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Rockwell "Rocky" Robinson
Character Information
Gender: Male ♂
Also known as: Rockwin ("The Genius")
Species: Puppet
Age: 27 (English)
31 (Japanese)
Friends: Gumball, Darwin, Penny, Carmen, Leslie, Nicole, Richard, Brydie (former love interest)
Enemies: Miss Simian, Jamie, Alison, Mr. Chanax, Goblin
Relatives: Gaylord (father) Margaret (mother), and an unnamed uncle
Occupation: School Janitor, School bus driver and Lunch Lady
First Appearance: The early reel (prototype)
"The Debt" (final concept)
Voice: Lewis MacLeod (season 1)
Hugo Harold-Harrison (season 2)
Simon Lipkin (season 3 onwards)
Color Scheme
fur shirt eye pants

Rockwell "Rocky" Robinson is a supporting character in The Amazing World of Gumball. He is the son of Gaylord and Margaret Robinson. Rocky works a wide variety of jobs at Elmore Junior High, ranging from the janitor to the school bus driver.


Rocky is covered in fuzzy, orange fur. He has an orange-yellow striped nose and wears a black t-shirt with a logo, pants, but no shoes. Rocky is animated in CGI but is designed to move like and resemble a Muppet.


Rocky does a lot of odd jobs around Elmore Junior High, ranging from janitor to a cook, bus driver and much more. He is a good friend to pretty much all the kids and loves to hang out with them, especially Gumball and Darwin, unlike his mean-spirited parents who hate them. Rocky is also not very bright, much to the shame of his parents, who are not very pleased about his career choices either (but mostly his father). More proof of his carelessness can be shown in the episode, "The Romantic" where he is shown driving the school bus and mostly reading to Penny what the poem says. He is not prolific with women, having been dumped many times.

Voice actors

  • Lewis MacLeod (USA/UK, season 1)
  • Hugo Harold-Harrison (USA/UK, season 2)
  • Simon Lipkin (USA/UK, season 3 onwards)
  • Christiano Torreão (Brazil, from "The Debt" to his first dialog in "The Sock")
  • Fernando Mendonça (Brazil, from the rest of "The Sock" onwards)
  • Peterson Adriano (Brazil, in "The Fraud")
  • Jarosław Boberek (Poland, season 1)
  • Paweł Szczesny (Poland, season 2)
  • Janusz Wituch (Poland, season 3–present)
  • Alexander Naparin (Russia, season 1-2)
  • Andrey Barkhudarov (Russia, season 6)
  • Andrey Grinevich (Russia, season 6)
  • Prohor Chehovskoy (Russia, season 6)
  • Hiroki Gotō (Japan)
  • Gábor Joó (Hungary, season 1–2 and season 4–present)
  • Tomasz Galbenisz (Hungary, season 3)
  • Péter Szokol (Hungary, in "The Romantic")

Episode appearances


Season 1

  • "The Debt": He presents his father's performance at the senior talent show and shows him support while he is singing.
  • "The End": He drives the bus.
  • "The Dress": He is seen driving the school bus.
  • "The Quest": He is driving the bus.
  • "The Pressure": Masami asks him where Darwin is at the school swimming pool. Afterwards, he gives Gumball some advice about women. He claims he has had thousands of girlfriends.
  • "The Ghost": He is at the lunch counter in the school cafeteria, he sees Gumball (possessed by Carrie), and offers to let him lick the ladle.
  • "The Mystery": He is a possible suspect for hurting Principal Brown, but eventually this is disproven.
  • "The Robot": In the cafeteria, he reprimands Gumball for supposedly getting more than one burger.
  • "The Goons": He participates in the Dumb Race, coming in seventh place.
  • "The Secret": He saves Gumball and Darwin from being kept confined in the bathroom.
  • "The Sock": He gives Gumball and Darwin a crowbar and jumps out a window.
  • "The Genius": Nicole and Richard decide to replace Darwin with him, so they dress him in their son's clothing and call him "Rockwin."
  • "The Ape": He tells Miss Simian about an award that she still needs.
  • "The Curse": He gives Gumball used clothes from the lost and found.
  • "The Fight": In the cafeteria, Juke asks for an ice cream sundae but he does not understand him.

Season 2

  • "The Flower": He is seen in the background of the cafeteria.
  • "The Banana": He gets knocked off a ladder as Gumball and Darwin race past him.
  • "The Phone": He is seen drilling a hole in a door.
  • "The Apology": He drives the bus.
  • "The Words": He is setting the ceiling light before Darwin knocked him off the ladder he was currently using.
  • "The Bet": He gets thrown out of the school window by Bobert.
  • "The Flakers": Richard is seen nibbling on him, thinking he is a hamburger. He is also seen mopping the floor in the school hall at the beginning.
  • "The Hero": He is driving the school bus.
  • "The Sidekick": He is seen in the cafeteria.
  • "The Promise": He is driving the school bus.
  • "The World": He is cleaning one of the toilets in the school restroom.

