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Remote Fu is an online game based on the episode "The Remote."


After the TV remote breaks down, the Wattersons buy a new one, only for it to be stolen by Anais. The majority of the game follows the storyline of "The Remote" where the Wattersons must fight each other for the remote in a race to be the one who gets to watch their favorite TV show. Unlike the episode, the fight is not orchestrated by Anais to keep the others preoccupied; she instead takes part in the fight. Also, the remote that the Wattersons are fighting for is not a garage door remote but an actual TV remote. After the player character defeats the other characters and successfully claims the remote from whoever has it, he/she wins the fight and are seen watching TV while the others are seen outside the house's window watching in dismay, the same as in the episode.


In an alternate take on the ending to "The Remote," the player must run through the town of Elmore with each Watterson, and fight and jump over each other, in order to reach whoever has the remote. Each character has a personal power that can be initiated whenever the power gauge maxes out, to get ahead of the competition. Once the player character has eliminated the other characters and caught up to the character that has the remote, a quick-time event will occur wherein the player must press a combination of keys in order to swipe the remote away from whoever has it. When first starting the game, only Gumball is playable. The player must first beat the game as Gumball in order to unlock Darwin, Anais, Richard, and Nicole.




  • The shows Gumball, Darwin, and Anais watch are references to pop culture:
  • Each of the Wattersons' attacks is a reference to attacks from pre-existing games:
    • Gumball's attack is a parody of the Shinku Hadouken, which is made by Ryu from the Street Fighter series.
    • Darwin's attack is a parody of the Shoryuu Reppa, which is made by Ken Masters from the Street Fighter series.
    • Anais' attack is a parody of Shining Crystal Bit, which is made by Athena Asamiya from the The King of Fighters series.
      • It is the same as how she attacks in "The Tape."
    • Richard's attack is a parody of the Final Atomic Buster, which is made by Zangief of the Street Fighter series.
    • Nicole's attack is a parody of the Shun Goku Satsu, which is made by Akuma from the Street Fighter series.

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