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"The Amazing World of Elmore" is a song from "The World," sung by the objects and the animals.


Basketball: Look up.
Sewer cap: Look down.
Evil trees: Look all around.
Electric toothbrush: We are all over this whole town.
Traffic lights: You can find us on the street.
Couch: In your house.
Mold: Under your seat.
Frozen fish: We are also in your store.
Pants: We are cleaner than before.
Billboards: We’re the amazing world of Elmore!

Bacteria: [Tap-dances on keyboard] We are here to give you flu.
Elmore dollar: People like me more than you.
Frog: I'm still waiting to be kissed.
Disc: I don't know why I still exist.
Pen: I am here to help you write.
Not just here for you to bite!
Anais's sock: You always buy us by the pair.
Anais's other sock: But you won't find me anywhere! [Jumps out the window] WHEE!
Solar System: We like to turn and turn and turn!
Gumball's brain: I try hard but never learn.
Faucet: [mumbles, subtitles appear] (I am here to keep you clean)
Pillow: I like to listen to your dreams.
Creatures: [rambling noises]
Principal Brown’s glasses: There's more to us than meets the eye.
Bus stop sign: Try to look when you go by!
Utensils: We love!
Bacon and eggs: We laugh!
Plug socket: We cry!
Objects: We do all of this and more, 'cuz we're the amazing world of Elmore!
(The most, the most amazing town!)


Soda can: So now you know a little more about us.
Gloves: But now it's time to wave goodbye.
Gumball's eyes: We hope we've opened up your eyes.
Meteor: So please next time, when you stop by.
Mr. Cuddles: Say hi, don't be shy.
Objects: We would love to see you all in the amazing world of Elmore!
Daisy the Donkey​​​​​: Yeah!

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