Season 3

  • "The Coach": He is seen working at the school cafeteria.
  • "The Joy": He is one of the victims of the Joy virus.
  • "The Recipe": He is driving the school bus.
  • "The Name": He is driving the school bus.
  • "The Fraud": He gets knocked out by Darwin.
  • "The Boss": His first major role. He gets a job to make his father proud.
  • "The Allergy": He is in a tree.
  • "The Burden": (mentioned)
  • "The Bros": He is driving the school bus.
  • "The Mirror": He is seen in the cafeteria.
  • "The Lie": He is shown with Banana Joe, Leslie, and Sarah listening to Gumball and Darwin discuss Sluzzle Tag.
  • "The Butterfly": Alison mistakenly believes that he has proposed to her.
  • "The Question": Gumball unintentionally knocks him into the school's pool with a skipping stone.
  • "The Safety": He can be seen in one of Darwin's surveillance monitors.
  • "The Society": He is interrogated by Gumball for the password to the school's secret society.
  • "The Spoiler": He is seen in the cafeteria. He is also a caller on the radio.
  • "The Countdown": He can be seen driving the school bus.
  • "The Nobody": He walks past Gumball and Darwin as they try to give Rob a purpose in the world.
  • "The Money": He can be seen driving the bus.

Season 4

Season 5

  • "The Stories": He is seen cleaning the hallway.
  • "The Code": He watches Gumball announce his entrance to the cafeteria.
  • "The Test": He is seen in the cafeteria.
  • "The Slide": His second major role. He attempts to hook up with Brydie.
  • "The Loophole": He breaks into a store when he realizes no one has the money to buy goods.
  • "The Matchmaker": He drives the school bus. His Elmore Plus account is also seen on one of the computers in the library.
  • "The Catfish": Gumball and Darwin look through his Elmore Plus account.
  • "The Weirdo": He sees Gumball, Darwin, and Sussie in the street.
  • "The Heist": He is seen at the bank.
  • "The Worst": He is seen driving the bus that Anais saws in half.
  • "The News": He yells at the Donut Cop.
  • "The Puppets": He gets distracted by Howdy while driving the school bus, then gets injured in a truck crash.

Season 6

  • "The One": He is cleaning the cafeteria's floor.
  • "The Cringe": He is seen watering the grass at the stadium.
  • "The Anybody": He is driving the school bus and ignores Gumball.
  • "The Faith": He enters the Elmore Mall trying to date some black and white women, but gets beaten up by them.
  • "The Pact": He drives the bus. Later, he chokes on Miss Simian’s breath. He is also mentioned by Principal Brown.
  • "The Shippening": Gumball throws Idaho at him to keep him from seeing his father kissing Banana Barbara.
  • "The Schooling": He is at the store during black Friday sales.
  • "The Spinoffs": He is in a picture with Ocho, and drives the bus.
  • "The Understanding": He is in the cafeteria when Principal Brown makes an announcement, and is in the the same place when Gumball and Darwin are trying to understand Peter.
  • "The Ghouls": He is chased by a ghoul.
  • "The Awareness": He drives the bus.
  • "The Silence": He drives the bus.
  • "The Agent": He is electrocuted.
  • "The Heart": He picks his father up from the police station.
  • "The Revolt": He is attacked by the objects.
  • "The Decisions": He drives the bus.
  • "The Inquisition": He is told to provide more vegetarian options by Principal Brown, and later is turned into a human.

Scrapped appearances


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Who's the dumbest? Who's the dumbest?

The Goons

Gumball: [Possessed by Carrie] Give me more food!
Rocky: You ate it all. You can lick the ladle if you like!

The Ghost

Rocky: [Drilling a hole quietly] It's gonna take like three weeks to drill this hole no—
Gumball: I DON'T CARE!

The Phone

Rocky: Eww, what's that? It looks like...

The Mystery

I like cheese and internet memes!

The Slide

CHANAX?!! They're the worst corporation on Earth! They pollute, they cut down the rain forests, their boss invented boy bands...THEY'RE PURE EVIL!

The Boss

Wait. If there's no money, how are we supposed to buy stuff?

The Loophole

This Internet dating thing lacks romance. I always thought that I would meet my girlfriend by bumping into her and accidentally switching brief cases, or she runs me over with her pickup truck and while I'm lying on the road, she gives me CPR and when I come round, she wipes away the dribble and we share a passionate kiss.

The Slide
Lucy Simian: So, anyway, the plan is to live on fruit, water, and love.
Rocky: Dude, I don't care.
The Sock


  • Rocky's Season 1 t-shirt is a reference to the band AC/DC and their famous logo. It is seen in Gumball and Darwin's room.
  • In Season 2, Rocky's shirt reads "bisou," which is French for "kiss." This is a reference to the band KISS and its logo.
  • Rocky is probably a fan of rock music as noted with his t-shirt and the fact that the name of the musical genre can be found in his own name.
  • His x-ray shows that he does not have a skull, instead having a hand. This is a joke based off of him being a puppet.
  • Rocky's age varies depending on the source. In "The Mystery," his age is stated to be 27, but on the official Japanese website, it says that he is 31.
  • Rocky's appearance somewhat resembles multiple characters from the Sesame Street franchise.
  • Rocky is revealed to be allergic to pollen in the early reel.
    • It also hints that Rocky was probably intended to be a student rather than a janitor.
  • In "The Society," he reveals that his ATM number is 0380, his email password is "rockyroxxxx," and that his Elmore Plus password is "unbreakable."
    • In the same episode, Rocky said that he has quit banking.
  • In "The Boss," it is shown that Rocky can surprisingly whistle with his butt.
    • In the same episode, it is revealed that his real name is Rockwell.
  • In "The Butterfly," Rocky is shown hitting Alison with his "weak arm," which is his right. This may imply that Rocky is left-handed.
  • In the storyboard for "The Fury," Yuki throws his shopping cart on the ground, but in the final version, she throws Alison's cart instead.

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