Slave for the Day

[Episode starts at the playground. Gumball is seen with Darwin in his mouth]
Darwin: I still maintain that you wouldn't be able to beat Dad in an eating contest!
[Gumball sucks Darwin further into his mouth]
Darwin: Okay, okay, you win. LET ME OUT!
[Gumball spits him out]
Gumball: Your turn. I bet you can't kiss your own tail.
Darwin: Challenge accepted.
[Darwin stretches himself out and desperately tries to reach his own tail]
Gumball: [Laughing] Ha ha ha, dude. You look like a wiener with a botched facelift!
[Darwin looks down at the ground in defeat]
Gumball: Okay, you lost. You're my slave for the day now!
Darwin: [Outraged] WHAT? No way, man, double or quits! I bet you can't pluck that flower with your butt and carry it across the playground.
Gumball: Mmm-hmm...
[Gumball plucks the flower with his butt, carries it across the playground, and lets it drop to the ground at the other side]
Darwin: [Panicking] WAIT, NO! Errrr... I bet I can jump through my own leg!
[Darwin grabs his leg and tries to jump through it. He ends up faceplanting, giving himself a black eye and a few scratches]
Darwin: Triple or quits!
[He tries again and faceplants. His face is even more messed up]
Darwin: Quadruple or quits!
[He tries yet again and faceplants. His face is pressed into his head]
Darwin: What's the next tuple after that?
Bobert: Quintuple. Why are you repeatedly jumping on your face?
[Darwin kicks himself in the back of his head, making his face pop back out]
Darwin: Because it's fun!
Bobert: Define 'fun'.
Gumball: Oh, you know, like hanging out with friends, gawking at girls, and playing games like this one!
Bobert: Computing friends, girls, games. [Saddened] Results: zero.
[Gumball and Darwin look at each other, gasp, and cry]
Bobert: Can I join your game?
Gumball: Of course you can. [Hugs Bobert] Okay, we're playing bets, and the loser is the winner's servant for twenty-four hours!
Bobert: But your chances of beating a robotic unit in any task is zero point zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, one percent.
Gumball: Really? Well, I bet you can't say the alphabet faster than me!
Bobert: Challenge accepted. [Fast robotic voice] ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQR-
Gumball: The alphabet.
Bobert: Recomputing question. Trick detected. Failure acknowledged. [Looks at the ground in defeat]
Gumball: Sorry, man, you lose!
Bobert: Switching hard-drive to slave mode.
[Bobert briefly turns off and on again. His pupils dilate massively, and his voice becomes monotonous]
Bobert: Awaiting command.
Gumball: Dude, we have our own super hi-tech robot for twenty-four hours!
Darwin: We can use his power for the good of mankind!
Gumball: We can save dolphins!
Darwin: And stop global warming!
Gumball: And bring peace to the world!
Darwin: There's so much good we can do!
[Scene cuts to Bobert releasing a jet of flames from his behind in the nurse's office]
Bobert: Do you have anything for this?
Joan: Well, I- uhh, I'm not a mechanic, but, uhh, how long has this been going on?
Bobert: Ever since I fell in love with your mom.
[Gumball and Darwin are seen watching from the door]
Darwin: I thought you wanted to do good for mankind?
Gumball: Yeah, but this is more fun. Now make out with the defibrillator!
[Bobert grabs the defibrillator]
Joan: Oh, no, what are you doing?
[Principal Brown walks past the door, then looks at Bobert in shock]
Nigel Brown: What the... Watterson!
[Gumball smiles nervously at Principal Brown]

