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The school library is a recurring location in The Amazing World of Gumball. It is the place in Elmore Junior High where kids can find references and check out books. Teri apparently comes here often to study origami and papercrafts. The librarian and the tree librarian work here. In reality, it is the Mill Hill Library in Barnet, London.


It is a common library; very spacious, with tables so students can sit and read in peace. There are also computers that are used to look up things on the internet and play games on.

Episode appearances

Season 1

  • "The Mystery": Gumball is chased by his classmates here.
  • "The Genius": Gumball tries to get smart by watching books in there, then he trains his brain to be smarter for a big test to save Darwin.
  • "The Club": It is the location of The Reject Club.

Season 2

  • "The Apology": Gumball and Darwin find a dollar bill on the floor here.
  • "The Words": Gumball and Darwin use the computers, where Darwin gets upset over the pictures Tobias posts.
  • "The Bet": Gumball hides from Bobert in the library.
  • "The Flakers": Gumball and Darwin get cornered by Tina in the beginning.
  • "The Virus": Gumball, Darwin, and Teri discuss germs at the computers.
  • "The Dream": Gumball watches Darwin's apology video.
  • "The Sidekick": It briefly appears a couple of times in the montage of Tobias apologizing to Gumball and Darwin. Later, Gumball and Darwin use the computers, where Darwin attempts to prove he is just a sidekick.
  • "The Lesson": Gumball and Darwin eat book pages in an attempt to become smarter.
  • "The Voice": Gumball and Darwin hide out in here after giving everyone apologies. They then get another threatening e-mail.
  • "The Boombox": Gumball looks up a method on how to translate Juke's beatbox speech. Later, Gumball and Darwin return here to try to find the meaning of Grobblefest on the computers.
  • "The Internet": Gumball and Darwin read books to get their minds off the Internet. They then discover their classmates are watching Gumball's viral video on the computer.
  • "The World": Some germs are briefly seen singing on a computer keyboard.

Season 3

  • "The Joy": Penny gets chased into a corner by an infected Gumball and Banana Joe, and becomes one with the virus herself.
  • "The Recipe": Anton falls for a computer prank here.
  • "The Void": Gumball and Darwin try to find clues on Molly in the school yearbook.
  • "The Move": Tobias tries to flirt with Teri and Penny here. Meanwhile, Gumball tries, in a symbolic way, to get Clayton to let out his lies.
  • "The Bros": Gumball attempts to propose to Penny here.
  • "The Saint": Gumball, Darwin, and Alan are using the computers, until Gumball makes one catch fire. Not long after, Gumball returns here to make Alan lose all his friends on Elmore Plus.
  • "The Society": Gumball tries to find a secret passage leading to the secret society here. He causes many bookshelves to fall as a result.

Season 4

Season 5

  • "The Stories": Gumball, Darwin, and Molly watch a supercut of Molly's storytelling here.
  • "The Vision": Gumball and Darwin corner Alan here.
  • "The Test": This is where Gumball, Darwin, and Sarah take the online test. Later, Gumball increases his terrible popularity here.
  • "The Slide": Rocky tells Gumball and Darwin about the love of his life in here. Later, it appears at the end where the trio play computer games together.
  • "The Potato": Gumball tries various methods to help Darwin stop craving potatoes in here.
  • "The Matchmaker": Gumball attempts to get Teri to marry Darwin online here, despite Carrie's objections. Later, in an attempt to break Darwin and Teri up, Gumball and Carrie return here to fling Alan onto the latter to make it look like they are kissing. It does not work.
  • "The Grades": Miss Simian tries to help Gumball study for a test in here.
  • "The Uncle": Ocho reveals his actual name to Gumball in here.
  • "The Best": Gumball complains to Darwin about Carmen in here.
  • "The Worst": Briefly appears in the montage of Richard at Elmore Junior High.
  • "The Nuisance": A picture of Anais here can be seen in a newspaper.
  • "The List": Gumball and Darwin try to complete some of the things on Nicole's list here, one of which involves saving Gary from dying.

Season 6

  • "The Cringe": Hot Dog Guy resists peeing himself here while watching a video of a firefighter hosing a fire down.
  • "The Intelligence": The senior citizens take Gumball and Darwin in here in order to escape the angry mob.
  • "The Understanding": Briefly appears a few times in the montage of Gumball and Darwin not understanding Peter. Later, Peter reads a book on coins there, while Gumball and Darwin try not to look confused at his mannerisms.
  • "The Awareness": Gumball asks for some information on plants here.
  • "The Buddy": Anais and Jamie are tasked to search here to find who messed around with the computers.
  • "The Inquisition": Principal Brown inspects it.

Books seen on shelves

  • The Eye Poker
  • The Importance of Water
  • Secrets of Chicken Wings
  • Grammar for All
  • The Cool
  • Love Zone
  • Age of Dinosaurs
  • Mecanics
  • Maths. Nerd Level
  • Browse the Net Like a Pro
  • e=mc
  • Eat Me
  • How To
  • Lost in My Garden
  • Left or Right
  • Blue Cat
  • Dear Powridge
  • Firemaster
  • How to be Distracted
  • The Little Platypus Who Took the Wrong Bus
  • How to Read a Book
  • Where Is My Nose
  • All About Nothing
  • GIF Is My True Love
  • Top of the Top
  • Cooking and Spells
  • Faceplant Stories
  • Worms from Space
  • It's That Easy
  • Street Math
  • A Window on the Soul
  • Vampire Incisors
  • New Cook Book
  • We Love Rainbow
  • Analog to Digital
  • Gothic Clothing
  • Physics for Kids
  • Vampires Vs Racoons
  • War and Peace
  • Robin Hood
  • Dante's Inferno
  • Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
  • Gone with the Wind
  • The Three Musketeers
  • Moby Dick
  • For Whom the Bell Tolls
  • Daisy: For the Record



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