The school bus is the vehicle that drives students to and from Elmore Junior High. It is usually parked outside in front of the school. The school bus first appeared in "The End." The school bus makes many other appearances in the series. Rocky is the bus driver.

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  • In "The Quest," Gumball, Darwin, and Anais ride the school bus. In "The Gi," "The Bumpkin," "The Coach," and "The Ad," they do not.
  • It is always seen with graffiti on its sides.
  • The words "Elmore Jr. High" can be seen on the sides of the bus.
  • The school bus is loosely based on the Ford B-700.
  • Its license plate number is "BIGBOY4."
  • A similar bus can partially be seen in the Void.
  • A goof that occasionally shows up after the events of "The Shell" is that a shelled Penny can still be seen inside the bus despite having shed her shell. This goof occurs on "The Mirror," "The Countdown," "The Silence," and "The Decisions."
  • In "The Coach," the bus loosely represents the Chevrolet Kodiak/GMC Topkick.
  • A goof that occasionally shows up in season 5 is that the bus changes when at houses into a Chevrolet Kodiak, but on the way it closely resembles the Caisson Elementary C, then at the school it changes back into its original form.
  • In "The Mystery," the bus driver is Gary instead of Rocky.
  • It resembles the public bus.

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