Get Lost

Gumball: This is a violation of the first amendment!
Nigel Brown: Preventing you from breaking medical equipment and making jokes about the nurse's mother is not a violation of your freedom of speech! As punishment, you will mow the stadium field during your lunch break. Now get out of here.
[Gumball, Darwin, and Bobert exit Principal Brown's office]
Gumball: I wish that guy would just get lost.
[Bobert dings]
Bobert: [Replays Gumball's voice] I wish that guy would just get lost.
[Scene cuts to Principal Brown waking up in a rain forest]
Nigel Brown: [Gasps] Where am I?
[Cut to the stadium, where Bobert is shooting a laser beam at the football field]
Gumball: Bobert, A bit more on the left!
Darwin: I don't think that's right.
Gumball: I know! Principal Brown has no sense of humor, man.
Darwin: I'm talking about the way you treat Bobert.
Gumball: Well, I'm sorry, but he's the one who asked to play. Careful with those edges, dude! Besides, I didn't make the rules.
Darwin Uh, yeah you did. And you know Bobert's not normal. His life is so sad. We should help him.
Gumball: Sure, whatever.
Bobert: Task complete.
Gumball: A bit more hair on the horse's tail!
[Bobert shoots more laser beams. Scene zooms out, showing pictures of glasses, a horse's rear, and Principal Brown on the field]
Gumball: [Chuckles] Perfect.

How to Talk to Girls

Darwin: Bobert, we're going to find you a girlfriend.
Gumball: What? Why?
Darwin: [Whispers] Because his life is pathetic and he needs some love. [normal voice] Now walk up to Tina. She's desperate, and you are... available?
Bobert: But I don't know how to talk to girls.
Gumball: And he's probably not gonna appreciate switching out of slave mode to find he's married to some Jurassic meat sack! What am I talking about? This is funniest idea ever.
Bobert: Hey, baby girl.
[Tina growls]
Bobert: This might come as a shock.
Darwin: But I can see there's an energy inside you.
Bobert: [Copies] But I can see there's an energy inside you.
Darwin: In fact, If we got-
Bobert: -together, sparks would fly.
Darwin: It would be-
Bobert: -electric.
Tina: Whoa, no one's ever spoken to me with such poetry before.
Darwin: I'm-
Gumball: [Covers Darwin's mouth] Not talking to you-
Bobert: I'm talking to the fuse box.
[Tina growls. Darwin punches Gumball]
Gumball: I'm sorry, I just couldn't help it. You kept talking about all that electric stuff, and the fuse box was there! [Laughs]
[Tina roars, Bobert's head flies across the screen, and Gumball stops laughing]

In the Classroom

Darwin: I can't believe you did that to Bobert! All of this because of your stupid game.
Lucy Simian: Shhhhhh!
Gumball: [Whispers] Dude, whisper.
Darwin: [Loudly] I am whispering!
Gumball: No, you're just doing a whispery voice. If anything, it's louder than normal. Look, if you want make Bobert happy, you treat him like like a normal kid, not a charity case.
Darwin: Go tell that to his head!
Joan: [Comes in with Bobert] Well, I've patched him up as best as I can, but for the last time, I'm a nurse, I'm not a mechanic!
Lucy Simian: Well, I'm not a florist [Gestures to Leslie] or a meteorologist [Gestures to Masami] or some kind of freak show owner. [Gestures to Sussie, who grins weirdly] But you don't see me complaining, do you?
Joan: Hmph! [Leaves angrily]
[The bell rings, and everyone starts to leave]
Gumball: Bobert, would you rather have an awesome friend or a patronizing fairy godmother?
Darwin: I'm not a fairy godmother!
Lucy Simian: Get out of here! Can't you see I'm on my break?
Gumball: Aw. Dude, she's even more upset than you are. She seriously needs to chill out.
Bobert: [Replays Gumball's voice] She seriously needs to chill out.

At the Park

Gumball: Fetch! [Bobert stretches his arm and catches the stick] Hmm.... All right, smarty-pants, no arms this time. [Bobert tucks his arms in] Fetch! [Throws stick, Bobert runs after it]
Darwin: So, this is treating him like a normal kid, huh?
Gumball: Ah. A normal kid who lost his bet fair and square. Do you think I wouldn't do the same to you? [Bobert comes, pushing the stick with his head] This time, no feet. [Bobert tucks in his feet] Fetch! [Throws stick. Bobert falls onto his side and rolls away]
Darwin: I guess you would, but still. This is no way to treat a, uh...
Gumball: Go on, say it! A challenged person?
Darwin: No.
Gumball: You think you're better than him? It took you five years to learn facial expressions, and there are still some you don't know! [Makes a face] What's this one?
Darwin: You're making it difficult on purpose!
Gumball: Don't worry, I made this one up, but that's my point. Bobert has to learn. He's a pretty sharp kid, you know. [To Bobert] Don't let the dog get it!
[As the Cyclops Dog picks up the stick, Mr. Small, who is rollerskating, trips over Bobert. He tries to stay standing, but falls over. He is then seen talking sternly to Gumball, Darwin, and Bobert]
Mister Small: You're lucky I'm a licensed rollerblader, okay? If I hadn't been able to perform a safe roll, you could have lost a friend. [makes hand motions] Blades. For. Life. You be careful now. [Leaves]
Gumball: [Blows a raspberry] This world needs less rollerbladers, man.
[Bobert fires laser beams at Mr. Small]
Mister Small​​​​​​​: AAH! [His helmet, engulfed in flames, rolls onscreen] I'm okay!

