This is a list of people who currently hold positions of power in this wiki.


Bureaucrats have all the abilities of admins, plus the ability to appoint more admins and bureaucrats. They generally have the final say in arguments, though Wikia may intervene if one is found to be abusive.

Bureaucrats choose the color of their username and have a RainbowChatIconLogo icon in chat and message threads.


Since June 12, 2011

Semi Active

Central (UTC-6)

InvaderrrZim's Description

InvaderrrZIM is a cheery user with a passion for video games. He currently works as a web developer for a gaming media site. If he's not working late hours or playing board games at a co-worker's house, he's usually watching anime or playing video games (or both). Though he is quiet, shy, and sometimes awkward in conversations, he will most definitely offer help and advice if you ask him for it.


Since September 12, 2011

Temp. Inactive

U.K. (UTC±0)

Klonoamiyumi's Description

Klonoamiyumi (Formerly Gumballamiyumi) is one of the oldest users in this Wiki. He tries to be your friend(give and take a few things that may irritate him) , more than just a bureaucrat and will remain true to his emotions when dealing with situations, in fear of falling into the administrative stereotype. The expectation that he has to be strict, and devoid of emotion is something he doesn't believe in, and will act like a regular user first, and a rule enforcer last. Hence why he can be quite rash sometimes. Despite his sporadic nature, he has learned to be more careful with his attitude in recent years, and will often cast aside his emotions when dealing with rule breakers whose motivations are clear. Admittedly, he can have outbursts on occasion, but for the most part he tries to be as reserved and true to himself as possible. Additionally, he rarely ever holds grudges on users, and will often seek to apologize to those he may have wronged. He appeared following the premiere of Gumball in the UK. He started off as a regular user who annoyed everyone by his false belief of the UK Airdate to be the true chronology. One day he had a feud with Globaluna32, one of the admins. He was blocked. But he apologized right away and used his old account. During this time, the rules weren't that developed and there wasn't a clear set of them to follow, so he managed to pass through. Once he changed his attitude and behaved accordingly, users began to like him and he would log into chat whenever he could. Eventually, one of the buros noticed his activity and gave him a Chat Mod position. However, there were a lot of problems with this as he was using his sister's laptop and could only get on the chat on Weekends and school holidays. What followed, was a sleuth of inactivity blogs whenever a problem arised.

When Globaluna32 left the Wiki, Yumi began developing a friendship with the next buro "RandomCed859" within numerous months, he was eventually promoted to an Admin. During this time, this Wiki became stressful for him, as he lost all hype for the show just as Season 1 was coming to a close. Season 1 episodes were leaked and a huge hiatus killed the excitement Yumi felt for the show. During June of 2014, he was promoted to a temporary buro while Killer365 took a temporary hiatus. He changed his username to "Klonoamiyumi" on January 14th, and On February 15th, 2015, it was agreed he could keep his buro position.

He can usually be found on chat discussing Anime, Games, Manga and occasionally Commercials. Usually of the Video Game variety.


Since May 9, 2013

Semi Active

Eastern (UTC-5)

PhoenixKenny's Description

PhoenixKenny is the first deaf user on this wiki. She discovered this wiki sometime in early 2012, before the end of Season 1. She lurked for more than a year before finally deciding to join. She can be frequently seen editing episode plots, transcripts, and fixing typos, as well as keeping a vigilant eye on bad edits. Although she is somewhat quiet and shy, she is polite and willing to help new users, and doesn't take crap from trolls and misbehaving users. She currently attends Savannah College of Art and Design, and hopes to publish her own graphic novels someday.

She used to be a regular at this wiki's own chatroom, but severe depression and real-life difficulties has compelled her to take an indefinite break from chat. Nevertheless, she isn't planning on retiring from this wiki anytime soon.


Administrators, or "admins" for short, are trusted users that have access to special functions on the wiki. These functions include, among many others: blocking disruptive users, deleting pages, and protecting pages from edits.

Admins choose the color of their username and have a Sun Chat Icon icon in chat and message threads.

Note: Bureaucrats who are also administrators are not included in this section. 

202nd Skywalker

Since April 6, 2016


Central (UTC-6)

202nd Skywalker's Description

202nd Skywalker is what one would call a truly unique individual, with standout content on other sites, trivia and facts only nerds who have the same interests will understand, radical and strange beliefs about the world at large, and passionate feelings about Penny. (To a certain point. See his profile for full details.)

Before becoming a staff member, 202 was just a regular user on the wiki who then became more involved with the activity, checking every new edit for anything wrong or vandalistic. Eventually, other users took notice of this penchant for doing away with bad edits almost as soon as they appeared. Some time after BMO's departure, Noah started a support thread for 202 to gain rollback rights. Not even 24 hours had passed, and already the thread gained universal support from other users. In no time, ZIM promoted 202 to rollback status. 2 months and a few weeks later during a conversation about "commons," 202 was randomly promoted to chat mod as a joke. In the confusion that followed (due to chat not having a demotion message) the idea worked it's way into main, and the majority vote was 202 have chat mod rights. For real this time. Some time later in August 2017, Noah set up another thread, this time to bump 202 up to Patroller. Soon after high support, he was officially moved up to Patroller. Almost a year later in August 2018, the decision was made to promote him to Administrator.

Usually you can find 202 in chat and watch his nonsense unfold in front of a live audience, along with editing the main wiki, helping it be the very best it can be.


