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  • Chat is a fun area where users can interact, share, and basically just chat. See Help:Chat for more information.
  • Cussing is allowed in chat only, but if abused or done excessively, will result in a ban.
  • If you are not comfortable with the current subject on chat, do not complain or you will be blocked. Please either choose to ignore it or leave chat all together.
  • In addition, be aware that any user can screenshot your actions.
  • Users can discuss/say whatever they want, as long as it is not an argument or wiki threats.
  • Speak in a language that users can understand.
    • It is recommended to speak in English.
  • When a chat moderator, administrator, or the majority who are present asks you to stop doing something in chat, stop doing it.
    • Level of punishment will depend on the severity of the act, and the judgment of the chat moderator or administrator who addresses it.
  • Private messages are not monitored.
    • If a user is being abusive, click their avatar and select "Block Private Messages".
    • Do not bring private message issues to the main chat.
  • When users are away, don't force them to say something in chat.
    • They may be busy or doing something else.
    • Spamming chat gradually or suddenly because of boredom is disallowed and may result in being kicked or banned if necessary.
  • People from other wikis/etc. can also now visit chat (or "invade"), as long as they do not cause any trouble.

Please do not

  • Role play
  • Discuss role play that takes place in private messaging
  • Discuss or post anything overtly sexual or pornographic
  • Flame, harass, troll, or fight users
  • Spam (e.g., flooding the chat with nonsense)
    • Note that embedding images repeatedly after being warned to stop may result in a kick/ban
  • Post ASCII Codes (Text intended to represent an image)
  • Abuse private messaging (e.g., making multiple private messaging for no reason)
  • Advertise unless authorized by the Administration team present in chat (e.g., other wikis)
  • Backseat moderate
    • This means that you, as a user, should not act like you have a duty to enforce the rules.
    • Any user may inform the guilty of the rules.
      • If it fails, keep quiet, and report it to any of the chat moderators or administrators through private messaging or their message walls.
    • It should also be noted, that you mustn't tell a chat moderator/administrator what to do, as it is a serious offense, and borders on mini-modding.
  • Link results from search engines
    • It creates a long link and unnecessary stretch, causing the sidebar to appear
  • Post links to illegal downloads or streams of copyrighted material (e.g. full episodes of The Amazing World of Gumball)
    • This is not allowed in main chat or private messaging. Although, it is very slim for a user to get caught doing this in private messages. Be aware that any user may printscreen anything which takes place in private messaging as well.
  • Incite drama (e.g., grief slinging, inferiority complex)
  • A moderator reserves the right to warn or kick/ban a user if he/she feels they are attention-hogging.
    • Given context, general attention-seeking behaviors tend to include: The excessive use of caps, punctuation, chat features, and stubbornly trying to force either a different topic or force the current topic in a specific direction.
  • Disrespect anyone, especially to the chat moderators and administrators
  • Ask for any personal information (e.g., people's real names, where people live, their ages)
    • Note that you are allowed to give out your own personal information entirely at your discretion
  • Use capital letters excessively
  • Spread false information about other users
  • Post phishing, malicious, or keylogging links
  • Post spoilers without warning.

Chat moderators

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