Terminate Gumball

[Gumball, Darwin, and Bobert are seen in class]
Gumball: Hey, Darwin. check this out. Bobert, divide by zero.
[Bobert tries to, but malfunctions]
Darwin: See, that's the problem here. Any other kid, normal or not, would have some limits, but a robot just doesn't. It's unfair to do that to him.
Gumball: Why are you so uptight about this? I don't see anyone else having a problem with it.
Darwin: That's because no one else is here.
[Camera zooms out to reveal they are the only ones in class]
Gumball: Oh. Where is everybody?
Rocky: [Looks in classroom] Hey, what are you still doing here? School's cancelled today, there's no teachers.
Gumball: No teachers? Get out of here.
[Bobert stops malfunctioning and throws Rocky out the window]
Gumball: Uh, what just happened here?
Bobert: Following command.
Gumball: Dude, I never asked you to throw him out the window, I said get out of here.
[Bobert jumps out of a window]
Gumball: What the droid?
Darwin: See, I told you! A robot's got no limits or common sense. This can only go bad!
Gumball: Oh. come on. as long as I don't say, "Bobert, terminate Gumball" or whatever, it's fine.
[Bobert turns on]
Darwin: Put an end to it!
Gumball: No! [Darwin punches him] Ow, okay! Bobert, you don't take orders from anyone now, all right? [Bobert fires laser beams at them] Aah! What the..? What's your problem, man?
Bobert: Following command. [Replays Gumball's voice] Bobert, terminate Gumball.
Gumball: Oh, yeah... Delete that from your memory.
Bobert: Command denied. [Replays] Bobert, you don't take orders from anyone now, all right? [Regular voice] Commence termination.
[Bobert's eye glows red. Gumball and Darwin run away as he begins firing lasers in their direction]
Darwin: Why am I running? It's you he's trying to terminate.
Gumball: Because, you wanted to hear me say I was wrong.
Darwin: You know me well, don't you?
[They scream and fall into the cafeteria as Bobert shoots down the doors]
Darwin: Wait! I have an idea!
[As Bobert walks into the cafeteria, Darwin is crying over a turkey from the freezer dressed in Gumball's shirt]
Darwin: Look at what you've done... [Bobert scans the turkey] He was all I had.
[Gumball is seen inside the freezer, unaware of Miss Simian behind him]
Gumball: Come on, come on, come on, take the bait.
Lucy Simian: [Hugs Gumball] I'm sorry, Watterson. I know this isn't appropriate, but I just need to warm up.
[Gumball runs out of the freezer]
Gumball: AAAAHHH! Get off! Get off! Get off! [Takes his shirt off the turkey and runs off while Bobert fires lasers at him]
Lucy Simian: Wait! I'm so cold!
[Bobert fires a laser beam at Miss Simian and sets her on fire as Darwin follows Gumball]
Lucy Simian: Ahh, that's better.
[Gumball attempts to open two doors, before finally opening the door to the nurse's office]
Gumball: Oh, thank goodness! You need help me, Bobert's gone crazy.
Joan: [Sighs, writes something on a sticky note, hands it to Gumball] Here you go.
Gumball: What's that?
Joan: Tech-Support hotline... I am not a mechanic.
[Gumball looks into the hall and sees Bobert, who tries to shoot more lasers at Gumball. Gumball screams and dodges a laser before grabbing the fire hose and the sticky note]
Gumball: Thanks!
[Gumball jumps out of the window as Bobert shoots at him, using the fire hose to fling him into the room on the ground floor. As Bobert walks away, Joan, who is completely charred by the explosion, puts a band-aid on her head before fainting. Gumball is then seen dialing the tech support on the school phone]
Technician: Good afternoon, and thank you for calling our Technical Support.
Gumball: Yes, hi, I have a problem with my-
Technician: To book an appointment with one of our technicians, press one, to check on an order-
Gumball: Dagnabbit, you stupid answering machine! If I wanted to talk to-
[As Gumball yells, Bobert, who is being held back by Darwin, turns to look at Gumball]
Technician: No need to be rude, sir. If you did this job all day, you too would end up talking like a machine.
[Bobert shoots lasers at Gumball, one of which severs telephone's chord]
Darwin: Watch out!
[Gumball screams and jumps out of the way as one of Bobert's lasers destroy the telephone. Gumball returns and puts his hand into the change return slot]
Darwin: What are you doing?
Gumball: Getting my change.
Darwin: Just get out of here!
[Gumball runs off as Bobert fires more lasers]

