mr. Robinson invented for us?
Gumball and Darwin: Yay!

The Punishment

[Cut to the Robinsons' backyard]
Gaylord: You can start by cleaning the garden.
Gumball and Darwin: Yes!
Gaylord: But wait! [Kicks the tree to make all of the leaves fall down] There you go. You wouldn't want it to be easy, would ya? [Laughs as he and Margaret go back into the house]
Gumball and Darwin: Woo-hoo! [Jump in the pile of leaves]
[A few hours later]
Gaylord: We'll see if they're still smiling after this. [Laughs with his wife]
[The doorbell rings and the Robinsons immediately go to open it. They then stare dumbfounded at what they're seeing]
Gumball: Excuse me. [Takes a leaf from Gaylord's head] There. [Puts the leaf into a group of other leaves] We're done! This is green, greeny-orange, orangey-green, terracotta, Egyptian sunrise, sunset yellow, and this... [Shows them a leaf that has Mr. Robinson's face] the Mr. Robinson head-shaped leaf.
Gumball and Darwin: [Amazed] Oooooooh! Can we keep it?
Gaylord: No. [Checks grass] You slackers forgot to cut the grass!
Gumball: Oh, Mr. Robinson, you're so right.
Darwin: [Punches his own head] What were we thinking?!
Gumball: We'll get it right on it. [Cheers with hands up]
Gaylord: But, wait! [Hands out his nail clippers] You got to use nail clippers.
Gumball and Darwin: Yay! Thank you, Mr. Robinson! [Both run in excitement back in the backyard]
Gaylord: I think they're missing the point.
[Gaylord and Margaret face to the door to go back inside]
Gumball and Darwin: [Off-screen] Done!
Gaylord: What the...?!
[The backyard is shown to be very tidy and sparkly]
The Sun: Oh!
Gaylord: All right, goons. [Carries a paint can and a brush] Come here and, paint this fence blue.
Gumball and Darwin: Yay! [Run in excitement to back in the backyard]
Gaylord: That'll teach them to mess with Gaylord Robinson.
Gumball and Darwin: Done!
Gaylord: Hmph! Now Make it green!
Gumball and Darwin: Done!
Gaylord: [Off-screen] Orange with purple stripes!
Gumball and Darwin: Done!
Gaylord: [Off-screen] Yellow with black dots!
Gumball and Darwin: Done!
Gaylord: [Off-screen] Pink!
Gumball and Darwin: Done!
Gaylord: [Off-screen] Red!
Gumball and Darwin: Done!
Gaylord: [Off-screen] Blue!
Gumball and Darwin: Done!
Gaylord: [Off-screen] Black!
Gumball and Darwin: Done!
Gaylord: [Off-screen] Yellow!
Gumball and Darwin: Done!
Gaylord: Aaaaarrgh!!
Darwin: Mr. Robinson, since you love painting so much, I made this bird especially for you. [Shows his drawing and gives it to Mr. Robinson]
Gaylord: [Receives Darwin's painting, confused] Uh, thanks?
[Margaret whispers to him]
Gaylord: Oh, yeah! [Throws away Darwin's painting] Follow me!

More Punishment

[Cut to the Robinsons' living room]
Gaylord: Now, there is a stain on this rug.
Gumball: Where?
Gaylord: [Throws juice in a glass onto the rug] There!
[Gaylord and Margaret laugh as if they have done something evil, but stops after looking at the rug, confused]
Gaylord: Huh?!
[The rug is still clean as the juice stain never landed onto it]
Gaylord: I mean, there! [Throws more juice onto the rug]
[The rug stays clean]
Gaylord: What?! [Holds a glass of juice, confused] Huh?!
Gumball and Darwin: More ice, sir? [Carries a bucket of ice cubes]
Gaylord: Argh! Gimme that! [Grabs the jug from Margaret and angrily throws its juice onto the rug] Aaargh! Ugh!
[In a slow-motion scene, Gumball quickly drinks the juice, keeping the rug clean. Darwin then cleans his mouth with a napkin]
Gaylord: Huh?! [Looks at the jug in confusion] What?! [Looks at the glass in confusion] Okay, now you're scaring me.

