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The Robinsons' car is the vehicle owned by Mr. Robinson and Mrs. Robinson. It first appeared in "The Debt," when Mr. Robinson drove the car, supposedly "endangering" Gumball's life. It is supposedly very expensive and new.

Episode Appearances

Season 1

  • "The Debt": Gumball refuses to get on the sidewalk when Mr. Robinson tries to park the car.
  • "The End": It is smashed into by Richard's car.
  • "The Goons": Gumball throws Anais' notepad through the window, onto the car, causing Mr. Robinson to crash into a fire hydrant.
  • "The Car": Its first major role. The Wattersons accidentally destroy the car, causing the Robinsons to call the Donut Cop.

Season 2

  • "The Job": It briefly appears when Richard twists his scooter's accelerator, launching it into the air, causing Mr. Robinson to fall from it.
  • "The Tag": Richard crashes his head onto the side of the car.

Season 3

Season 4

  • "The Wicked": Mrs. Robinson drives it multiple times.

Season 5

  • "The Stars": Along with the house, it gets eaten by termites.
  • "The Diet": Mr. Robinson attempts to run over Richard with it.

Season 6



  • The car is based on the 1970 Cadillac Coupe de Ville Convertible. The interior is also based on the same car, complete with the Cadillac crest on the steering wheel.
    • The "Marillac" badging is similar to the Cadillac script.
  • Miss Simian is seen driving the same car in the "The Ape."
  • The blue elephant also owns the same car, as seen in "The Mustache" and "The Authority."

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