Library Finale

[Gumball runs into the library, closes the door and blocks it with a chair, but runs away as soon as Bobert starts melting the door. Bobert looks around the library, then finds where Gumball is trying to hide]
Darwin: I'm sorry, Gumball. I can't slow him down any longer, my belly's too chafed. [Grunts, lets go of Bobert] Oh, wait, never mind, he's still going at exactly the same pace.
Gumball: [Skimming through a book] Aww come on, come on how do you stop a robot? I thought books were supposed to be useful. [Holds still as Bobert walks by. Gumball then gets an idea and smiles] Hmm.
[Gumball pushes a bookshelf down on Bobert]
Gumball: Darwin, I got him!
Darwin: [Muffled] You got me, too.
Gumball: [Takes books out of Darwin's mouth] Are you okay?
Darwin: Oh, I'm fine. [Shouting] Apart from the fact that none of this would have happened if it wasn't for this stupid game!
Gumball: It's not my fault. He wanted to be treated like a normal kid, So I treated him like one because, that's what he is. Aren't you, Bobert?
Bobert: Initiating countdown!
Gumball: Oh, great, he's gonna self-destruct. Even when I'm right, I'm wrong.
Bobert: Ten...
Gumball: Please tell me that's minutes and not seconds.
Darwin: Get me out of here!
Bobert: Nine...
[Gumball tries to lift the bookshelf back up but struggles]
Bobert: Eight...
Gumball: Dude, I've got a plan. It involves me running out that door. The problem is only one of us survives. What? you got a better idea?
Bobert: Seven...
Darwin: Defuse him!
Gumball: What? Like, water him down?
Darwin: No, not dilute, defuse! Like a bomb!
Bobert: Six...
Gumball: Hmm, do you have one of those tiny, tiny screwdrivers? No? Oh, well.
Bobert: Five...
Gumball: Who would have thought that it would all end like this, huh?
Darwin: There's still five seconds to do something!
Bobert: Four...
Gumball: I'm waiting until he gets to three so I get that super strength you get in life-threatening situations.
Bobert: Three...
Gumball: [Struggling to lift bookshelf again] Not gonna happen.
Bobert: Two...
Gumball: So, I guess it's time for some good last words, huh?
Bobert: One...
[Gumball inhales to say something, but sighs and shrugs]
Bobert: Zero. [Starts to shake and reverts back to normal] Twenty-four hours completed! Slave mode de-activated. Want to play another game?
Gumball: Uhh... yeah, all right.
[Darwin makes a worried expression; the episode ends]
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The Slip
DramaFone TheBuddy Uhhhh ThePossesion SadRichard TheMaster GameMasterRichard
Episode 29
The Drama
Episode 30
The Buddy
Episode 31
The Possession
Episode 32
The Master
TheSilence TryingToTalk TheFuture RobChokingBarbara TWish GBFactory
Episode 33
The Silence
Episode 34
The Future
Episode 35
The Wish
Episode 36
The Factory
The Agent GBWeb GBMess Frown Upside doun
Episode 37
The Agent
Episode 38
The Web
Episode 39
The Mess
Episode 40
The Heart
GBRevolt TheDecisions44 BFFS Stars GBInquisition
Episode 41
The Revolt
Episode 42
The Decisions
Episode 43
Episode 44
The Inquisition
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