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Richwood High students
Character Information
Gender: Male ♂, female ♀
Species: Humans
Enemies: The human
Occupation: Students of Richwood High
First Appearance: "The Sweaters"

The Richwood High students are minor characters in The Amazing World of Gumball. They first appear in "The Sweaters" in the background. They later get their own segments in "The Extras," focusing on two of the students who are struggling to get snacks while watching the tennis match between Richwood High and Elmore Junior High. Eventually, one of the students becomes able to move his other body parts, and the other students try to attack him for being different, but he escapes with his friend. The student is later seen with his friend (another student), driving in a stolen convertible.


The students are a parody of humans from late-20th century cartoons, and their designs reflect and exaggerate this fact. They are flat resembling cardboard cutouts that are frozen in a position of excitement: arms raised, smiles on their faces. They cannot move their limbs, and thus have to swing their whole bodies about to move.


While at first the students appear to be simple, stereotypical caricatures: carefree, excited, incapable of any negative emotion, a more sinister side to them is displayed in "The Extras." When one of them manages to move his limbs and becomes a full human, the other students attack him for his differences. This shows that the students can be cruel and prejudiced.

Episode appearances

Season 2

Season 3

  • "The Extras": Two of them are major characters. One of them figures out how to move his limbs and thus is attacked by his peers. He and a friend escape in a car.

Season 5

Season 6

  • "The Spinoffs": They are audience members in Techno Power Teenage Warriors, although they are only briefly distinctly visible.


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