Unnecessary Help

[Cut to in front of the Robinsons' house. Gaylord sends Gumball and Darwin out of the house and slams the door]
Gumball: I'm sure Mr. Robinson needs more help.
Darwin: Maybe he's too shy to ask.
Gaylord: [Camera zooms to the mail chute] Go away!
Gumball: He hides it well, but, I can feel he needs us.
Gaylord: [From left lower window] Go away! [From right upper window] Go away! [From left upper window] Go away!!
Gumball: Now, that is a cry for help. [Points above him]
[Back to the Robinsons' living room]
Gaylord: [Reads newspaper] Those little parasites, they just won't-- [Someone clips his nails]
Gumball: [Stops clipping Gaylord's toenails] Oh! Hi, Mr. Robinson.
Gaylord: What?! [Angrily] Don't touch me!
[Cut to outside, then quickly cut back to the Robinsons' living room]
Gaylord: [Annoyed] Unbelievable. Huh?!
[Gumball starts poking Gaylord's face with a fork with a lump of food on it as he tries to feed him, then camera zooms out to reveal Gumball and Darwin with a plate of food]
Gumball: Come on, eat up, Mr. Robinson.
Gaylord: [Angrily] Get away from me!
[Cut to outside, then quickly cut to the Robinsons' bathroom]
Gaylord: [Annoyed] Darn those kids. Can a guy get some privacy in his own house? [Tries to get some toilet paper, but realizes it has ran out] Blasted, out of paper.
[Suddenly, Gumball's hand appears, holding a pink toilet paper roll as he wants to give it to Gaylord] [Angrily]
Gaylord: Get out of here! [Throws the toilet paper. The toilet paper hits Darwin's head]
[Brief pause]
Gaylord: Oh, wait. Could you throw that back please?
[Cut to the Robinsons' bedroom, with Gaylord lying down in his bed]
Gaylord: [Groans] I need to lay down.
[Gumball and Darwin suddenly rise near the bed]
Gumball and Darwin: It's bed time, Mr. Robinson! [Puts on a baby bonnet on Gaylord]
[Gaylord fumes his anger, heating his head]
Darwin: Oh... [Puts his hands to Mr. Robinson skin to indicate if he has a fever] I think he has a temperature.
Gumball: Come on, Mr. Robinson. [Hands a thermometer to Gaylord] Say "Aah!".
Gaylord: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!
[The house literally shakes]

Car Wash

[Cut to the Robinsons' living room]
Gaylord: [Groans] Listen, kids, why are you trying so hard to help me?
Gumball and Darwin: [With sparkling eyes] Because we love you, Mr. Robinson.
Gaylord: But, there's nothing left for you to do!
Gumball and Darwin: We could clean your new car.
Gaylord: Uh, no way! My car is brand new and very expensive!
Gumball and Darwin: We could clean Mrs. Robinson.
[Margaret appears behind Gaylord, indicating she doesn't want to be cleaned by them]
Gaylord: All right, clean the car.
Gumball and Darwin: Yaaay! [Run in excitement to the door to start their task]
Gaylord: Bu-bu-bu-bu-but, please be careful with it!
[Gumball and Darwin are outside the Robinsons' house, starting to clean the car]
Gumball: So, where do we start?
Darwin: I don't know. I never cleaned a car before.
Gumball: It doesn't matter. [Squeezes Darwin's cheeks] Let's make Mr. Robinson proud.
Darwin: Okay.
[Gumball starts to gently touch the car with a sponge]
Darwin: Easy. Mr. Robinson said it's very expensive.
Gumball: I know. I'll just...
[The sponge touches the car by a centimeter. The car collapses]
Gumball: At least things can't get any worse.
[The car's wreckage bursts into flames, Gumball and Darwin scream]
[Cut to the backyard with Gaylord and Margaret sitting, and the smoke coming from the car is seen behind]
Gaylord: You know, Margaret, maybe those kids aren't so bad after all.
[Cut back to the trouble scene]
Gumball: [Panicked] What are we gonna do?!
Darwin: I don't know. I never burned a car before.
Gumball: This is terrible!
Darwin: We failed him!
Gumball: Ohh, the shame!
Darwin: Can't ever show our faces again! [Squeezes his cheeks in panic]
Gumball: We need to hide away forever!
[Darwin cries]


