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    The Wattersons

    Meet the not-so-average family, the Wattersons!

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    At the request of Principal Brown, Darwin attempts to create the Elmore Junior High Yearbook.

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    We thought that we would always be by each other's side...

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    Superintendent Evil comes to Elmore Junior High to stamp out all of the students' cartoonish ways.

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Neophyte (by Gameuser10)

"With man's technological evolution, more are pushed to question the relationship between mankind and technology, and ponder where exactly humanity stands within modern society's moral ambiguity. Forced into the world of biohacking and genetic modification, Rob discovers that the concept of the Übermensch is still very much alive, and very, very deadly."

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February 17th, 2021
Per Cartoon Network's official Twitter account and WarnerMedia press release, The Amazing World of Gumball movie is officially in development! ~ PhoenixKenny

August 3rd, 2020
And just like that, our art contest has come to a close! Congratulations TheEarthisround12, Snow Walk, and Gameuser10 for taking first, second, and third places respectively! Check out their artwork and other amazing pieces right here! ~ Guy

June 6, 2019
The last remaining episodes of Season 6 have been released on the CN website and app! Watch 'em with a cable login here. ~ Matt

September 1, 2018
The results for the art contest are in! Thank you to all those who submitted something for the contest! The winner was TimberWolfer, with Denmax, EllieStudios, and Xmaster555 winning second, third, and fourth places respectively! See all the awesome art here!

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Contrary to popular belief, the box squid debuted in "The Ape," not "The Third."
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The majority of voters believe that Hot Dog Guy was at his best in "The Cringe" out of all of his major roles.

Last Month's Winner: TheEarthisround12

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Contrary to popular belief, the original title of Leonard Daniels' article was not "Creepy Guy" but "Yellow Guy."

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Leslie may have a crush on Banana Joe.

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