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School House Rush is a 2D side-scrolling platform game that takes place in the The Amazing World of Gumball universe. It was released on January 30th, 2012.


While at school, Principal Brown calls Gumball and Darwin to tell them that Elmore Junior High is flooded. He tasks them with checking on Miss Simian, saving the students trapped underwater, and fixing the pipe leak outside of the school. Gumball and Darwin resolve to save the school in order to impress Penny.


In this game, the player plays as Gumball. The left and right arrow keys move him left and right, the up and down buttons expand the player's vision either up or down, and the space bar makes him jump. The up arrow key is also used for entering doors, when the player encounters one that opens as the character stands in front of it.

Many parts of the game also require Darwin's help to progress. Usually he appears out of manhole covers (and disappears down them, as well). When he is present as a companion, Gumball can bounce on his head to jump higher. Because he usually follows Gumball's jump, a second bounce in mid-air can be achieved to soar even higher. Aside from his bouncy head, Darwin also helps by destroying obstacles and, in the underwater level, opening gates.

There are also two power-ups— the bubble power-up, which negates the next damaging hit taken, and the Gi, which provides invulnerability, speed, and higher jumps. Also, the signs with Principal Brown's face on it are checkpoints. Passing through one of these automatically activates it, allowing the player to restart from there if they fail the level.

Throughout the levels, there are objects that can be interacted with. Ropes, when jumped into, will cause Gumball to swing back and forth. The lower he is rope, the farther he will go. Ropes with metal handles allows Gumball to hang onto them, dangling above the ground. Often they are grouped going diagonally up, allowing one to use them as sort of an upside down staircase. Carmen will damage Gumball on contact, because she is a cactus. Barbed wire does the same thing. Alan, when grabbed onto, will allow Gumball to fly around for a bit until he pops.

There are three levels total. In between levels, there are minigames. The first one involves dodging Miss Simian's detention notes, while causing the students nearby to receive them instead. The second one involves popping the bubbles encasing students, while dodging Darwin, curiously. The third one involves dodging Hector.

All throughout the game, there are sun stickers scattered about. Collecting these is optional, but they boost the score at the end, and a badge on the CN US site is awarded for collecting one thousand in a single game. The yellow ones add one to the counter, while the orange ones add ten.


Minor characters


NOTE: Badges can only be earned on the Cartoon Network websites only and one must be logged in with their account in order to claim the badges.

Gb schoolhouserush beatgame Gumball badge School House Hero - Beat the game.

Gb schoolhouserush 2karate Gi Badge Gi Whiz - Collect two karate costumes in one game.

Gb schoolhouserush nohitboss Boss Badge Boss Basher - Win the Miss Simian boss battle without any damage.

Gb schoolhouserush mystery Darwin Badge Expert Explorer (Mystery Badge) - Go through every door in the game.

Gb schoolhouserush 1000sun Sun Badge Solar Powered - Collect one thousand suns in a single game.

Gb schoolhouserush nocontinusesused Darwin Badge 2 School House Legend - Beat the game without using any continues.



  • This is the lowest rated Gumball game, only receiving 3.5/5.
  • This game seems to run on exactly the same engine as the My Gym Partner's a Monkey game Hall of the Wild and The Big Field Trip. Their similarities include:
    • Sun Sticker - Glass Door Knob
    • Orange Sun Sticker - Golden Door Knob
    • Carmen - Porcupine
    • Karate Outfit - Jungle Outfit
    • Rope - Slips Python
    • Miss Simian - Nurse Gazelle
    • Darwin - Jake Spidermonkey
    • Hector and Jamie - Lions
    • Gumball - Adam Lyon
  • In a promo for this game, Rocky is not blocked in the last scene where it shows the title.
  • On the CN Asia site, this game does not give any badges.
  • Sal Left Thumb makes a very minor appearance in the title screen background underneath Darwin's arm. He is in his prototype design from the stage of development where he was a student (minus the mask and arms; more realistic-looking), making this one of the few pieces of official Gumball media to use prototype designs.


  • In level two, Gumball is swimming even though he cannot swim.
  • In level two, when Gumball goes through a pipe, his swimming trunks turn into his normal clothes.
  • Gumball occasionally moves and looks without one pressing the arrow keys. This can be removed by pressing the left, right, up, or down arrow keys twice, as fast as possible.

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