[Cut to the Wattersons' attic]
Gumball: Ooh, dark.
Darwin: [Cleans half of the dust] Filthy.
Gumball: Horrible.
Gumball and Darwin: Perfect.
[Gaylord and Margaret walk to the front yard and see their car is destroyed]
Gaylord: [Shocked] My car! [Gets down on his knees in despair] Who... did... this?!
[Margaret whispers]
Gaylord: Those kids! I'm gonna get them for this!
[Cut to inside the attic with Gumball and Darwin]
Gaylord: [From outside] Come out! I'm calling the Sherriff!
Gumball: [Whispering] Oh, no. They know we wrecked the car.
[A silhouette appears behind them, and it turns out to be Richard]
Richard: [Whispering] What do you mean you wrecked the car?
[Gumball and Darwin scream as they see Richard behind them. Their scream causes the screen to shake]
Gumball: Dad?
Richard: Hi.

Someone's Back

[Cut to the Watterson's car, with Anais and Nicole, coming home from Daisy the Donkey on Ice. Anais is holding a giant Daisy plushie]
Anais: [Singing] Daisy! Daisy the Donkey! Mom, why the Robinsons talking to the Sheriff on the lawn?
Nicole: [Nervously] I don't know, sweetie.
[Nicole pushes Anais downwards as she ducks out of sight]
Nicole: [Whispering] I think we'll just go around the back.
[Cut to the front of the Robinsons' house, with Gaylord, Margaret, and Doughnut Sheriff]
Gaylord: I'm telling you, Sheriff! It was those kids next door as sure as I...
[Gaylord is interrupted by a car passing by, with a view of a Daisy doll in the driver seat]
Gaylord: What?
[Cut back to the attic]
Gumball: [Sadly] We just touched it with a sponge and it fell apart! So we decided to hide here forever.
Richard: [Sniffs] Such a sad story! [His eyes sparkles as he feels sad, then quickly turns back to normal and starts telling them what really happened] But it's not true! You see, it was 9 o'clock this morning, and... [Imitates a sound effect as he starts a flashback]
[Flashback to earlier morning]
Richard: ...come on ElectroFat. Make me beautiful!
[Richard turns on the switch and screams in pain, spazzing out while moving his arms like a robot. He then manages to take off the ElectroFat electrodes]
Richard: You... thing of... beauty!
[The ElectroFat gets thrown out of the window and hits the Robinsons' car. Richard then walks out of the house and approaches the car]
Richard: Oh, Mr. Robinson's new car.
[Camera zooms in to show a dink in the car]
Richard: Oh, okay. It's just a dink. I'll bang it out. [Pulls out a hammer and bangs the car, only to cause another large dink] This may take a while.
[Sometime later]
Richard: There...
[Camera zooms out to the car]
Richard: Finished!
[The car breaks down immediately]
Richard: Aaahh!
[Richard tries to fix the car in a quick movement, then exhales as he finishes, and runs away in horror. Flashback ends]
Richard: [Makes the sound effect noises again] So you see, it was my fault, not yours.
Gumball: What should we do now?
Richard: Well, I think the most responsible thing to do is to hide here forever. [Whispering] And never let your mother find out what happened.
[Anais and Nicole suddenly appear behind them]
Nicole: [Whispering] I already know.
[The three scream as they see Anais and Nicole.Their scream causes the screen to shake like before]
Richard: Honey?
Nicole: But it's not quite what you think. It was 9 o'clock this morning—
Richard: [Interrupts Nicole] Wait! Can I do this? [Imitates a sound effect again to start another flashback]
[Flashback to earlier morning]
Anais: Daisy! Put the tape on, Mom!
Nicole: Yes, honey. [Ducks to find the tape] Where is it? [Finds the tape] Here!
Anais: Yeah! [Cheers]
[Suddenly, the car hits the Robinsons' car, destroying its headlights and shocking them]
Nicole: [Voice-over] They parked right in front of our lawn. I just didn't see it. I was about to tell Mr. Robinson, but—
[Cut to Anais playing the recorder and replaying the part that says "horrible mother". Nicole sighs, and decides to go anyway]
Nicole: [Voice-over] So, we went to see the show.
[They leave in the car. Flashback ends]
Anais: And it was great!
Nicole: So there. It was mostly my fault. [Looks down]
Richard: I'm so relieved. It was a family effort.
Gaylord: [From outside] Darn it! I know there up there! [Cut to outside] Get in there and arrest those vandals!
Donut Cop: Ah, not without a warrant, sir.
Gaylord: [Angrily screams] I PAY MY TAXES, AND THAT PAYS YOUR SALARY! ERGO... [Pokes Sheriff in annoyance] I'M... YOUR... BOSS! NOW, GET IN THERE AND DO YOUR JOB!
Donut Cop: Please, sir, calm down!
Gaylord: All right. [Faces to Margaret] I suppose I shall have to take matters into my own hands, huh?! Well...
[Background changes to flames, with Margaret holding a duster and Gaylord holding a golf club]
Gaylord: Here come the Robinsons.
Gumball: [Looks from the attic window] Poor Mr. Robinson. We wrecked his beautiful new car [Cut to inside the attic] and nobody has the courtesy to apologize.
Darwin: We should be ashamed of ourselves!
Gumball: So, let's get out there and apologize...
[Gumball and Darwin's eyes sparkle]
Gumball: as a family.
Anais, Nicole and Richard: [Sigh] Okay.

