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Santa Claus
Character Information
Gender: Male ♂
Species: Human
Friends: Blitzer, the Wattersons, and everyone on his nice list
Enemies: The Wattersons (in "The Finale") and everyone on his naughty list
First Appearance: "The Kiss" (mentioned) "Christmas" (first physical appearance)
Voice: Brian Blessed

Santa Claus is a minor character in The Amazing World of Gumball. He first appears in the episode "Christmas," where he gets run over by the Wattersons, and is believed by Richard to be the real Santa Claus.


Santa Claus was believed to be, after getting run over by Richard, a homeless man resembling popular depictions of the actual Christmas hero. His wild, untrimmed white hair covers his entire face, and he has a curly beard similar to those found on modern portrayals of Santa. He was filthy and smelly, and wore tattered clothing that has vague similarities to his actual attire.

After being hit again, however, he regains his memories and restores himself to his former glory. His attire and body build now matches the depictions of Santa in legends completely. His facial hair looks much neater with his eyes and nose visible, and his clothes are clean, neat, and shiny.


In "Christmas," as a result of being struck by a car, he believes he is a random homeless man. Richard and the kids believe him to be Santa, but he has not got the faintest clue what they are talking about. The kids' attempts at getting his memories back only succeed in annoying him. Eventually, Nicole reveals that Santa Claus is nonexistent, causing him to realize how worthless he is. At the lowest point in his depression, he is struck in the head again, causing him to regain his memories.

The actual Santa is a jolly man that cares deeply about the safety of other people, telling Gumball and Richard to sacrifice his expensive, high-tech sled to save themselves. He is also very generous, working hard to make sure all the good boys and girls receive gifts on Christmas.

Episode appearances

Season 1

Season 2

  • "Christmas": His first major role and physical appearance.
  • "The Finale": He is one of the many citizens attacking the Wattersons at the end.

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6


  • He is the first character to be voiced by a guest star.
  • Unlike the iconic Santa, he only has one reindeer as opposed to eight.
  • Though he is oddly shaped, it is possible that he is the first human to appear in Elmore.


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