The Amazing Adventures of Gumball and Darwin and Sarah is a fan book made by Sarah. It shows all the events Sarah planned out in the episode, "The Fan," since she is a huge fan of Gumball and Darwin. Later, Gumball throws the piece into a fan, which shreds it to pieces.


First page

The first page depicts Sarah, Gumball, and Darwin in front of the Rainbow Factory seconds before its destruction in the explosion that the boys caused.

Second page

The second page depicts Gumball, Darwin, Sarah, and Tina in the cafeteria at lunch.

Third page

The third page depicts Gumball and Darwin watching the "Stalker Song."

Fourth page

The fourth page depicts Gumball, Darwin, and Sarah after the boys tell her to leave them alone.

Fifth page

The fifth page depicts Gumball and Darwin fighting for Sarah.

Sixth page

The sixth page depicts Gumball shirtless, revealing his abs.

Seventh page

The seventh and final page depicts Gumball and Darwin falling with Sarah watching. Written below is "Like fallen angels they plumetted [sic] from the skies..."



  • The entire book is done in the style of manga, used in Japanese comics.
  • When Gumball and Darwin find out about the book, Gumball says it is called "The Amazing Adventures of Gumball, Darwin, and Sarah," leaving out the "and" in between "Gumball" and "Darwin."

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