Bad Neighbors

[The family step outside, and they are shocked]
Nicole and Richard: [Gasp]
Gaylord: This is what happens when you mess with Gaylord! [He and Margaret start destroying Richard's car] This is what happens! THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS! THIS... IS... WHAT... HAPPENS!
Richard: They look kind of angry, Gumball.
Donut Cop: Please, stop! Please!
[Margaret turns around, hissing, as she is about to assault the Doughnut Sheriff with the duster, making him more nervous]
Donut Cop: Please, ma'am, drop the duster! Please! No, ma'am! [Pulls out his taser] No, no! [Zaps Margaret]
[Margaret falls down, The Doughnut Sheriff realizes his mistake, and Gaylord slowly turns his head to see Margaret, assuming she is dead]
Gaylord: [In slow-motion] MARGARET!!
Donut Cop: No, sir! No, please!
[Gaylord angrily jumps over the Doughnut Sheriff, ready to attack him with the golf club, then camera cuts to the electrified Gaylord and Margaret]
Nicole: Maybe we should give them time to calm down.
[Cut to Gaylord and Margaret sitting in the police car, angrily yelling at the Wattersons]
Donut Cop: So, uh, do you wanna press charges?
[Scene changes to the Wattersons. Nicole is now smiling nervously]
Richard: [Laughs nervously] No. I'm sure they learned their lesson.
[Cut back to the police car]
Donut Cop: It's too bad you have to live next to such monsters. [Gets into the police car]
Gumball: Don't worry, Mr. Robinson. We'll look out for your house while you're gone.
[Gaylord and Margaret angrily yell at Gumball and Darwin as the police car leaves]
Gumball and Darwin: Such a great guy.
Richard: Well, there is one important thing we learned today.
Gumball, Darwin, Anais, and Nicole: Huh?
Richard: That ElectroFat Machine was worth [Takes off his shirt, revealing his abs] every penny.
[Richard flexes his abs and the episode ends]
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Episode 40
The Disaster
Rerun Fight.png StoriesSeason5.png TheGuy 6.png LesBoring.png
Episode 1
The Rerun
Episode 2
The Stories
Episode 3
The Guy
Episode 4
The Boredom
VisionSeason5.png Clouding.png CodePromo3.png Test Grope.png
Episode 5
The Vision
Episode 6
The Choices
Episode 7
The Code
Episode 8
The Test
NowWeAreTalking.png S5E10 The Loophole p03.png Fuss Sweet.png CopyCatsSeason5.png
Episode 9
The Slide
Episode 10
The Loophole
Episode 11
The Fuss
Episode 12
The Copycats
PotatoSeason5.png OutsideSeason5.png VaseSeason5.png Matchmaker Cute.png
Episode 13
The Potato
Episode 14
The Outside
Episode 15
The Vase
Episode 16
The Matchmaker
BoxSeason5.png Console Victory.png OllieSeason5.png CatfishSeason5.png
Episode 17
