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Character Information
Gender: Male ♂
Species: Yellow chroma keyed humanoid
Friends: Nicole (possibly)
Enemies: Kip Schlezinger
Occupation: Weatherman,
Chanax Inc. employee,
Rainbow Factory employee
First Appearance: "The News"
Voice: Adam Long[1]
Color Scheme
Skin ("The Founder") Skin ("The News") suit hair
Phil is a minor character in The Amazing World of Gumball. He is the weatherman for Elmore News and an employee at Chanax Inc.


In "The News" and "The Brain," he is seen only in front of a green screen. Thus, he blends in with whatever background is behind him. His facial features are unaffected. He has a red, bulbous nose, large black glasses, a brown combover and a bushy mustache. The outlines of his clothes can be seen, however, a suit and tie, white gloves, pants, and brown shoes. The shoes are not chroma keyed.

In "The Founder," he is shown away from the green screen. His skin is a pale yellow. His suit and pants are shown to be grey, and his tie pink. In this episode, his shoes' straps are altered and he sports a identity card pinned to his lapel. He also no longer wears gloves.


In "The News" and "The Brain," (although "The Brain" was just Anais' dream) he displays a chipper and amiable disposition. However, this is short-lived in the former episode when Kip Schlezinger constantly interrupts his presentation by laughing when he blends in with his green screen, much to Phil's chagrin.

In "The Founder," he is a deadpan individual who alone in the Chanax building appears to be completely calm. He accompanies Nicole to the top floor of the building in a refurbished elevator that can only be activated by participating in a dance mat game. This game ignites emotion in him when he realizes that dancing is what he wants to do with his life. When Nicole points out the folly of dancing in an elevator while the building around them collapses, he comes to his senses and returns to his deadpan view, descending in the elevator.

Episode Appearances

Season 5

  • "The News": He attempts to display the weather but is laughed at by Kip Schlezinger for blending in with his green screen.

Season 6

  • "The Brain": He displays the weather and uses medical terminology due to the episode's events being a dream.
  • "The Founder": He attempts to help Nicole file a bill but is hindered by Richard destroying the Chanax building.
  • "The Buddy": He is on a book.
  • "The Factory": He works at the Rainbow Factory.
  • "The Web": He works at the Rainbow Factory.
  • "The Revolt": He is attacked by the objects.



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