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Rainbow Factory shareholders
Character Information
Gender: Male ♂
Species: Piggy banks
Enemies: Nicole
Relatives: Washington (son)
Benjamin (son)
Hamilton (former son)
First Appearance: "The Factory"
Voice: Dan Russell[1]
Alex Jordan
Color Scheme
Skin Suit (pig 1) Suit (pig 2) other

The Rainbow Factory shareholders are single-appearance characters in The Amazing World of Gumball. They are the shareholders of the Rainbow Factory, the workplace of Nicole.


The Rainbow Factory shareholders are two piggy banks. Very similar in appearance, their skin is a pale pink. The minor differences that distinguish them include the he pig on the left having a blue suit jacket, while the one on the right has a turquoise suit. Their white dress shirts are complemented with a red bow tie for the pig on the left, while the one on the right wears a red tie. The only noticeable physical characteristic that differs from the two are the shapes of their snouts, a rectangle and a circle.

Episode appearances

Season 6

  • "The Factory": Their first and only appearance. They have a meeting with Nicole to decide if they should close the factory. However, due to Nicole being unable to provide evidence why they should do otherwise, the shareholders come to a consensus that they will be moving their operations to a country with a more lax approach on labour restrictions, so as not to sacrifice any profit on the wellbeing of their workers, therefore closing the facility. Their agenda is thwarted on the account of an unexpected breech of toxic gas, in which the blue-suited pig is forced to continue operations at the factory along with several other benefits to his workforce after he believes Nicole is assaulting him in order to receive said compensation.



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