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*Her name and [[Tobias Wilson|Tobias']] are possibly an allusion to two of the characters from the ''[[Wikipedia:Animorphs|Animorphs]]'' series.
*Her name and [[Tobias Wilson|Tobias']] are possibly an allusion to two of the characters from the ''[[Wikipedia:Animorphs|Animorphs]]'' series.
*Her name was revealed in "The Party."
*Her name was revealed in "The Party."
*In the [[Darwin's Yearbook: Clayton|second episode]] of ''[[Darwin's Yearbook]]'', it is revealed that she apparently went off to college, explaining her absence from the show after Season 1.
*In the [[Darwin's Yearbook: Clayton|second episode]] of ''[[Darwin's Yearbook]]'', it is revealed that she went off to college, explaining her absence from the show after Season 1.

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Rachel Wilson
Character Information
Gender: Female ♀
Species: Rainbow lass
Friends: Penny, Carrie, Darwin (love interest), Gumball, Fuzzball (possibly)
Enemies: Students of Elmore Junior High (other than Gumball, Penny, Carrie, and Darwin)
Relatives: Tobias (brother), Jackie (mother), Harold (father), an unnamed maternal grandfather
Occupation: Student
First Appearance: "The Third"
Voice: Jessica McDonald
Color Scheme
coat cloth eye hair
Rachel Wilson is a minor character in The Amazing World of Gumball. She is Tobias' older sister. She was Darwin's second and former love interest.


Rachel's general appearance is similar to her younger brother and mother, but she more closely resembles her mother because of her humanoid stature, compared to Tobias' cloud physique.

Her skin is turquoise in color, and her hair fades from yellow to magenta. Like her brother and mother, Rachel has a white and yellow striped headband on her hair.

Rachel's usual outfit consists of a white t-shirt, a chartreuse skirt that has a black shadow under it, and a pair of white sneakers with red stripes.


Rachel views herself to be of a higher class than Tobias and his friends, calling them "dumb loser babies" on some occasions, possibly indicating that she is somewhat discriminating towards her younger peers. At first, Rachel did not want to let Tobias' friends attend the party, but her brother warned her that if she did not allow them to be invited, he would tell their parents, leaving her no choice. She seems to submit fast with blackmail, and makes a solution by simply allowing Tobias and his invited friends to come, only requiring them to bring a date in order to come to the party.

At the party, none of Rachel's friends showed up and as a result, she was crushed. Darwin, however, saw her crying outside (displaying a more sensitive side of her), and tried to comfort her by cleaning up the ruined house. Rachel seemed calmed by his offer and admitted that he was not so bad for a kid. Rachel was extremely happy, and gave Darwin a kiss on the cheek as a form of gratitude.

Episode Appearances

Season 1

Season 2

  • "The Internet": She appears again on one of the pop-up windows.

Season 5

Voice Actors




Rachel and Tobias are sister and brother. There seems to be a lot of tension between them, as shown in "The Party," where Rachel refuses to allow Tobias and his friends to join her party, causing Tobias to threaten her to tell their parents if she did not invite him and his friends.



The only kid (besides Gumball, Penny, and Carrie) that Rachel likes is Darwin as shown in "The Party." When she was crying, Darwin offered to clean her house, prompting her to kiss him after he does so.


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"My party is for young adults, not old BABIES!"

—"The Party"

"Fine, you can come, but you all have to bring...a date!"

—"The Party"


—"The Party"

 "NO! Not the TV!"

—"The Party"

"You guys aren't my friends. YOU JUST TRASHED MY PARENTS' HOUSE!"

—"The Party", when mad

"Darwin, you're the best kid EVER!"

—"The Party"


  • Rachel's only major appearance was in "The Party," and since Ben Bocquelet and some other members of the staff dislike her, she never had another large role. Her final physical appearance was in "The Curse."
  • Her name and Tobias' are possibly an allusion to two of the characters from the Animorphs series.
  • Her name was revealed in "The Party."
  • In the second episode of Darwin's Yearbook, it is revealed that she went off to college, explaining her absence from the show after Season 1.

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