Recipe Run

Recipe Run is an online game based on The Amazing World of Gumball. It is exclusive to CN Asia Pacific.


Gumball and Darwin have made another infamous dish for Anais to try and the rest of the campus seems out to stop him! Leap, duck, and dash your way through the school corridors and collect every weird and wacky new ingredient you can for the perfect zaniest plate. But keep an eye on the crowd meter, or your run might end too soon!


As the player chases Anais through the hallway, there are several different obstacles to look out for. Most are classmates that happen to be in the hallway. Gumball must either jump or duck to dodge them, depending on how high the obstacle is (jump if the obstacle is on the ground, duck if it is flying at him in midair). To jump, the player must click and drag the mouse up. To duck and slide, the player must click and drag the mouse down. In addition to this, Darwin may be tagged in every once in a while. Calling him in provides temporary immunity to obstacles. Gumball may still jump to collect food items that are in mid air.

Failing to avoid an obstacle results in Gumball staggering for a second, allowing time for the angry mob behind him to catch up. Ducking also slows down Gumball, letting the mob catch up to him. If the mob reaches Gumball, they suck him in, and the game ends.

Also in the hallway are additional ingredients that can be added into Gumball's tray. The added ingredients give more points, and different responses from Anais. There are eight categories of food items: corn, meat, fish, sandal, shoe, soda, potato, and bread. Collecting ten of each of these items total amongst all games played will result in a random shop item being unlocked.


Accessible from the main menu is the shop, which brings the player Rocky's store that sells power-ups and other characters to be used in the game. The power-ups can be bought using the CN Site currency and it is a one-time use and must be bought again the next time while purchasing characters will add obstacles in the game.


The ingredients collected throughout the game can be used to redeem random rewards in the Ingredients section of the Student Handbook. The reward can be redeemed once the player has ten of all collectable ingredients, whereupon a white lunch box contaning the reward will appear.






NOTE: Badges can only be earned on the Cartoon Network Asia Pacific websites, and the player must have an account and be logged in to claim them.

Gumball recipe run thats a bit corny That's A Bit of Corny - Collect ten corn cobs for your dish.

Gumball recipe run soda so good Soda so Good - Collect five soda drinks for your dish.

Gumball recipe run sandalgood Sandalgood - Collect twenty-four sandals for your dish.

Gumball recipe run meat you again Meet You Again Soon - Collect ten chunks of meat for your dish.

Gumball recipe run pick a potato Pick a Potato - Collect fifteen potatoes for your dish.

Gumball recipe run shoe use a bit more flavor Shoe Use a Bit More Flavor - Collect seven shoes for your dish.

Gumball recipe run something fishy Something Fishy - Collect twelve fishes for your dish.

Gumball recipe run bread be good Bread Winner - Collect seventeen slices of bread for your dish.

Gumball recipe run quiet time Quiet Time - Avoid losing Mob Meter in one minute.

Gumball recipe run bad unlucky day Bad Unlucky Day - Getting tackled within the first minute of the game play.

Gumball recipe run jumping for joy Jumping for Joy - Jump a total of fifty times.

Gumball recipe run jumping overjoyed Jumping Overjoyed - Jump for a total of one hundred times.

Gumball recipe run duck like a duck Duck like a Duck - Duck a total of fifty times.

Gumball recipe run duck defying Duck defying - Duck for a total of one hundred times.

Gumball recipe run go the distance Go the Distance - Ran for a total of fifty feet.

Gumball recipe run go the journey Go the Journey - Ran one thousand feet.

Gumball recipe run go the miles Go the Miles - Ran five thousand, two hundred, and eighty feet.

Gumball recipe run reach the moon Reach the Moon - Ran for a total of one billion, two hundred and sixty-one million, one hundred and fifty thousand feet.

Gumball recipe run i can do this alone I can do this alone! - Reach one minute of gameplay without using Darwin.

Gumball recipe run avoid jamie Avoid Jamie! - Ducked from Jamie five times.

Gumball recipe run avoid banana joe Avoid Banana Joe! - Jumped over Banana Joe five times.

Gumball recipe run avoid leslie Avoid Leslie! - Jumped over Leslie five times.

Gumball recipe run avoid william Avoid William! - Avoid William five times.

Gumball recipe run avoid bobert Avoid Bobert! - Jump to avoid Bobert five times.

Gumball recipe run avoid clayton Avoid Clayton! - Ducked to avoid Clayton five times.

Gumball recipe run unlocked a classmate Unlocked a Classmate - Unlocked either Hector, Carmen, Tina, Idaho, Tobias, Ocho, or Carrie.

Gumball recipe run look out it is hector Look out, it's Hector! - Ducked to avoid Hector five times.

Gumball recipe run look out it is carmen Look out, it's Carmen! - Jumped over Carmen five times.

Gumball recipe run look out this tina Look out, it's Tina! - Ducked to avoid Tina's bite five times.

Gumball recipe run look out it is idaho Look out, it's Idaho! - Ducked to avoid Idaho five times.

Gumball recipe run look out it is tobias Look out, it's Tobias! - Ducked to avoid Tobias five times.

Gumball recipe run look out it is ocho Look out, it's Ocho! - Jumped to avoid Ocho five times.

Gumball recipe run look out it is carrie Look out, it's Carrie! - Ducked to avoid Carrie five times.

Gumball recipe run the class is against you The Class is Against You - Get struck by every character at least once.

Gumball recipe run simplest dish ever Simplest Dish Ever - Ended game without collecting any additional ingredients.

Gumball recipe run dare double dare Ducking Escaped - Avoid getting by the mob by an inch while ducking.



  • This is the first Gumball PC game where one can purchase upgrades using out-of-game currency. This currency is called CN Beans, which are earned from playing other games and activities on the site.
  • The idea for this game seems to be based on the scene in "The Responsible," where Gumball and Darwin make Anais a disgusting meal. Many of the items they used for this meal can be seen, such as the shoe, the potato, and the mackerel. 
  • The badges mention a Carrie and Ocho obstacle, however, neither character can be seen, in the shop or in the game.
  • This game has more badges than any other Gumball game, with a total of forty-two badges.
  • The game became available on the iTunes app store on February 24th, 2013.
  • The iTunes version uses a virtual currency called CN Coins to purchase the characters and upgrades.


  • If characters are obstacles and the mob comes some characters appear twice.

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