Patrollers are users that can delete pages, edit comments, and move blogs. In a way they are like secondary admins.

Patrollers have purple names and have Patrollerstar icon in chat and message threads.

Note: Patrollers who are also chat moderators, administrators or bureaucrats are not included in this section.  

Blue Pant.

Since September 2, 2011

Semi Active

Eastern (UTC-5)

Blue Pant.'s Description

Blue Pant. is a patroller.

Since January 12, 2013

Temp. Inactive

Philippines (UTC+8)

Gameuser10's Description

Gameuser10 is a reticent, introverted user who prefers to stay quiet and listen to other people's experiences, stories or burdens. Often works on transcripts and likes proofreading articles.

A highly responsible and mature (but not too mature) user who is a rare gem amongst the human population. His ideology compels him to help others in every way he can, and his philosophy gives off an aura of wisdom to his cyber-persona. Having been around the emotional block a few times, he can relate to almost anyone's emotional troubles and has helped many people on this wiki overcome hurdles. He is also a skilled wiki technician of a sort, knowing his way around a Mediawiki page and other assorted gizmos I know few of. He's disliked by none (we know of at least) and likewise holds no hatred or animosity towards any of the users on this here fine wiki of ours. If you ever see him in chat, be sure to ping him with the word "game" as much as possible say hi and befriend him. He's not one to deserve disdain.

probably could add more admin attributes but i feel the personality is more important

Blue Pant .- I'm the hero this wiki deserves... ...But not the one it needs right now. 02:34, January 7, 2015 (UTC)

Chat Moderators

Chat moderators, or "chat mods" for short, are users that moderate the chat. They have the power to ban people from chat, whether it's for being disruptive or for failing to follow the chat rules.

Chat mods have orange names and a Moon Chat Icon icon in chat and message threads.

Note: Chat moderators who are also administrators or bureaucrats are not included in this section.  

Chat Moderator

Since January 23, 2017



MarvinDarwin's Description

MarvinDarwin (commonly known as Marvin) is a user who tries but often fails at being funny. He can often be found in the Wiki's Discord server trying to improve his comedy and language skills. Refreshing the Wiki Activity page is an everyday routine for him, and he does his best to edit a lot and revert bad edits. He discovered the Wiki in 2013 and has been wandering around ever since. 4 years have passed and he joined to be promoted to a chat moderator on the 9th of September, 2017.
Chat Moderator

Since January 29, 2016


Central (UTC-6)

Fenton127's Description

Fenton127 Fenton127 (AKA Scooch on discord) is a chill guy who likes to be a goofball, but can also be very serious when the time comes. He used to be much more active on the wiki, but he tries to get the edits in when he can.


Rollbacks are users with the power to undo several edits with a single click.

Rollbacks have grey names and have no specific icon in chat and message threads.

Note: Rollbacks who are also chat moderators, patrollers, administrators, or bureaucrats are not included in this section.


Since April 9, 2015


Pacific (UTC-8)

LegoKirby12's Description

LegoKirby12 is one of the most hardworking users. Smashing 2000 edits in his first year. You can often see him adding pictures to articles.

Since January 31, 2017

Semi Active

Eastern (UTC-5)

Mattalamode's Description

Mattalamode is a pretty average guy and sketch comedy buff who spends his time over-analyzing The Amazing World of Gumball on the quest to reach enlightenment in his understanding of comedy. He finds it disingenuous to write of himself in the third-person, but alas, the peer pressure is too strong.
Also, his name means "Matt with ice cream." It's not the most complicated concept to grasp, but it had to be said.

Since October 23rd, 2016


Eastern (UTC-5)

ThatGuy456's Description

ThatGuy456 is a guy who edits around here and tries to write some analysis-based blog posts.

Since June 25, 2017

Semi Active

France (UTC+1)

RJSP's Description

RJSP is an average user who is a non-average The Amazing World of Gumball fan and edits on articles in prolific numbers.
Rollback since the 16th of June, 2018. Does not prefer to do galleries.

Since January 12, 2018


U.K. (UTC±0)

SomnoticAgama's Description

SomnoticAgama lurked around this Wiki for quite a while before finally joining on the 12th of January, 2018 (as seen in his infobox). He edits a lot because he enjoys it and likes helping the Wiki. He was promoted to rollback along with RJSP on the 16th of June, 2018.

Since August 14, 2014


Eastern (UTC-5)

Kaijusaurus-Rex's Description

Kaijusaurus-Rex is a huge fan of Gumball and has contributed to the wiki for a good while. He can usually be found in the chatroom, talking his head off with Gameuser10 and Stickventures720. He is a pretty laid back guy who likes goofing off and writing ridiculous things that make no sense whatsoever but when the situation calls for it, can be serious and doesn't crack jokes whenever something happens.


Main article: Project:Bots

A bot is a piece of software that makes automated edits on a wiki and also helps human users to make semi-automated edits. Bots are most often used in short runs to make repetitive edits to many pages, such as moving a group of pages to a new category, fixing links to disambiguation pages, or to search for misspelled words and replace them with correct ones.

The only current active bot is Villicus, whose only purpose is to entertain users on chat, but can also log chat when needed. Until further notice, the chat bot functions of Villicus are disabled. However, it may still be used for semi-automated edits upon request.

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