Penny: Gumball, are you even listening?
Gumball: This Saturday, four P.M. it's- it's a date. [giggles]

—Penny in "The Date"

Penny: Somebody do something!
[Tobias pokes the wrapped up object with a stick]
Lucy Simian: What is going on here?! What are you poking— Eugghh! It looks like a wet diaper! [Unravels the wrapped up object, revealing it is Principal Brown and gasps] Nigel!

—Penny in "The Mystery"

Tobias: Only if you win. If you lose, Lady Penny is mine.
Penny: No, I'm not.

—Penny in "The Knights"

Penny: What are they talking about? [Darwin splashes Penny again] DARWIN! [Leaves the room]

—Penny in "The Storm"

Penny: [Grunts] My face planted so hard, I've got grass on my tonsils.

—Penny in "The Flower"

Penny: [Sighs] Okay. It's the... [Sighs] It's the real me.

—Penny in "The Shell"

Penny: So when it's a butterfly, can we release it from the jar?
Lucy Simian: Are you crazy? Hasn't anyone heard about the butterfly effect?
Tobias: Oh yeah. [Dances with Penny's attention] It's my chick-magnet dance move.
Penny: Oh! That works really well with my dance move. [They laugh and dance.]
Tobias: Nice, girl! What's that move called?
Penny: The bug spray.

—Penny in "The Butterfly"

Penny: That's right! Remember who you're messin' with next time! [A bear approaches her from behind. She turns around and whimpers upon seeing it]
Wait a minute, I can take whatever shape I want. [She tries a transformation sequence]

—Penny in "The Romantic"

Penny: Look! You need to take things a little easier, okay? By which I mean less terrifyingly intense.
Gumball: Gotcha. No more marriage proposals and stuff.
Penny: And no big gestures!

—Penny in "The Romantic"

Gumball: You wanna hear something else funny? All the stuff I put you through today, it was because you only used one heart emoji instead of three!
Penny: [Shape-shifts into her dragon form] ARE YOU INSANE!?

—Penny in "The Romantic"

Penny: "Red Riding Hood" is pretty bizarre, [Shapeshifts into her wolf form]
where a wolf dresses up as a girl's grandma.

—Penny in "The Blame"

Penny: Wait, he's leaving. I think he's getting a coffee.
Gumball: Looks like someone wants to stay up all night creating plans to destroy me.
Penny: It's decaf.

—Penny in "The Ex"

Penny: Ah, you're going for the Cheerleader Effect right?
Gumball: [Muffled] Yes.
Penny: Sorry, but for boys it's the opposite. We call it the Frat-guy Effect, make you look like medieval pillaging creeps.
Gumball: But would you still love me if I looked like this?
Penny: Yeah, you'd still be the shining sun of my life.
Gumball: Aww!
Penny: Impossible to live without, [Aside] but it would really hurt my eyes to look at you directly.

—Penny in "The Petals"
Judith: Penny, your shell is part of your heritage, it comes from your ancestors.
Penny: If we follow that logic, the ancestors before those ancestors were primates, and yet I've never seen you guys eating each other's lice.
—Penny in "The Transformation"
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