The Box
Episode 18
The Console
Episode 19
The Ollie
Episode 20
The Catfish
CycleSeason5.png StarsSeason5.png Birth of Simian.png DietSeason5.png
Episode 21
The Cycle
Episode 22
The Stars
Episode 23
The Grades
Episode 24
The Diet
Ex 09.png SorcererSeason5.png Menu KeemstarLife.png Uncle IsGumchoOver.png
Episode 25
The Ex
Episode 26
The Sorcerer
Episode 27
The Menu
Episode 28
The Uncle
Weirdo Crayon.png Heist Nicole.png TheSinging50.png CHECKYOURPRIVILEGE.png
Episode 29
The Weirdo
Episode 30
The Heist
Episode 31
The Singing
Episode 32
The Best
TheWorst.png TheDeal.png ThePetals.png TheNuisance.png
Episode 33
The Worst
Episode 34
The Deal
Episode 35
The Petals
Episode 36
The Nuisance
TheLine.png ListDolphin.png GumballNews.png ThePuppets.png
Episode 37
The Line
Episode 38
The List
Episode 39
The News
Episode 40
The Puppets
The Rival 1 (52).png Lady Laugh.png The Sucker (28).png Meltysons.png
Episode 1
The Rival
Episode 2
The Lady
Episode 3
The Sucker
Episode 4
The Vegging
One Lightning.png The Father (121).png Cringe Awkwardness.png The Cage (11).png
Episode 5
The One
Episode 6
The Father
Episode 7
The Cringe
Episode 8
The Cage
TheNeighbor GumballDarwin&ThisGuy.png TwoGamboliesOneTheater.png The Faith (100).png Candidate Leak8.jpg
Episode 9
The Neighbor
Episode 10
The Anybody
Episode 11
The Faith
Episode 12
The Candidate
Bedball.png Shippening67.png The Brain (1).png TheArents.png
Episode 13
The Pact
Episode 14
The Shippening
Episode 15
The Brain
Episode 16
The Parents
GBFounder.png GBSchooling.png TheIntelligence InternetDies.png GBPotion.png
Episode 17
The Founder
Episode 18
The Schooling
Episode 19
The Intelligence
Episode 20
The Potion
GBSpinoffs.png GBTransformation.png GBUnderstanding.png GBAd.png
Episode 21
The Spinoffs
Episode 22
The Transformation
Episode 23
The Understanding
Episode 24
The Ad
GBGhouls.png Gossamer.png GBAwareness.png TheSlip RichardAndDeliveryGuy.png
Episode 25
The Ghouls
Episode 26
The Stink
Episode 27
The Awareness
Episode 28
The Slip
DramaFone.png TheBuddy Uhhhh.png ThePossesion SadRichard.png TheMaster GameMasterRichard.jpg
Episode 29
The Drama
Episode 30
The Buddy
Episode 31
The Possession
Episode 32
The Master
TheSilence TryingToTalk.png TheFuture RobChokingBarbara.jpg TWish.png GBFactory.png
Episode 33
The Silence
Episode 34
The Future
Episode 35
The Wish
Episode 36
The Factory
The Agent.png GBWeb.png GBMess.png Frown Upside doun.jpg
Episode 37
The Agent
Episode 38
The Web
Episode 39
The Mess
Episode 40
The Heart
GBRevolt.png TheDecisions44.png BFFS Stars.png GBInquisition.jpg
Episode 41
The Revolt
Episode 42
The Decisions
Episode 43
Episode 44
The Inquisition